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Every Asus a52f battery pack is well packed in anti-static film, sponge and hard box which protect your item in security. Tested on original device guaranteed to be 100% compatible with your original Asus a52f laptop laptop equipment.
Usually, new Asus a52f battery comes in a half discharged state, drain the battery to 0% and then fully charge it when you use it first time, repeat this for 3~4 times to make the battery achieve its maximum rated capacity.

Try to avoid frequent run out of power of your battery, li-on battery cells have no memory, you can charge it anytime that don't effect the battery life. You can remove your battery from the device when your battery is full charged, because overheat shorten the life of the battery. If you have 2 or more laptop batteries, every pack of them should be full charged at least once a month, and if you want to store your spare Asus a52f battery, keep the battery in a half charged state.

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