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The East Penn Manufacturing website is best viewed in Internet Explorer version 9 and higher. Our well-established, diverse product line makes us a leader in many of the most important segments of our industry. We are pleased to announce the release of a brand new Training video demonstrating the proper way to install a Battery Cable Splice Repair Kit. Frost & Sullivan Applauds East Penn for Emerging a One-stop shop for Technologically Advanced Lead-acid battery products in the North American Market.
Supporting our worldwide customer base with a broad range of power solution providers across the globe.
East Penn Canada services the Canadian market in automotive, commercial, motive power, stationary, and renewable energy power. Ecoult is a leader in reserve power energy storage and systems integration, with headquarters in Sydney, Australia. MK Battery delivers premium batteries to markets such as home mobility and renewable energy worldwide. Our steadfast commitment to quality and environmental standards has helped us achieve globally recognized certifications. East Penn has always been committed to taking actions that protect the health, safety, and vitality of our environment, our employees, and the surrounding community. Lead acid batteries, on the other hand, seem to have been dismissed out of hand as a parade of new energy storage products pile into the Australian market. It’s also worth noting that lead acid batteries do not have the same sort of freight safety restrictions that lithium-ion batteries do, meaning there are fewer hurdles when it comes to importing them to Australia. Secondly, the UltraBattery is capable of impressive feats of instantaneous power output, when required.
The UltraBattery is stores and discharges energy significantly more efficiently than a conventional valve-regulated lead acid (VRLA) battery – especially at partial states of charge.
The UltraBattery retains its ability to hold a charge much better than VRLA when operating at partial state of charge over the course of its lifetime. On the back of its success in these fields, Ecoult is delving into smaller-scale applications, recently introducing a 29 kilowatt-hour nominal (kWh) battery bank for small-scale commercial applications. Hello, I currently have a stand alone solar system with a wet lead acid battery bank with 33 kilowatt hour storage capacity. I’ve reached out to Ecoult directly with your enquiry and they should be in touch with you with a response soon. If you’re considering options other than the Ecoult battery, you can request a battery storage quote comparison through our site by filling out the Quote Comparison request form to the right of this page.

I’d recommend getting in touch with them directly using the contact details in the above article.
Adventure Power Lithium-Iron batteries use Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) technology - Inherently safer than traditional cobalt based lithium-ion.
The Intimidator AGM battery series delivers highly efficient energy storage and power delivery solutions for the evolution of your battery needs. New technology turns everything from cigarette butts to car batteries into clean, green products. Those red plastic party cups you see almost everywhere have a serious flaw: They’re made of polystyrene, which is hardly ever recycled. German researchers announced in August a method that might make sorting mixed recycled plastic a whole lot easier.
It’s not a good reason to keep smoking, but a study published in January found that the toxic cellulose acetate fibers in cigarette filters can be used to make supercapacitors—fast-charging electrical power storage devices that have the potential to replace some batteries. Lead-acid batteries are a huge environmental problem, especially in the developing world, where recycling rates are low and many people rely on them for household power. So-called reverse vending machines that give you cash for your bottles and cans have been a thing for a few years. From reducing the amount of smog-spewing, traffic-clogging cars on the road to enabling commuters to relax and read a book, there are plenty of upsides to public transportation. At the same time, our wired world is changing how we collect and sort recyclables and what products those materials are recycled into.
Whether we're recycling commonplace materials like aluminum and cotton or rare metals and complicated synthetics, without the process, more of the energy, water, and other resources used to make them is wasted. Breidegam, Jr., Chairman Emeritus and Founder of East Penn Manufacturing, passed away on September 9, 2015. Already deployed in a number of grid-support and industrial applications, the company is also aiming to bring the UltraBattery into homes and small businesses in the near future. This means that more of the energy stored within the battery is actually accessible for regular use – and for a much longer period of time. Contrast this with conventional lead acid batteries, which struggle to satisfy high power demand (e.g.
All of these facts about the UltraBattery knock back the conventional wisdom that lead acid batteries are fragile and must be treated delicately in order to extend their lifespan.
By doing so you’ll be able to compare a range of storage options (and prices) from installers in your area.
Until now, when a cotton garment wears out, there’s been no easy method for reclaiming the fiber for new clothes.

A recent study showed that carbon from worn-out tires makes a highly efficient replacement for the graphite electrodes used in lithium ion batteries, such as those that power electric cars. By measuring the time it takes discarded plastics to stop glowing after a powerful strobe light hits them, the researchers say they can sort old bottles faster and far more accurately than sorting by hand, processing up to 1.5 tons per hour.
The company’s small wireless sensors attach to recycling bins to continually monitor how much space they have left. That could cut down on landfill and the use of toxic materials to make rechargeable batteries.
In July, a team of MIT engineers reported a straightforward way to recover toxic lead from old batteries to make a new kind of solar cell. Now, people in the United Kingdom, Brazil, and the United Arab Emirates can dispose of their used lightbulbs the same way, using machines that separate LEDs and compact fluorescents from incandescent bulbs. But even the casual bus or subway rider has witnessed behavior by other riders that would cause Miss Manners to blush. Today all kinds of objects have the potential for reuse, from cotton dresses to cigarette butts. Partially discharging then recharging traditional lead acid batteries repeatedly on a regular basis has detrimental impacts on their longevity and overall efficiency; this is not an issue with most of their lithium-ion counterparts. The UltraBattery is clearly much more robust in demanding environments than flooded and VRLA batteries.
I don’t know exactly where Ecoult sits on this scale, but they would argue that the thing to look at would be the long-term value of the energy instead. The opaque, lightweight cups are made of discarded soda bottles and can be turned back into more cups or new soda bottles. Scientists at Sweden’s KTH Royal Institute of Technology, working with Swedish textile firms, have found a way to turn worn-out cotton into rayon, resulting in the first-ever dress made from recycled cotton (shown here).
In addition to keeping millions of tires out of landfills, her method reduces greenhouse gas emissions.
That’s why designer Jez Burrows and his colleagues at Facebook’s Analog Research Laboratory have created the 10 Commandments of Transit. They use military specification carbon composite case for strength and further weight reduction.
Thanks to its hybrid nature, the UltraBattery can also be occasionally discharged 100% in order to support critical events, meaning that on top of performing its normal daily application, supplying even more energy when it is needed most – for example, in the event of a grid blackout.

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