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When you consider the labor and time involved in laptop battery repair and buying a new one, it is better to just buy a new one.
Toronto, GTA, Ajax, Barrie, Brampton, Etobicoke, Hamilton, Kitchener, London, Markham, Mississauga, North York, Oakville, Newmarket, Pickering, Richmond Hill, Scarborough. Like all energy storage devices, batteries that power a laptop eventually lose their capacity to hold a charge. If the program to check your battery status is not already on your computer, you can download and install the appropriate program. Place the new power cells in the tray, connect the electrical contacts and cover them with the plastic.
If you test the laptop battery using this method and you find that it drains power faster than it says on the package it came with, then it is time to purchase a new one.
Finding an outlet that sells new laptop batteries is faster than repairing the battery yourself. Usually, laptop batteries are not interchangeable with others due to power output voltages and physical shapes. If you use different devices in your laptop, like play DVD movies from the optical drive or make your LCD screen backlight to maximum brightness, as the power consumption changes, some devices use more power than others, your laptop battery will last shorter than normal use. Repairing a battery is generally more cost effective than replacing the whole thing because you can retain the digital circuitry that controls it. After you run the program, the system will generate a report regarding the overall status of the battery.

This ensures that all cells will have an equivalent charge when you install the new components. Before removing the power cells from the battery tray and disconnecting the lead wires, verify whether the laptop battery needs to maintain a charge in order to retain any data in a memory, such as the resistor value or fuel gauge function.
Batteries normally remain in the correct position, but you may need to bond them into place if the wires were damaged when the power cells were removed.
A laptop battery that cannot be turned on when the circuit is connected to a ground may require a special code from the manufacturer.
He is the creative director for the BatteriesInAFlash blog and mastermind of all technology with the company. Purchasing a laptop battery is generally much cheaper than repairing it yourself because it comes with minimal risks.
For worn out battery cells, we will be able to replace them with brand new cells and calibrate the battery by special software after cell replacement. Laptops usually have a battery check program that enables you to evaluate the condition of the device. In these instances, you must maintain a secondary power source to the circuit while replacing the worn out cells.
When soldering, it is critical that you avoid excess heat that can damage the cells or electrical circuit. First of all, it still might not go back to being the way it was when you first bought it, and then secondly, you might cause considerable harm to your laptop, or even worse, yourself when you repair the battery yourself.

In addition, you can always replace your laptop battery with original or compatible versions of it. The program will recommend that you replace the battery when one or more cells have low capacity or have completely lost the ability to accept a charge.
To avoid damaging your laptop, you must use power cells with the same chemical composition and power rating recommended by the manufacturer.
There is a greater risk of chemicals leaking from the batteries in the laptop and causing irreversible damage or the battery dying all together.
Before you repair your laptop battery, ensure that you read and understand the terms of your computer warranty.
Record the model number of the battery and the part number of each cell so that you order the correct replacements.
This may require the assistance of a voltmeter to properly determine which are the positive, negative, clock and data connections for the battery circuit.
For instance, to repair a Dell 1545 battery, it would cost you an average of AED 246 for the repair parts and an additional AED100 for labor while purchasing one would cost AED219 on average.

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