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These 12 volt 17Ah sealed lead-acid batteries are valve-regulated and made with Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) technology in which liquid electrolyte is suspended in a special glass mat material wrapped around each lead plate, thus making the batteries leak-proof. Your use of this website constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions.
AGM 12V17ah bateria para el generador, SLA Bateria de plomo acido (6-FM-17) – AGM 12V17ah bateria para el generador, SLA Bateria de plomo acido (6-FM-17) proporcionado por Guangzhou Xuntian Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

These maintenance free batteries will provide safe spill-proof power for a variety of 12V power applications. Su uso de este sitio web esta sujeto a, y constituye el reconocimiento y la aceptacion de nuestros Terminos y Condiciones. Votre utilisation de ce site est soumise a, et constitue la reconnaissance et l'acceptation de nos Termes & Conditions.

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