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Sealed Lead Acid Battery JYC UXL100-2 (2V 100Ah), View VRLA battery, gel battery from JYC Battery Manufacturer Co., Ltd.
Bengaluru-based Greenvision Technologies Pvt Ltd, that deals in designing, researching and manufacturing of lead-acid batteries, has raised $8 million (Rs 52 crore) from a venture fund Vintage Energy & Resources, based in Singapore. The San Francisco based start up Augmedix Inc, has received $17 million funding in a strategic round headed by investment firm Redmile Group.
Torrent Pharmaceuticals Ltd has acquired Glochem Industries’ manufacturing unit based in Vizag. DIYTrade accepts no responsibility whatsoever in respect of such content.To report fraudulent or illegal content, please click here. Excellent safety performance: No electrolyte leakage, battery swelling and cracking under normal use.

High discharging performance: With smooth discharging voltage and mild discharging platform. High resistance to overdischarge: In temperature of 25 degrees Celsius, the fully charged battery discharges with fixed resistance which is equivalent to the one required by 1 CA discharge of the battery for three weeks, and it can restore capacity over 75%. High impact-proof performance: The fully charged battery is proved to maintian normal open circuit voltage and be without leakage or batteries swelling or cracking after droping three times from 20cm height naturally to a 1 cm-thick hardwood board. High resistance to high current: The fully charged battery is proved to be without conductive part melted or any appearance deformation after discharging at 2 CA for 5 minutes or 10 CA for 5 seconds. Started by Biju Bruno and Atul Mehta, the 8-year-old company was primarily into IT, but later on, it began manufacturing battery about 3 years ago. Through 10 years of development, JYC has grown to well-known and the mostreliable storage battery brand at home and abroad.

The profit of the firm was about Rs 100 crore in revenues in 2015-16, and now the company is focusing on a 10-fold augmentation in revenues in the next 2 years. The company believes there is huge market potential for batteries in emerging segments such as solar and electric vehicles.

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