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Ford wants to include regenerative braking on its non-hybrid models in an effort to boost fuel economy with more advanced engine stop-start systems. Similar to BMW’s EfficientDynamics and Mazda’s i-ELOOP systems, Ford and partner Samsung SDI are developing an alternator-based solution that draws kinetic energy from engine braking when the vehicle decelerates. Ted Miller, Ford’s senior battery engineer, told us the current stop-start system that’s optional in the Fusion doesn’t cut overall fuel consumption because the standard 12-volt lead-acid battery doesn’t have the capacity to keep accessories such as air conditioning running for very long. Ford is also experimenting with a single lithium-ion battery to further save weight and complexity, but as Porsche discovered when it launched a lithium-ion starter battery in 2009, cold weather and high cost can kill the benefits.
Dual batteries: Traditional lead-acid starter battery on left, new Samsung SDI lithium-ion battery on right.
A must for Tuscan, Tamora and T350 owners allowing connections into the under floor socket for charging the battery. For fitment to Chimaeras and Griffiths a under-bonnet connector is required - used in conjunction with the JSC-4. The low profile bracket allows the AccuMate to be firmly held but easily released due to Velcro straps. Accessory Plug Lead to connect AccuMate Battery Chargers to cigarette lighter sockets or motorcycle power outlet sockets.
AccuMate is designed to automatically charge and monitor batteries with no danger of over-charging regardless of time.

The really cool aspect of these batteries is that they can be positioned in just about any orientation without issues and can be used in just about any situation as they do not emit any gasses.
I do run the AGM's in all my other bikes right now as they just fit and i'm not so concerned about weight savings on my old classics.
Dam did you not see post on new antigravity battery get in the 21st century lit-ion is way to go! Have used Odyssey batteries in the past, know the local supplier by first name, good warranty. Even if you don't want to post, registered members get access to tools that make finding & following the good stuff easier. If you enjoyed reading about "" here in the ThumperTalk archive, you'll LOVE our community. The views and opinions expressed on this page are strictly those of the author, and have not been reviewed or approved by ThumperTalk. The energy will flow into a compact lithium-ion battery, unlike the glass-mat battery used by BMW or the capacitor setup favored by Mazda, with the same goal of keeping the engine off at stops for longer periods of time. Instead of driving it into a low state of charge, the 12-volt lead-acid battery in the upcoming two-battery system will be used exclusively to start the car while the lithium-ion battery—which Ford says will be small enough to place under the hood instead of robbing trunk or passenger space—can take care of everything else. As such, the 2014 Mercedes-Benz S63 AMG is one of the few production cars to include a lithium-ion starter battery.

General Motors, in dropping a costlier mild hybrid system on its Impala and Malibu models, is planning a similar strategy.
In celebration of the game's release, Racing Game Central is giving away digital copies for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC. In fact AGM batteries are renowned for holding their charge and having a lower discharge rate than any other lead acid or gel battery. Got rid of the whole electrical pack on the left side and I must say it truly is an impressive little battery. But while battery researchers are feverishly trying to develop chemistries that better respond to extreme temperatures and several aftermarket companies sell lithium-ion portable jump starters, the old lead-acid starter battery is holding its ground. If in car mounting is preferred it does this well holding the unit firmly regardless of how the car is used.
Even if you stuck the Shorai LiFePO battery in the stock box you'd still save a few pounds, and it doesn't cost much different than that Odyssey.

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