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If you use a battery tender to keep a battery charged and the battery is stored where it can get very cold, be sure to have a battery tender that has a cold charging option – the charge voltage is lower at lower temperatures. Because flooded lead acid batteries at full discharge are full of mostly just water due to the sulfuric acid mix H2SO4 losing it's sulfate atoms and turns into regular H2O. Have had incredible good luck about having stuff break in the driveway.Last year was different. If your lead acid battery voltage is below 11.9V you run the risk of permanent damage from freezing when temperatures get below -5°F.
That is totally unrelated to battery health and will not help you at all if you let the battery die in the cold. To submit this form you need to use Internet Explorer v10+ or recent version of Chrome, Firefox or Safari.

When you re-charge it you send those atoms back to the negative plate and back into sulfuric acid. VLRA and AGM batteries are more robust to handling very cold weather because of lack of liquid electrolyte. And your battery is less likely to die or lose the power to crank your engine, by trying to crank the engine, in the cold. It would start with a jump, but after this most recent stretch of cold, even a jump won't help. Good news is that if the battery was discharged enough to freeze it was probably already toast and you needed a new one anyway. The lights come on, radio, alarm, and the engine clicks when trying to start but won't turn over.

If you have an old battery, or you leave light on overnight, or your alternator fails, or make a bunch of 5 minute trips, or haven't driven in a week, that battery might be left overnight below 12V and freeze and be permanently damaged. Had three flats in a period of like 7-10 days.This year my boat blew the head gasket in the driveway and some other little minor stuff but it keeps happening in my driveway so I'm good with that. If you left a motorcycle or boat or unused car sitting in garage for last two months, then also you should recharge it to full or leave it with a float charger.
Should I be making sure to drive my car a bit when it gets that cold each day to keep the battery charged?

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