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Temperature compensation helps prevent overcharging, the LM334 temperature sensor should be placed near or on the battery.
The charger’s input voltage must be filtered dc that is at least 3V higher than the maximum required output voltage. Would it be possible to modify the above circuit to produce a 14.3v charge and 13.5v float to charge a gel cell battery? Recent QuestionsTimer for Varroa Mite Treatment electronically controlling a 220V heating wire To run Microwave when power supply isn't there, what type of battery can I use Problem with playing back voices how can an AVR get a generated sin wave by matlab,using serial interface and realize it using DAC? A This application report gives an example of using the BQ24105 charge integrated circuitto provide a high-efficiency, switching-mode charging solution for a lead-acid battery.The BQ24105 was designed to charge single-, two- or three-cell Li-ion and Li-polymer battery packs. Lead acid batteries have large capacities and are often available in many places around the world. Starter batteries are designed to deliver short, high-current bursts for starting the engine, and are designed to discharge only a very small part of their capacity. For solar charging applications, you instead want a deep cycle battery, similar to those used for marine vessels or golf carts – a typical car battery will not work. There are a few types of lead acid deep cycle batteries: flooded, sealed gelled, or sealed AGM.
I recently built a portable but powerful solar battery system to power some LED string lights, a stereo, and an evaporation cooler. The final touch is to attach a cigarette lighter socket to the load terminal on the charge controller. I used a similar system to build a solar powered cell phone charging station at the 2012 Dumbo Arts Festival.
Can I use also by electrical devices without cigarette lighter connector with such a battery system? Hi Dave, You can use electronics that you would plug into your wall in your home (120Vac) with this setup, but you would need to use an inverter with your battery. A flyback converter implements a current-limited power supply to charge lead-acid batteries. In Figure 1, the boost converter (IC1) applies a constant voltage of nominally 15.2 V to the 12 V lead-acid battery until it is fully charged. Figure 2 shows the output voltage versus the load current, tested with a resistive load instead of a battery, of the circuit in Figure 1. For this powersupply to work efficiently, the input voltage has to be minimum 3V higher than the output voltage. The lead-acid battery is a reliable battery system that operates within a large temperature range, and its charge-discharge process is practically reversible.
In the lead-acid battery, the active material within the positive electrode consists of lead dioxide, while the negative active material is a metallic lead. The major component in the lead-acid battery is highly purified lead, from which alloys are made so that the lead can be made into a grid-like material, as lead in its pure form is unable to maintain this shape. New applications for battery power in fields such as storage, emergency power, and electric vehicles, as well as the more traditional uses in automobiles, boats and planes, warrants the continued dominant use of lead-acid batteries. It has several disadvantages as well, including a low cycle life, which is about 50-100 cycles for the average lead-acid battery.

To charge lead-acid batteries we can use this circuit that consist of a current-limited power supply and a flyback converter topology. Isolation and voltage input range flexibility are provided by the flyback transformer, even at the battery voltage higher than supply voltage.
BQ24105 Switch Mode Lead Acid Battery ChargerSwitch mode circuits can implement the lead acid battery charger with a more efficient. Sealed-Lead Acid Battery ChargerTo optimally control the charge and hold cycle for sealed lead acid battery, UC2906 series of battery charger controllers is used by all of the necessary circuitry. Very Simple Lead Acid Battery Charger with PB137 RegulatorThis is a Very Simple circuit for Lead Acid Battery Charger using PB137 Regulator.
Traveler’s Cellphone Battery ChargerWhile traveling, charging of the mobile phone, cellphone battery is a big problem as power supply source is not generally accessible. Power Path Management Battery ChargerPowering the system is required by many applications while charging the battery simultaneously. The charging current decreases as the battery charges and when the current drops to 180 mA the charging circuit reduces the output voltage to 2.35 V per cell, leaving the battery in a fully charged state. The comparator’s output controls the voltage regulator, and produce the lower float voltage when the battery-charging current, passing through R1, drops bellow 180 mA.
Open the regulator, replace the 56 ohm resistor marked as VR1, with a 100 Ohm trim pot via two tiny wires. A daily cycle of using most the capacity would corrode a car battery very quickly, the plates and the chemistry are designed to stay nearly 100% fully charged most of the time. Deep cycle batteries are designed with larger plates and different chemistry to avoid the corrosive effect of frequently using the full capacity. It is important to maintain a full charge when ever possible, because it will extend its life and maintain a higher efficiency. The Trojan 22-AGM batteries are similar in size to the Xantrex PowerPack, but it does not have all of the extra features listed above. This allows you to draw a load directly from the solar panels when there is enough sunlight or from the battery when there is no solar production. In this project we used two of the Voltaic 16.8 Watt, 18 Volt solar panels, which were embedded into a dodecahedron shaped sculpture. In addition to making cool things with solar, he does consulting on alternative energy and is pursuing his Master’s Degree in Manufacturing Engineering at NYU Poly. The MAX773 current-mode controller limits the output current and the flyback transformer provides isolation and flexibility for input voltages both above and below the battery voltage.
This lead-acid-battery charger applies high voltage (15 V) until the battery is charged and then applies 13.8 V to maintain a small trickle charge. High voltage minimizes the time required, but at full charge it produces a large overcharging current that shortens the battery's life by oxidizing its grid.
From right to left, this graph gives the variation of charging current with battery voltage as a battery is charged. The covers are heat sealed to prevent electrolyte contamination, and there is a liquid-gas separator area, which returns liquid to the reservoir, thus providing the battery with a longer life. MAX471 current sense amplifier is used to monitor the charging current by sensing the output. This applicationreport gives an example of using the BQ24105 to provide a high-efficiency, switching-mode chargingsolution for a lead-acid battery.

I recommend using sealed AGM lead acid batteries wherever possible and will describe in this post the trade-offs of using different battery types with portable solar panels. Always use a charge controller with solar panels, so they don’t over charge the battery or apply the wrong voltage. The Xantrex PowerPack comes with a built-in AC inverter, surge protector, low voltage disconnect (LVD), and can be wheeled around. The cell phones all charged from the DC side of the battery with cigarette lighter chargers.
The MAX471 current-sense amplifier monitors the charging current and feeds back to a threshold detector so that below a designed threshold the flyback converter can switch to a lower charging voltage for trickle-charge mode. The current threshold is typically 0.01 C, where C refers to the battery capacity, which is specified in ampere-hours.
To save battery life at the expense of charging time, you can lower this current by decreasing the charging voltage. Using a flyback transformer instead of an inductor isolates the battery from VIN and allows VIN to range above and below the charging voltage.
When the charging current drops below 0.01 C, for instance, this voltage crosses the internal comparator threshold and drives LBO low. At first, the converter is out of regulation, because the battery voltage is less than 12 V and therefore is current-limited (supplying maximum current). To detect if the value falls below the predetermined threshold or not, this circuit uses the output current monitor’s result that gives a feedback to a threshold detector. The bq24105 was originally designed to charge single-, two- or three-cell Li-polymer and Li-ion  battery packs.
This is more efficient than using the AC inverter because we are simply stepping down the voltage from 12Vdc to 5Vdc.
By turning off Q2, the feedback level is shifted, which changes the charging voltage to about 13.6 V.
When a lower voltage is applied for lower charging current, this circuit will switch the charger into trickle mode using the detection. Flooded batteries have the advantage of being significantly less expensive, but they require adequate ventilation, maintenance, and also have the potential liability of tipping or spilling.
Also, by avoiding the use of the AC inverter, we don’t need to convert the DC to AC and back to DC again. In actuality, power lost during the charge cycle ensures that all batteries charged at their C rate take more than an hour to reach full charge. The maximum available charging current depends on VIN, the transformer's saturation current, and the current-sense resistor R1. I have more than one car and while not in drive I trickle the battery to keep at 12.9 V without charging element.
However, the power loss mentioned previously increases these charge times beyond the two time spans stated above.

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