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Your use of this website constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions. The lead-acid battery has been playing an important role in the automobile and motorcycle industries for a long time.
The anode material used in a lead-acid battery is lead dioxide, the cathode is lead, while the electrolyte is sulfuric acid and water, in the proportion of 1.24.
From the perspective of the existing lead-acid battery market, the global market share of the lead-acid battery in 2010 was 36.2 billion U. Of all the current downstream market applications for lead-acid batteries, the largest ratio is still the starter battery for automobiles and motorcycles. Due to the long period of development, and a mature and stable technology, the lead-acid battery market is gradually turning away from the pursuit of technology development, to focus on the competition of price and the stability of the battery. As for the development of battery technology, in order to further stabilize the market, the new product series introduced by the manufacturers in recent years has focused on improving the performance of lead-acid batteries. Features: 1)The MCA FC series AGM lead acid batteries adopt tight assembly has excellent discharge performance and cycle ability.
The company, certified with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, is strictly working on quality control of all plates and batteries in order to present the lowest to 0% of defective guaranteek. In recent years, the lead-acid batterya€™s applications can be seen in the markets of Uninterruptible Power Supply Systems (UPS), UPS used in communication base stations, medical equipment, and electric vehicles. The combined total of the two applications accounts for nearly sixty percent of the market, followed by UPS, driverless transport vehicles, electric forklifts, and electric bicycles.
After a long period of industry development, the manufacturing processes, and the market channel management strategies are mature. On the topic of battery prices, because of the gradual increase in the price of lead each year, lead-acid battery manufacturing, which accounts for over 60 percent of the global lead consumption, is experiencing the pressure of rising costs on battery pricing.
2)The use of heavy-duty lead-calcium alloy grids with anticorrosive construction, ensures long service life 3)There is no need to check the electrolyte level, nearly no decrease in liquid. Self-making plates help the company to ensure the batteries a reliable performance and high quality.

Because of the early commercial applications, product maturity, and the low cost, it is still the product with the largest market in electric storage technology. When the battery is in a discharged state, the active materials of the anode and cathode react with sulfuric acid and form lead sulfate; when the discharge stops, the concentration of the sulfuric acid in the electrolyte decreases, and the resistance inside the battery increases. Therefore, when considering the growth of the future market, it must be based on the growth of the application markets.
Some manufacturers established factories in Mainland China, Vietnam and other countries; in addition, they are focused on allocation and integration of the factory manufacturing process and production capacity in trying to improve management performance. Therefore, the industrys operation strategy, in order to save production costs, is that in addition to considering setting up factories in locations that are near, and thus easy to supply, major car manufacturing and assembly markets, it is establishing factories in countries with low production costs, such as Mainland China and Vietnam. In the future, the lead-acid battery industry is expected to still focus on the demands of the starter battery for the downstream motor vehicles, and the industry-use energy storage, as the major development directions for future battery design and improvement. The technique and performance of all MHB batteries comply with at least and even better than common international standards, like JIS,BS and so on. Meanwhile, it greatly helps to reduce the battery production cost, which makes price of MHB batteries be absolutely competitive. Whether it is the selection, research and development of the materials, processing technology, or the battery recycling technology, the industry technology and the market have entered the mature stage. It is during this time, that it requires the generator in an automobile, or a motorcycle to recharge.
The future of the industry, following the market growth of automobiles, motorcycles, and storage applications, is estimated to have a 2~5% annual market growth rate until 2015. In 2010, the recovery of the global consumer automobile market, and the growth of automobile market shares in the Asian countries, became the major contributors to the market growth for the lead-acid battery.
Johnson Controls took the highest market share for a single vendor in lead-acid market in 2010, with over a quarter of the market share. For example: Johnson Controls has long been attacking the automobile starter battery market, and its global channel marketing strategies have propelled its cooperation with major car manufacturers in many countries. The automobile market is growing in the countries of the emerging market, and the demand for vehicles is expanding.

In the meantime, the industry will continue the practice of using regional market channel strategy, and lower production costs, as the important consideration factors in selecting the locations for factory setup, and establishing market strategies.
The batteries and plates produced by MHB occupies a market share of 27% in China in year of 2008, and are being sold well abroad,  in Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, European countries, North America, South America, Southeast Asia and Middle East. In addition, the exceptionally hot summer weather, resulting in higher failure rates for lead-acid batteries, has led to an increased demand for starter battery replacement. Other vendors, such as Exide Technologies, GS YUASA, Enersys, and East Penn, took less than a 10% market share each.
In recent years, it has been targeting car manufacturers in Mainland China as the main sales focus, while setting up a market plan for electric vehicles, a hot topic in recent years; Exide Technologies major market is in the United States and Europe, and it is also targeting mid- and downstream car manufacturers of the automobile market as the main sales focus. To lead-acid battery manufacturers, the double attractions of the production cost advantage, and the future market potential of the emerging market countries, will further affect their channel marketing strategy and regional market development plan. The above-mentioned three directions are the key operation factors for lead-acid battery manufacturers. 5) MCA VRLA Lead-acid batteries use gas recombination system which transforms the generated gas into water, features improved recombination efficiency. Other application markets, such as UPS, achieved an annual growth rate in the range of 5 to 15% in 2010, because of the global economic recovery, which is the main reason for the global output growth of the lead-acid battery. GS YUASA has been the largest supplier for Japanese cars, UPS and transport vehicles until now, it has also started developing an overseas market since 2009, gradually increasing its current 40 percent overseas market ratio.
The remaining smaller scale manufacturers take up a 47.6% share of the entire market, showing a characteristic of the mature and diverse market.

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