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AGM VRLA battery is made by electrodes, septums, electrolyte,battery jar, throttle valve etc, which is one kind of storage battery. Add up to last year, sales of lead-acid storage battery in China IS around 144 million KVA. When using the batteries, it will have a situation that is a new battery and a old battery using in series, hardly to imagine, in this way will reduce the working life of the battery. So under the charging status, the voltage of the old battery will higher than new battery, The result is a new battery has not charge enough and old battery charging too high already. In addition, different charge capacity of battery can not be used in series, because two different kind of charge capacity of battery in series, tend to make small charge capacity of battery over charge or discharge, shorten its service life. In 2012, Kweight 12OPzV 1500 batteries are used for Mobile Solar Station in Germany by German Customer AE SOLAR. Fot the first few cycles of battery, this 12v deep cycle battery is discharged lightly(20% or less depth of discharge), which will help complete the forming process of the plates. The field DC power supply of transformer substation is the energy foundation of all the equipments, the failure of DC equipment will result in power off of all the monitoring and protection equipments on the site, the whole protection equipment will fail and cause serious harmful consequence.
With the characteristics of high system integration, high reliability, long service life, high intelligent degree, small volume, convenient relocation, etc., can be widely applied in various power plants, hydropower stations, transformer substations of power system, and other users that use DC equipment (such as petrochemical, mining, railway), can solve the emergent field DC power supply and battery failure.
The emergency power supply charge part and battery part adopt divided installation, which is convenient for field use. The battery part installation adopts battery socket, the field operation is simple and convenient.
The system connection is simple and easy, convenient for fast installation, and saves time for being put into operation. The system adopts decentralized control, modularized structure, simple screen design and flexible configuration. The monitoring module adopts LCD Chinese display, the parameters of each part of the system can be set through the monitoring module. The module has function of smoothly regulating output voltage and current, and the function of battery charging temperature compensation. Battery automatic management and protection, real-time and automatic monitoring of terminal voltage, charging current of battery, intelligent control over average floating charge of battery, interval charge method is favorable for prolonging the batter life. Adopt GPRS data communication transmission, realize unattended, real-time monitoring of equipment operating data. The background data center makes real-time monitoring on the operating status of each equipment, and can notify the user in time if there is any problem, the maintenance is in time. The hardware low dropout automatic current sharing technology, the maximum imbalance of the output current between the modules is less than 3%. The rectifier and battery can adopt continuous replacement scheme and guarantee the reliable system.
The battery adopts international advanced lithium battery with ultra long service life, the use is safer and more reliable. The system design adopts international standards as IEC, and effectively prevents from field monitoring system failure.
Communication function: Adopt GPRS communication method, meet the requirement of unattended place, the maintenance is more convenient. Display method: Full Chinese menu interface, high resolution LCD, good human-machine interface, intuitive monitoring, simple operation.
25?? floating charge life of Li-Fe battery is 20 years, 42?? floating charge life is 10 years, which is 4 times longer than lead-acid battery, the 55?? floating charge life is 2.5 years. Compared with lead-acid battery, the Li-Fe battery has excellent cycle performance, and the cycle life is 10 times longer than lead-acid battery.
Lead acid chemistry batteries have been around since the dawn of the electric age, they are proven, and (when treated properly) extremely reliable. The best known brands like Lifeline and Trojan have a sterling reputation and rock solid warranties and support networks too.
But yet, when we dived into researching the advantages of lithium and the downsides of lead acid batteries, the price premium for lithium batteries suddenly started to seem worthwhile. To understand why lithium batteries show such promise for an RV house battery bank, it first helps to understand all the ways that traditional lead acid batteries fall short. Even if you are going easy on your batteries and are careful to never overly drain them, even the best deep cycle lead acid batteries are typically only good for 500-1000 cycles.
Just like a software development project, the final 20% of the work can end up taking 80% of the time.
This isn’t a big deal if you are charging plugged in overnight, but it is a huge issue if you have to leave your generator running for hours (which can be rather noisy and expensive to run). Not fully charging the final few percent would not be much of a problem in practice, if it wasn’t for the fact that a failure to regularly fully charge lead acid batteries prematurely ages them. In addition to all that wasted generator time, lead acid batteries suffer another efficiency issue – they waste as much as 15% of the energy put into them via inherent charging inefficiency.

This can be especially frustrating when charging via solar, when you are trying to squeeze as much efficiency out of every amp as possible before the sun goes down or gets covered up by clouds. Flooded lead acid batteries release noxious acidic gas while they are charging, and must be contained in a sealed battery box that is vented to the outside.
AGM batteries do not have these constraints, and can be placed in unventilated areas – even inside your living space. Flooded lead acid batteries must be periodically topped off with distilled water, which can be a cumbersome maintenance chore if your battery bays are difficult to get to. A fully charged 12-volt lead acid battery starts off around 12.8 volts, but as it is drained the voltage drops steadily. Also – the faster that you discharge a lead acid battery of any type, the less energy you can get out of it. If you are designing for extensive boon docking, you will want at least four 8D’s, or as many as eight. And, if you have limited space for batteries on your rig – size alone of the batteries will limit your capacity. By the way, we should note – we are not trying to motivate anyone to follow us on this path.
No wish to stray off topic but my (easily)modified Fridge and modified freezer are pulling very low amounts of power now. In Tampa there is a place that sells heavy gauge aluminum angle very cheaply, it is this I used to make the collapsible solar panel frame. Lithium batteries in theory are much more environmentally responsible than NiCad batteries, and should ultimately prove to be recyclable. As doing a solar install on the bus is our next major project, we definitely have lots to share about why we think lithium is an ideal pairing with solar.
I have never liked lead acid batteries owing to the weight they possess and their limited useable capacity.
It makes the electrical energy into chemical energy to storage, then change the chemical energy into electric in use.
Last year sales of electric bicycles is more than three thousand, lead-acid batteries accounted for 97%. Mainly in telecommunications backup power and wind energy, solar energy storage gel battery. According to Forecast International organizations estimated that by 2017 China is expected to lead-acid battery sales will reach 240 million kVA. In the condition of discharge because of the new battery charge capacity is greater than old battery charge capacity, it will make the old battery excessive discharge, and even cause the old battery antipole. The battery we developed on the basis of the original 2V OPzS battery, to meet the special requirements of customers. A replacement battery should be the same size, same model of lead plates & usage level as the companion battery for battery bank. The temperature of battery is very important, because the heat is generated and increased during the recharge & discharge cycles. The wet batter won’t be come back to 100% and sulfation can occru, if use the wrong charger.
Lack of electrolyte will expose portion of lead plate, which cause reducing capacity of battery. 12V 100ah Gel battery is produced by advanced Gel technology and the use of most modern computer aided design and manufacturing techniques. Compared with lead-acid battery, the high temperature cycle life of Li-Fe batter is 9 times longer than the lead-acid battery.
Flooded lead acid batteries are the cheapest per amp hour, but also have the most drawbacks. AGM variants in particular are well suited to RV use, with none of the flooded battery maintenance requirements, and somewhat less of the risks of damage from overcharging. We went this route on our little Oliver Travel Trailer (designing in two 6 volt Lifeline AGM’s to create a 220 amp hour system), and we seriously considered building a massive 1300 amp hour AGM bank into our bus. After much consideration, we decided that we were willing to risk the investment in an unproven technology for RV applications. This means that a 600 amp hour battery bank in practice only provides, at best, 300 amp hours of real capacity.
If you are frequently tapping into your battery bank (such as a full-timing boondocker might), this could mean that your batteries may need replacement after less than 2 years use!
And if you are depending on solar and the sun sets before that final 20% has been topped off, you can easily end up with batteries that never actually get fully charged.
Others just buy the cheapest (typically Walmart or Costco) batteries they can find, and just replace them when they fail. Being maintenance free comes with a downside though – a flooded cell battery that is accidentally overcharged can often be salvaged by replacing the water that boiled off.

The voltage drops below 12 volts when the battery still has 35% of its total capacity remaining, but some electronics may fail to operate with less than a full 12 volt supply.
This effect can be calculated by applying Peukert’s Law (named after German scientist W.
To pick a specific 8D example, Trojan’s 8D-AGM weighs 167lbs, and provides just 230 amp-hours of total capacity – which leaves you with 115 amp hours truly usable, and only 70 for a high discharge applications! We are not selling these batteries, we are not affiliates with any battery dealer, we paid for all our components and nor do we have any financial stake in the technology beyond our own systems. I also need to paint the name of the company on the side (Sir Sparks Electrical-Disaster Relief Command Vehicle) so hopefully I will never get hit for parking fees.
Apart from the above shortcomings, it contains hazardous substances so a lot of care must be taken during installation, removal, working around and disposal of lead acid batteries to avoid injury.
Currently roaming in a geeked out vintage bus conversion - working remotely as technology & strategy advisors, app developers and authors. It can be widely used, such as, transport, communication, electricity, starting equipment, power station, solar system and UPS back power etc. The data show that China’s current holdings of 140 million electric bicycles, annually new cars equipment and replacement market will reach 56 million kVA.
Manufacturer of storage batteries currently demand exceeds supply, or even too late to production, and, the situation is exactly the opposite with electric bike market in the fourth quarter . Don’t use a new batter in a old battery bank, replace all batteries or use a good used battery. For wet battery, their capacity decreases, and old wet batteries need to be watered more often. This is because batteries discharge faster at higher temperatures than at colder temperatures. High temperature will accelerate gird corrosion, which is one of major causes of battery failure. If you even occasionally drain the batteries more than this their life will be drastically cut short.
Peukert), and in practice this means that high current loads like an air conditioner, a microwave or an induction cooktop can result in a lead acid battery bank being able to actually deliver as little as 60% of its normal capacity. The total life cycles are adjusted downward with each cycle which varies with depth of cycle (DoD). It is adjustable to the four seasons insolation inclination or flat against the truck side within a couple of minutes although it does need two people. Plus exports, an annual increase and replacement starter-type lead-acid batteries over 53 million kVA, and close to the demand for electric bikes. This is because in recent years, the rapid development of the communications industry, and many batteries supplied to the infrastructure close to the replacement time. Once it Has been launched, a lot of customers made a sample order and use them, and then the feedback of this battery is excellent . Opportunity charging is bad, because it’s easy cause the corrosion of battery plates, shortening battery life. Of course we’d love to have more folks out there pioneering and helping us take the arrows in our backs.
This is a huge benefit over flooded batteries especially with the limited resource of sun-hours per day.
If kept at the absorption voltage (temperature corrected) for too long a time, excess heat will build up and can lead to thermal runaway. Occasionally deep cycling a battery, even to 80% DoD, will not drastically cut short battery life.
Living wise it is finished now but I have a few mechanical jobs still to do and a paint job. So the last couple of years the demand for communications backup power supply is quite large, probably around 40 million kVA. This is because there is no more recombination (H2 & O2) taking place that requires the energy. Typically when the battery reaches 0.2% per 100AH capacity, you need to lower the voltage to stop the process. One of my customers melted down the case of of an AGM battery after he changed some charge control settings.

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