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Power storage may be the big story in renewable energy in the next few years, thanks to a proliferation of battery chemistries. Axion’s PbC batteries look like conventional car batteries, but come in 12 and 16V, and weigh about 30 to 35% less. An inherent and more useful property of the PbC battery is the activated carbon plate’s tendency to control charge rate. With reference to discharges, Granville says some lead-acid battery manufacturers talk of 100% discharge, but they really mean 80% because the last 20% is unusable.
Lithium batteries’ also take longer to recharge than PbC because of the heat factor created in recharging. Demand response programs allow for the PowerCube to go online within milliseconds of receiving a power request from the utility through the Connection Service Provider (CSP).
Utilities have moved toward a pay-for-performance model, meaning the faster a power provider can respond to them, the more it gets paid.
In the frequency regulation market, the battery does not discharge much more than 30 to 35%.
Stationary: Only one order was ever received, and it was small and for a project that was troubled.
If you are interested in discussing a possible strategic relationship please contact Axion’s President and Chief Executive Officer Tom Granville.
Axion is also working with BMW, either Toyota or Kia (NDA secrecy) and many other household names, as well as those that are not, such as ePower, a small hybrid truck developer who admits they wouldn’t even have a viable product without the PbC battery. The Wind Team delivers up to the minute wind news, wind resources, wind product innovation and more. Windpower Editors Paul Dvorak, Nic Sharpley and Steven Bushong interview the industry's biggest newsmakers and allow them to tell their stories.
Solar Power World reaches executives, managers, engineers, installers and technical professionals involved in the design, manufacturing, development, and installation of solar power projects. Design World Online provides the latest design engineering news, articles, tutorials, videos, and products. Founded in 1996, is a specialized factory which products various kinds of lead-acid batteries. Description:Suneom series is specially designed for longer life requirement, it mainly use on solar system&wind power system.
In the third Beijing International Energy Storage Conference the Chinese Academy of Engineering Yang Yusheng said: considering safety, economy and other factors, Lead-acid battery is the first choice in energy storage industry currently.
Yang said, the large-scale energy storage capacity is required by the rapid development of renewable energy. For the relative Sealed lead-acid battery industry policies realeased by government authorities, Yang said, we should not restrict the development of lead-acid batteries. 1.This multi-functional battery charger & adaptor can be used to charge the capacity under 2000mAh mobile phone or digital camera (L-ion) rechargeable battery.

The East Penn Manufacturing website is best viewed in Internet Explorer version 9 and higher. Our well-established, diverse product line makes us a leader in many of the most important segments of our industry. We are pleased to announce the release of a brand new Training video demonstrating the proper way to install a Battery Cable Splice Repair Kit. Frost & Sullivan Applauds East Penn for Emerging a One-stop shop for Technologically Advanced Lead-acid battery products in the North American Market.
Supporting our worldwide customer base with a broad range of power solution providers across the globe. East Penn Canada services the Canadian market in automotive, commercial, motive power, stationary, and renewable energy power. Ecoult is a leader in reserve power energy storage and systems integration, with headquarters in Sydney, Australia. MK Battery delivers premium batteries to markets such as home mobility and renewable energy worldwide. Our steadfast commitment to quality and environmental standards has helped us achieve globally recognized certifications. East Penn has always been committed to taking actions that protect the health, safety, and vitality of our environment, our employees, and the surrounding community. Lithium-ion varieties, however, may be overshadowing other chemistries, such as flow batteries and the always evolving lead-acid. The company builds these into 480V racks and those into utility scale power stores called PowerCube. When charging a string without a battery management system, the batteries equalize without intervention. By comparison, the website for a top of the line lead-acid battery mentions 550 cycles,” he says. The Axion design recharges about twice as fast, and in some cases, four times faster than other battery chemistries – including lithium-ion. So in applications such as frequency regulation, the need for fast continual recharging will create heat and reduce the battery’s ability to fully function. With regard to cost, the PbC design is approximately one and a half to two times that of an advanced lead-acid battery, but Granville says Axion’s battery will last four times as long.
If the comparison is to Lithium titanate, then we are about one-third the cost,” he clarifies. For this task Axion builds the PowerCube, a scalable megawatt storage system in a custom shipping container. The utility provides payment in one hour increments, even if it only needs the power for a minute. That was further trimmed to three minutes, and that kicked out some batteries that could not respond quickly enough.

In this application, Granville says the chemistry is capable of hundreds of thousands of such cycles.
It suggests a PowerCube owner would be paid a gross figure of about $250,000 a year per MW (the CSP charges a percent for their part in the transaction). High safety, long life, low price, high energy conversion efficiency, high energy density, easy maintenance, high specific power, environment-friendly etc. We have limited conditions to ship batteries in bulk, please contact us to check if our service applicable to your country.
If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly. Breidegam, Jr., Chairman Emeritus and Founder of East Penn Manufacturing, passed away on September 9, 2015. The battery with a low charge has a low internal resistance, so it accepts the most charge; batteries with a higher internal charge have a higher resistance, thus resisting the charge. In addition the PbC charge acceptance far exceeds that of its lead-acid competitors, especially over time.
Our score, on a scale of 0 to 100 with 70 as passing, has averaged over 94 since we began participating in 2011,” he continues.
Lead-acid battery itself does not pollute, but in the smelting, manufacturing and regeneration process may cause lead contamination. It can also be used as adaptor for 12V Car smoke socket and 6-8V solar charger as power supply. The company calls it an advanced lead-acid design because it replaced the negative lead plate with an activated carbon plate giving the battery unusual characteristics, such as super-capacitor qualities. In the first couple of months on the job, a lead-acid battery has good charge acceptance characteristics, but these characteristics are lost as lead crystals begin to form on the negative plate. The PowerCube on the company’s site has been tied into the PJM net since November 2011, allowing the company to participate in the regulation task every day.
But this contamination can be avoided, if only do a good job on relative enviromental supporting works, Yang said. In addition, the PbC design uses the same caustic plate as a lead-acid battery along with components, casing, and electrolytes, and it’s recyclable. Additionally, a typical lead-acid battery close to 100% could be over charged, causing it to emit gas, dry out, lose design function and eventually expire. That is, as lead-acid batteries age, their ability to accept charge – in partial state of charge applications – significantly decreases, especially when compared to a PbC battery. PJM pays Axion to accept an electrical charge from them and to in turn provide it in a demand response application.

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