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To prevent that sensor Q1 is warmed up by its own current draw, I recommend adding a cooling rib of sorts. Setting up a webcam sight illuminator over your laptop's webcam will certainly “enlighten” your online conversations. The chargers available in market are all coming from china and they just bust out after 8 months. I thought this circuit is of help as the batteries used in ebikes are gelled electrolyte ones.

Can you please give details of adding overdischarge battery protection in this circuit, as this also be very usefull for the batteries life. Recent QuestionsTimer for Varroa Mite Treatment electronically controlling a 220V heating wire To run Microwave when power supply isn't there, what type of battery can I use Problem with playing back voices how can an AVR get a generated sin wave by matlab,using serial interface and realize it using DAC? Your use of this website constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions.
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As the battery voltage rises, current to the battery decreases, and the current had decreased to 150 mA, the charge switches to a lower float voltage which prevents overcharge. Same condition, when I use the 5A transformer for this circuit, charging current is about 2A.

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