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Home Controls is the premier national distributor for the most comprehensive and unique home automation systems! View detailsLUCAS BATTERIES ARE PRODUCED IN BLACK, GREY and GREEN CASES, Brand New and Rechargeable. Whether you are a professional installer or a do-it-yourself homeowner, our online store carries the supplies you need including: whole home automation, smart home systems, remote lighting and appliance controls, home security and video surveillance, home theatre, audio and video distribution, networking, telephones and intercoms, climate controls, central vacuums, structured wiring systems, installation tools and accessories, independent living devices, and so much more. Brand new, sourced directly from the manufacturer, this useful little 6V lead-acid battery.

System highlights of Ni-MH Button Cells a€“ Robust Family a€“ from VARTA Microbattery:Excellent overcharge capability due to patented GCE-Electrode. LiR2450 li-ion rechargeable cells are a drop in replacement for single use CR2450 lithium coin cells in most applications. Now available at Home Controls, the Interstate Batteries enterprise continues to thrive on innovation as well as our good old-fashioned business principles.
Just about anything portable is going to run off small, compact batteries as the source of their power.

All the batteries we sell are Fully compliant with all European U.S standards of Manufacture Safety.

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