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As good as modern lead-acid batteries are the majority suffer from the same main failure mode—80 percent of all lead-acid batteries fail due to the damaging effects of sulfation build-up. In addition to regular, routine maintenance its important to find charging systems that combine scientifically validated desulfation technologies, such as PulseTech’s patented Pulse Technology, designed to reduce the build-up of sulfation on battery plates, thus improving the batteries’ ability to create, store and release energy. PulseTech maintenance chargers, which all feature the patented Pulse Technology, work with ANY 12V lead-acid battery, regardless of size of CCA rating, including AGM, gel-cell, VRLA inducing or deep cycle for marine, standard automobile and truck and even small motorcycle and golf cart and riding mower batteries. With all the alternative sources of energy being explored and implemented; we are seeing a rising trend in demand of Lead acid batteries. If left unmanaged, sulfates found in the electrolyte will crystallize and root onto the battery plates creating a physical barrier across the surface of the plates, eventually resulting in premature battery failure. However, these batteries have a high cost and you will need to spend quite some money to replace them (average life of commercially available deep cycle batteries is 1.5-2 years) when they die out on you. This is where we come in with our guide on how to rebuild a battery from your dead battery. Alright, so how do you build a battery from an existing dead battery and more importantly why does the battery die? This results in a decrease in battery’s capacity and consequently failure.You can recover the oxides (covered later in the article) from the positive plates that have fallen victim to the anodic corrosion and use it to make paste for the new plates.

So; we will be using the negative plates to make a new cell with the paste that comes from oxides. This means that you’ll be building a 3 cell battery from 6 cell battery.Advertisement Now to get to the job’ remove the positive plates and have them placed in a metal container, which can take some beating. Use a hammer or anything that is hard that can transfer impact to turn these plates into powder. Once you have crushed the plates, remove small pieces of lead and grid from the mixture by sieving the contents.
Mix this powder with sulfuric acid and water to form a paste which will be placed into the plate’s grid structure and cured. Mix the fiberglass and glass fibers that have been recovered from the separators to strengthen the paste. Once the paste has been applied you will need to cure the plates, which is usually done at 30 degree Celsius in high humidity for about 48 hours. At home, just put them in a pot that is filled with water into the oven and keep an eye on the water level. First off, cut the top off the battery and leave about 5 mm of plastic around the terminals.

Now you need to cut the interconnection between the cells and remove the cells from the case.Now you need to perform the process of forming in which, active materials are formed on the new plates.
The idea is to pass electric current and then reverse the direction and continue the same procedure for about say 30 times. If you continue indefinitely you’ll destroy the plate.Let’s make some electrolyte, shall we? Alternatively, you can buy a sulphuric acid solution with 1250 sp gravity from a battery shop to use as a battery electrolyte.
Now all that is left is placing the plates back into the case, sealing the top and filling it with electrolyte.
If you still decide to do it, make sure to work very safe as the lead-acid is very dangerous.
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