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Why have many world stock markets closed for trading after the UK voted to leave the European Union EU? What are the possible effects on world economies with the UK voting to leave the European Union EU? If the concentration of uric acid in the blood becomes too high it crystallizes into tiny hard sharp shards. The electrodes used in the cells discussed so far, deteriorate with the passage of current and cannot offer a constant emf indefinitely.
Here stored chemical energy is converted to electrical energy or current is drawn from the cell. Current is passed through the two terminals in the reverse direction to that in which the cell provided current. Water is consumed and sulphuric acid is formed thus raising the specific gravity of the electrolyte. Recently, some cells have been developed in which the electrolyte is a solid in which ions can move (Solid state electrolytes). Some electrochemical cells are rechargeable – the electrode reactions are reversible and the process can be repeated many times.
A simple lead-acid cell consisting of strips of lead and an electrolyte of dilute sulfuric acid is constructed and charged for different lengths of time. Without going into the detail of the electrode reactions, this experiment can be used as a demonstration or class exercise to investigate a reversible electrochemical cell in the context of alternative energy sources for vehicles, or energy storage. At advanced level the electrode processes could be outlined in more detail as examples of redox reactions that can be reversed many times in an electrochemical cell. Lead(IV) oxide, PbO2(s), (TOXIC, DANGEROUS FOR THE ENVIRONMENT) is produced as a product on the (-) electrode - see CLEAPSS Hazcard. 1 The lead electrodes should be cut to size so that they can be folded over the rim of the beaker and the crocodile clips attached, so as to grip the beaker rim and the lead foil together.
Students should be able to identify which way electrons are flowing in the cell when it is charging and discharging from the electrode polarities. The advantages of this cell reaction for use in a commercial battery could be discussed, eg the formation of insoluble lead or lead compounds on the electrodes during charge and discharge, the only changes in the electrolyte being a change in concentration.

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A pair of high capacity leyden jars are incorporated which may be connected or disconnected as required.
The build up of lactic acid depends on the intensity  or amount of exercise being performed. However, there was a few cells called standard cells, which can maintain a fairly constant emf over very long periods of time compared to the other cells. After giving their charges they react with the electrodes and reduce the active material to lead sulphate. In the charging process, the +ve electrode is coated with dark brown lead peroxide and the -ve electrode with grey spongy lead.
Such materials are available in the form of gels, polymers, composites, polycrystalline solids or thin solid films.
Many solid state materials for use as cathode, anode and electrolyte have been recently developed.
The cell is then discharged through a light bulb and the time the bulb remains lit measured.
To date the lead-acid accumulator has proved to be the only widely used source of energy for electrically powered vehicles.
Although car battery testing using the density of the electrolyte has become less common, its relationship to the overall cell reactions, on charging and discharging the lead accumulator, could also be pointed out. Care must be taken not to allow the electrodes to touch once the cell is assembled, or for the electrolyte level to bring it into contact with the crocodile clips.
At this point the lead electrodes may be removed for examination (demonstration mode only). At advanced level this could be linked to the electrode reactions below, which assume an initial layer of insoluble lead(II) sulfate on the electrodes after immersing the lead in the acid.
A side reaction which may result from over-charging is the liberation of hydrogen gas at the (-) electrode, resulting from the reduction of H+(aq) ions. Commercial cells need to be robust, cheap to construct and, for certain applications, able to sustain large currents.

Our Firm was established by our ancestors who used to produce models from paper machie and plaster of paris. It can also build up in other places under the skin like on the outer edges of the ears and elsewhere. The emf of the cell rises, and the electrical energy supplied is converted into chemical energy which is stored in the cell. Plotting a graph of this time against the charging time shows the relationship between the electrical energy put into the cell and the energy released.
Other types of electrochemical cell, especially fuel cells, are now being developed and tested on the road. One should be bright, the other covered with a dark brown deposit of lead(IV) oxide (TOXIC, DANGEROUS FOR THE ENVIRONMENT).
Disconnect the power supply and time how long it takes to discharge the cell using the light bulb.
The lead-acid accumulator fulfils all these criteria, but has the disadvantage of being very heavy.
Some heart pacer batteries also use Li-button cell in which the electrolyte is (LiI + AI2O3) composite or a similar electrolyte. One leg of the tube contains mercury in contact with a paste of mercurous sulphate (Hg2SO4) and is the cathode. Polymer Li - batteries and H+ - batteries are in the advanced state of development for electrical cars. The other leg of the tube contains an amalgam of cadmium with mercury, which acts as the anode of the cell. Platinum wires are sealed at the bottom of each leg to serve as terminals for connecting the cell to the external circuit.

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