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I wanted to let you know I have been using your product for battery descaling of the charge plates and the electrolyte freshener for a couple years now.
I reconditioned the original battery per his video and instructions and “Bingo” my Town Car starts every morning if needed!! That car, and Phantom 1, the midget I built for him, (Brad Dunham) were battery operated (ignition).
I drove the batteries down to Walter and within a week, I received a phone call from him saying that the batteries were ready and that they were repaired with Battery Chem.
It’s been 2 years since the repair, and let me tell you, the batteries are still running like new. I am very happy with your Battery Chem electrolyte conditioning treatment and highly recommend it to others who are looking to add more life and power to their existing batteries that they otherwise thought dead. I put in a heaped teaspoon worth of Battery Chem in each cell and charged it up using the equalizer charger, left to cool for 24 hours then did the tests again, tested out perfect! Today I was doing some work at the customers address who owns the ATV this battery came off, after a short conversation with the customer, we swapped the battery with the one I reconditioned, and hell did it turn over and start immediately, better than the battery that was on it!!!
2) A van belonging to our local petrol station, this van has been parked on their forecourt for 3 years!, they were using it for storage!, battery would only hold charge for about 24 hours, I checked for discharge through the vehicles wiring but found a minimal drain of 0.02A, which I presume would be for the radio and clock! I reconditioned the battery using Battery Chem, It is now better than brand new, as we had sourced a new battery from our motor factors, and compared the 2 on our discharge tester, the reconditioned battery was reading more CCA than the brand new one!!!!!!
We just received a grant from the Nebraska recycling association for a enclosed trailer that will allow us to carry more product and to recycle batteries that may otherwise have not been disposed of properly.

Thank you for mentoring us into battery reconditioning and being there when questions need answered. WE ARE FINDING A GREAT MARKET FOR THESE BATTERIES AND CONTINUOUSLY BUILDING OUR BUSINESS AND INCOME. Lead-acid battery cells consist of lead and lead-oxide plates surrounded by an electrolyte, a mixture of sulfuric acid and water. Lead-acid battery is a electrical storage device that uses a reversible chemical reaction to store energy. In charging, the electrical energy supplied to the battery is changed to chemical energy and stored. I am going to find companies that have a lot of electric fork lifts and find out what servicing they currently have, I guess if any. We are saving our customers 50-75% off new prices and also saving emissions from producing new batteries. 2 months later the pallet jack operator has reported that the battery runs better and longer than when it was new! Taking electricity out of the battery (discharging) causes the plates to change to lead sulfate, and dilutes the electrolyte. For higher power applications with intermittent loads however, they are generally too big and heavy and they suffer from a shorter cycle life. Our customers have been pleased with the product they receive and we continue to build our base of customers as some companies have been testing our product over the past year and have been buying more!

I RECOMMEND THIS BUSINESS IN A BOX TO ANYONE WHO WANTS A BUSINESS AND DOES NOT WANT TO PAY FOR THE HIGH PRICED SYSTEMS, WHICH CAN RUN WELL OVER $10,000 DOLLARS. Putting electricity into the battery (charging) forces the sulfate coating off the plates and back into the electrolyte, making it more concentrated, and the plates return to lead and lead oxide. Lead-acid batteries are composed of a lead(IV) oxide cathode, a sponge metallic lead anode and a sulphuric acid solution electrolyte. SOME OF THE BATTERIES WE RECONDITION COME OUT AS GOOD AS NEW, AND SOME EVEN HAVE HIGHER CRANKING AMPS, THAN THE ORIGINAL LABEL WHEN FINISHED.
Hydrogen and oxygen gas are released during charging as some of the water molecules in the electrolyte break apart from electrolysis. My wife and I sell the reconditioned batteries through our Discount store and they are selling very well.
With 2 people and clubs I was getting about 12 holes before needing a charge now I get around 27 holes. It has now been turning a 5.7 litre engine over in my Camaro now for a week and half and is working great.

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