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Solar-powered laptops are understandably more difficult to build in an efficient and cost-effective manner, but it seems a Canadian company called WeWi Telecommunications, Inc. WeWi has unveiled an Ubuntu laptop that can be powered solely by solar energy and boasts an impressive 10 hour battery life. Dubbed SOL, the Ubuntu powered laptop sports a rugged look that makes you think it would survive a 10-foot drop. Available in different colors including black, red, gray, bright green, the solar-powered laptop is provided with a detachable solar panel that developers say can provide enough batter juice to keep the device running for 10 hours after being kept as little as 2 hours in the sun. Manufacturers also say the SOL does not really need to be plugged into a power outlet to charge, but it does offer the option. An official release date has not yet been announced, but according to various reports, the Ubuntu laptop will first retail in Ghana.
It just got even easier to buy Ubuntu laptops, desktops and phones from India’s biggest online retailer.
The Snapdeal Ubuntu Store groups together Ubuntu powered notebooks and desktop PCs from HP and Dell, and promotes them alongside the newly launched Ubuntu Phones from Bq.
Ubuntu joins thousands of other companies, among them Samsung, Apple and Dell, in creating a custom storefront to sell their products through.
Brand stores allow companies to group their products into one easily accessible place, use custom branding, a Snapdeal sub-domain and integrate their social media accounts to drive engagement.
In launching an Ubuntu Store on Snapdeal Canonical not only makes it easier for Ubuntu enthusiasts in India to see, compare and buy Ubuntu laptops and PCs, but makes it easier for its hardware partners to their promote devices to potential customers.
This is not the first time Canonical has teamed up with an online retailer to promote Ubuntu powered devices. A wide selection of devices with Ubuntu preinstalled are available on Snapdeal though it should be noted that not all products are fulfilled by Snapdeal.
Launching a branded store front on one of India’s biggest online retailers is a smart move.
Users running Ubuntu on laptops and notebooks could prolong their battery life with a few simple tricks. Reader?Nick Rutledge?asked himself this question, then mocked-up his?dream device?for all to see. YouTube Viewer is an application written in Perl that can be used to search, play and download YouTube videos. Enpass is a multi-platform password manager which received a massive update recently and with it, the application is now available for Linux (64bit only for now). By default, mps-youtube is basically a YouTube audio player, but it can also serve as a YouTube video player (and downloader), by enabling external video playback (officially, it supports mpv and mplayer for video playback) from its options.
TLP 0.7 was released recently, bringing an option which allows setting the minimum and maximum Intel P-state performance, better ThinkPad support and various other changes and bug fixes.

For those not familiar with TLP, this is an advanced power management tool that applies various settings and tweaks to help your laptop save battery power. After almost four years and a half of development, Inkscape 0.91 (an open-source vector graphics editor) was finally released a few days ago. Reader Nick Rutledge asked himself this question, then mocked-up his dream device for all to see. Lightworks, a professional video editing and mastering software, is finally available for Linux, as a public beta. Lightworks has been used in renowned Oscar and Emmy Award award-winning films, including The King's Speech, The Departed, Mission Impossible, Pulp Fiction or Braveheart. As you probably know, the latest Adobe Flash Player versions are available on Linux only through Google Chrome, while other browsers are stuck with version 11.2. CoverArt Browser, a Rhythmbox plugin that lets you browse and play music using an album art view, has been updated to version 0.8 recently, getting improvements such as option to export embedded cover art in the album tracks, new light and dark icon theme and more. Ubuntu 13.04 has been released today with many enhancements and fixes to Unity as well as some important performance improvements. Smart Scopes tries to provide a better and smarter Dash search experience by adding various scopes that return relevant data depending on the search terms.
BitTorrent Sync, a free to use (but not open source) tool that can be used to automatically synchronize files between computers using the BitTorrent protocol, is now available for all as public alpha.
XnRetro is a free to use (but not open source) tool available for Linux, Windows and Mac OS X (as well as iOS and Android) that allows you to easily apply various vintage effects, borders and more to your images. Facebook will discontinue the Facebook Messenger for Windows API, which was also used by FB Messenger for Linux. FBMessenger is a stand-alone Facebook Messenger app for Linux, very similar to the official Messenger for Windows. Since Google will close Google Reader in July, many users are searching for alternatives and there are a ton of services out there, some really good, but I'm sure some of you prefer to use a feed reader you can install on your own server and Tiny Tiny RSS seems to be one of the best. Euro Truck Simulator 2 is a vehicle simulation game in which you can drive across Europe, picking up various cargos and delivering them. Euro Truck Simulator 2 beta for Linux has been in closed beta testing for a few days and today it's available as public beta for all Linux users, exclusively through Steam. It probably wouldn’t but its look matches its purpose: that of being used in developing nations with a lot of sun and limited access to electricity or by adventurers who are traveling around the globe.
What’s even more interesting is that the solar panel is detachable and can be connected to the laptop via an extension cord. Last year UK retailer eBuyer launched a line of budget HP laptops running Ubuntu 14.04 LTS. This is a 15-inch laptop powered by an Intel Celeron processor, 4GB RAM and comes with a 500GB mechanical hard-drive.

This is a 20-inch all-in-one PC featuring a 4th Gen Core i3, 4GB RAM and a roomy 500GB HDD. It will help promote Ubuntu as a first-class OS, make it easier for buyers to find devices, and increase sales for OEMs. Framebuffer compression reduces the memory bandwidth on screen refreshes and, depending on the image in the framebuffer, can reduce power consumption. Surprisingly, the display consumes more power to keep a dark background than one with light colors.
It's a standalone global menu which until recently only shipped with a MATE panel applet. I won't get into details here, since we already covered Vivaldi a few weeks ago, so check out our previous article for more information. The app adds extra features on top of Syncthing, like filesystem watching and instant synchronization using inotify, system notifications for file updates and Syncthing errors, an auto-updater for the Syncthing daemon binary, speed throttling options and more.
The new version includes over 700 bug fixes, a new Cairo-based renderer, OpenMP multithreading for all filters, major improvements for the Text tool, a new Measurement tool and more. If you want to use Chromium browser instead of Google Chrome, here's an easy way to install Pepper Flash Player. It's useful to increase battery life by only switching the dedicated GPU (Nvidia) on when needed. Xubuntu uses Xfce as the default desktop environment and is a great alternative for those who prefer a traditional desktop layout with a panel on top, panel applets and so on.
So while the solar panel is charging in the sun outside, you can easily use the laptop indoors. SOL was specifically designed to run Ubuntu, but developers say another operating system can be installed without any problems.
It is the most expensive device sold through the Snapdeal Ubuntu Store and costs Rs 54,156 (~$800 US).
Well, the TopMenu developer has added a new plugin, which allows using TopMenu under Xfce (Xfce Panel).
It is the primary way to enable the Laptop Mode feature of the Linux kernel, which lets your hard drive spin down.

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