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The regulator set up with a power resistor and Arduino to check the battery shuts off properly.
Other than the regulator support components the only things I added were an LED and a twin stacked USB port salvaged from an old motherboard. Lithium batteries can be damaged by being over-discharged so I wanted to check that these battery packs had the protection built in, which is common in laptop batteries. Your use of this website constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions.
This circuit may be used to replace the single current limiting resistor often found in dirt cheap battery chargers. This results in about 50 µA flowing from the LM317’s ADJ pin into the cell, activating the circuit into constant-current mode. I think what this means is that the current through each cell is determined by its resistor.
Lithium-ion battery packs come in all shapes and sizes, but they all look about the same on the inside.
If the battery pack gets too hot during charging or use, the computer will shut down the flow of power to try to cool things down. Inside the case these sheets are submerged in an organic solvent that acts as the electrolyte. The movement of these lithium ions happens at a fairly high voltage, so each cell produces 3.7 volts.
We'll look at how to prolong the life of a lithium-ion battery and explore why they can explode next. A system board also known as motherboard or mainboard is the main circtuit board in any laptop. When a system board fails, you may experience the following most common problems with your laptop. I have a Dell Inspiron 1720 with bad motherboard…How can I find a new motherboard for my Dell?
The best way to find a new motherboard for your laptop would be searching by motherboard part number. While I was using it, it suddenly turned off and I haven’t been able to get it started again since.
If there is bad connection between the memory module and motherboard, the laptop will not start. This service manual for a Dell XPS M1330 laptop will be handy if you don’t know how to access and reconnect memory. Continue taking it apart until you have only three major components connected: motherboard (with video card), processor, and memory.
I will take it a part at work tomorrow (I’m an electronic assembler)and let you know if I find anything.
After you unplug the display cable from the motherboard, you can test the laptop with an external monitor attached to the VGA port. Well I did see one case where trying 378 pin CPUs on a bad desktop motherboard burned the CPUs and an other case where trying a bad 478 pin CPU burned a good motherboard. I installed many different DOA motherboards into laptops with good working CPUs and it never happened to me.
Try removing hard drive, DVD drive, other modules you can access and starting the laptop without them. I have tried taking everything out one by one to figure something out but I am not having any luck.
I am trying to lookup a price but i am having a really hardtime and i am not sure how to search.
The best way to find a replacement motherboard would be searching by the Toshiba part number from the old motherboard.
I can if you can give me the laptop model number because there are different M105 laptops using different motherboards.
In order to narrow down the problem you’ll have to test your laptop with a desktop monitor connected to the laptop.
Checked several times already, I’m able to connect to an external monitor, but the problem occured again. I would definitely try replacing the RAM module first, it’s way cheaper than replacing the motherboard.
I shall start to backup my data tomorrow morning as I think I might drop it off to a nearby computer store sooner rather than later.
Oh yeah, another symptom that I found is that once the screen goes blank, it dont seemed to response to anything anymore.
The laptop seems to randomly decide wether to switch on when i press the power button or not. After upgrading my RAM to 3GB from 1GB, I’m having some problem with standby and hibernating. I have a M40x (= M35,M40) Toshiba laptop with some very strange issues…There is definately someting wrong with the mobo’s power electronics but i don’t know where to start. I guess you can disassemble the laptop, remove the motherboard and search for any damaged components. I need a laptop motherboard pcb design layout through which i can identify the signal flow for each component and each circuitry.tis will help me to find the fault and to rectify the problem.
The power led turned on for about 5-10 seconds and the fan starts working but noting else, then the fan and the power led turns off. Usually a laptop starts acting like that when there is a problem with memory or motherboard.
I removed all parts except cpu, graphics card, RAM (also tried removing the RAMs and changin slots etc.) and power cable (and the stuff on the motherboard that I could not remove like usb,PCI and so on). So, you tried removing RAMs one by one and testing the laptop with each RAM module in different slots and it didn’t help.

Do you know what type of mini pci wi-fi card I can use to install in my Toshiba 1415-SS173? After it was dropped it would not power on and the battery is fully charged and the power cord is also working properly.
When I receive a dropped laptop for repair, first of all I open it up and reseat all internal cables, cards and connectors. If you have nothing to lose, you can open it up (as it explained in the service manual) and try reseating internal cables and cards. Sounds like a problem with the motherboard, apparenlty it’s been damaged when you spilled a liquid.
Before you do that, you’ll have to remove the top cover and take a closer look inside the laptop. My question deals with the fact that I still have all my information from before I sent it in.
I was told by customer service that my Data would be lost and so I backed it up on my portable HD. They replaced the motherboard and it fixed your original problem, so they didn’t reimage the hard drive. Due to improper battery placement (my mistake) the display of my syatem has gone bad… through your article i can guess that the video card of the system is corrupted. Due to improper battery placement (my mistake) the display of my syatem has gone bad… through your article i can guess that the video card of the system is corrupted. While I was flashing the Bios from windows it shutdown automatically before finishing.Now when i press power button,Noting happens for a few secs(slower than usual) power on for a few sec and turns back off,fan spins but No display. Sorry for a bad news, but if your laptop shutdown while updating the BIOS and didn’t finish the process, most likely the BIOS is corrupted.
Again, if the laptop failed while updating the BIOS, you’ll have to replace the motherboard. My AC adapter was producing noise when it charges the battery, so I took it to a repair center (not Toshiba Authorized Service).
After my AC adapter had been repaired, the noise is gone, but the AC adapter only works if the laptop is turned on.
Repair Man : Does it actually charge the battery when the laptop is turned off (even though the power indicator light is off)? You can find a new AC adapter for your laptop if Google one of the following part numbers: K000037400, K000041650, K000040330, K000043540. The alternative shown here will eventually pay off because you no longer have to throw away your NiCds after three months or so of maltreatment in the original charger. D4 is included to prevent the battery being discharged when the charger is switched off or without a supply voltage. As a rule of thumb, the input voltage required by the charger should be greater than three times the cell or battery (pack) voltage. If you leave your laptop in an extremely hot car and try to use the laptop, this computer may prevent you from powering up until things cool off. This power draw is one reason why lithium-ion batteries lose 5 percent of their power every month when sitting idle. As the name implies, it separates the positive and negative electrodes while allowing ions to pass through.
This is much higher than the 1.5 volts typical of a normal AA alkaline cell that you buy at the supermarket and helps make lithium-ion batteries more compact in small devices like cell phones. Unlike desktop PC system boards, laptop system boards come in thousands of different shapes and sizes. In some cases, when one of these three parts fails, it’s cheaper to buy a brand new laptop than replace the failed part.
In order to remove or replace the motherboard, you’ll have to disassemble the whole laptop. While I was using it, it suddenly turned off and I haven’t been able to get it started again since.
Most likely your search will bring you many places where you can buy a new motherboard for your laptop. It’s very likely that your laptop will not start because one of the memory modules (or both modules) popped up from the slot. If you have two modules installed, try removing them one by one and test the laptop with each one separately. If you have two modules installed, you can try removing them one by one and start the laptop with each one separately.
The led for the battery comes on when its plugged into the charger, but when I press the power on button the power led will come on and go off. The screen will suddenly go blank and then a few moments later, it appeared to have been powered off completely. When the screen goes blank, the CPU fan appears to be still working and the power LED still on. If problem re-occurs, maybe I should send in for repair by an actual technician as I’m not certainly not at that level yet. I was using the laptop this morning and while the CPU is processing something, the screen again goes blank. Not even ejecting the DVD drive, not even me simulating the shutdown through some keystrokes, except the power button of course. After upgrading my RAM to 3GB from 1GB, I’m having some problem with standby and hibernating. Sometimes it just boots (and once its running all is fine) but you never now if it’ll be the last time. I brought the laptop to the official Toshiba service, they told me they have to replace the mother board (this would cost me more than a new laptop).
If I understand correctly, your laptop still works fine, except the hibernation and stand by.

I already fix with the dc power jack, the result LED for power is on, but still the laptop can’t on after so many time i push the on button.
I already fix with the dc power jack, the result LED for power is on, but still the laptop can’t on after so many time i push the on button. I have tried taking the battery out and powering it that way and such and I have not had any luck. Most likely they installed a refurbished motherboard, so make sure everything operates properly before it runs out of warranty. Purchase an external USB enclosure for notebook IDE hard drives and install your hard drive into the enclosure. If the AC adapter plugged into the laptop when it is turned off, nothing happens (even the power indicator light).
I guess you can unsolder the busted port and solder a new one, but I don’t know where to buy a new one. The circuit diagram shows an LM317 in constant-current configuration but without the usual fixed or variable resistor at the ADJ pin to determine the amount of output current. If the cells ever become completely discharged, the battery pack will shut down because the cells are ruined. When the battery charges, ions of lithium move through the electrolyte from the positive electrode to the negative electrode and attach to the carbon. If you remove one of the memory modules, you should see a white sticker with a long string of numbers. Did you try installing the memory module into the the empty slot, if you have any of course? When it occurs, after awhile, or after some knocking here and there abit, it appears to be working just fine again. Now, when I tried to hibernate, it will show the black coloured “hibernating” screen and when it’s done, the laptop will turn off just like normal hibernating.
Try removing memory modules one by one and start the lapto with each memory module separately. When i press power key, the power light turns on for about one second then turns off again.
Insert this card into the PCMCIA port on the laptop and you get another eithernet port on the card. Also, there is no switch with an array of different resistors to select the charge currents for three cell or battery types we wish to charge: AAA, AA and PP3 (6F22). If the battery ever gets so hot that it risks exploding from over-pressure, this vent will release the extra pressure. In other words, you cannot remove motherboard from a Toshiba laptop and stick it into a Dell laptop. There are no LED light activity when you press on the power button or plug in a known good AC power adapter.
Also, sometimes Toshiba might use a different number which looks like this one: 46139551L05 or something like that.
And it just stays there, no shut down, nothing, even the CPU Fan is still working in there.
The weird thing is that I don’t have this hibernating problem when using the battery instead of the AC power, even though the standby problem still exist. More than this, the small lights showing me the AC connection, HDD usage, battery status etc. My question would be if there is any chance to repair the motherboard (assuming that the power circuit chip is gone, or something like that). When, for example, an empty AAA cell is connected, the voltage developed across R1 causes T1 to be biased via voltage dropper D1. All parts inside a laptop are connected to the system board, either directly via a connector mounted on the system board or through a cable. When i connect the power the fan gets a jolt of power every 5 seconds even if i don’t turn the laptop on.
As for standby, it will show the blue “Preparing to standby” and then the whole thing just goes off like that. Sometimes i can hear some coil or capacitor resonance coming from several places on the mobo (mainly from under the cpu: the capacitors in the square formed by the socket).
So is the Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) switch, a device that is supposed to keep the battery from overheating.
I was using a Linux system (first time with the battery)and although the power manager settings were set to hibernate when the battery charge levels are critical, it did not.
The charger is fine, it was tested on other laptops and I also tried using another charger for my laptop, without any result. If that’s the case, most likely there is something wrong with the battery charging circuit or DC power jack. Once it worked, restarting was never a problem, it was as if the computer did not start when it cooled down. Then gradually it became harder to turn the laptop on even with the battery and finally it never turns on now. Just lights on, sometimes fan spins for a couple of seconds and occasionally there is the usual noise from the DVD drive. There is no problem with battery charging either because I can see the color coded led changes according to charge status.
I am still hoping there is some kind of a battery problem and not the motherboard since gradual increase of the problem resembled a battery dying.

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