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Having longer-life rechargeable batteries is better than regular batteries, but even those eventually die- even the one in your laptop. Materials recovered from rechargeable batteries can be used to make new products, such as new rechargeable batteries and stainless steel products. In California, for example, retailers who sell rechargeable batteries are required to take back used batteries at no cost. You simply enter your zip or postal code to find a rechargeable battery and cell phone recycling location near you.
The Call2Recycle program does not accept alkaline, lithium, non-rechargeable, or wet-cell batteries in the U.S. In fact, if you are a retailer or otherwise interested, sign up for the Call2Recycle program and your organization will become a registered rechargeable battery collection site.
From today all shops selling over 32kg of batteries in a year have to provide recycling points under new laws for people to drop off their old batteries. The new recycling schemes have been put into place to help the UK hit recycling targets put in place by the EU. If recycling targets are not hit then the UK government could face fines of millions of pounds, these fines will be passed to battery manufacturers which in time will raise the price of batteries to consumers. It’s hoped that consumers will take all their old batteries to points to drop them off for recycling however if people are not aware of the new laws then the recycling effort could fail straight away. The new recycling schemes are also expected to cost battery manufacturers around ?3 million per year. Purchasing Manager of Tesco, Huw Clifford said “We believe major retails will be key in helping Britain hit battery recycling targets.” Currently only 3% of batteries are recycled in this country but to meet the European targets this must rise to 25% by 2012.
Batteryback is on target to become the largest battery recycling scheme currently having 45,000 collection points but this is expected to rise up to 200,000 collection points all over the UK. Duracell one of the biggest manufacturers of batteries has recently signed a new agreement to help consumers recycle their old batteries by promoting the ways that this can be done. By October, 15th 2009 all producers of batteries must get involved in a community scheme for recycling them or they will receive penalties or fines from the EU. Duracell is now waiting for their new battery recycling scheme to be approved by the Environment Agency. Every year it’s estimated that 2 million laptops are thrown in the bin only to end up at landfill.
In order to make a laptop, computer manufacturers use 10 times the product’s weight in chemicals and fossil fuels.
Considering the implications that incorrect disposal of PCs, laptops and notebooks can cause to the environment we should all make sure we are doing our bit and recycling correctly. Music Magpie  is used by millions of people every year to recycle unwanted items including laptops, MacBooks, desktops and flatscreen monitors. If your used laptop is in full working order, you have the original box and any accessories that came with it and you’re willing to take the risk on an auction, then its likely that you will end up with more money than any recycling site could offer you.

Of course if you’re feeling generous you could always donate your old IT equipment to charity. Make a purchase of recommended products on our site, and we get a small percentage of affiliate commission to maintain our site. Although it may be the inspiration for great Simpsons’s characters like Blinky the three-eyed fish, hazardous chemicals leaking into groundwater is not cool, so never chuck batteries in the garbage. Call2Recycle is part of the Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation (RBRC), promoting environmental sustainability by providing free battery and cell phone recycling in North America. The program provides all collection containers and collateral materials, and pays all shipping and recycling costs.
Whether you are new to recycling or have been practicing reduce reuse recycle for years, use this site to find ways to recycle you may have never thought about. At the moment only 3% of batteries are being recycled it is hoped that the new laws will bring this figure up to 10% by the end of the year. The agreement comes after a new EU directive will force every battery producer that makes over a tonne of batteries to get involved in the recycling of the products they make. Duracell who currently produce over half of all batteries sold in the UK are confident their scheme will be accepted and state that as an industry leader it was their duty to get involved quickly. Any shops that sell more than 32 KG of batteries will be forced to set up in store recycling for consumer’s used batteries.
I just stumbled upon your blog and would like to say that I have actually enjoyed following your posts. This is still only a small part of the 1.2 million tonnes of electrical waste that is chucked away in the UK every year. Even if you have an energy efficient system its manufacturing process has already posed a big problem to the environment.
They also will buy other electronic goods CDs, DVDs and games which you can send all in the same box.
By selecting the brand and model that you want to sell they will give you an instant quote on their website. The great thing about using eBay is you know your unwanted laptop will go to another person and be re-used or broken up and used for parts. Recycling companies also offer extremely small amounts for broken laptops, whereas people on eBay will pay much more especially if the parts can be salvaged. Any high street charity shop such as Oxfam will gladly take your unwanted equipment off you. There are plenty of places that will recycle your laptop battery, or other rechargeable batteries.
That means that any dealer that sells computer and other batteries is supposed to offer recycling return. Call2Recycle’s retail partners provide easy access for customers to drop off their used batteries and cell phones for recycling.

Most importantly, the program is super easy and FREE.  Just fill out the quick form and sign up!
1.2 million tonnes is enough waste to fill Wembley stadium six times over and this rate is increasing at a scary 5% every year.
In addition to this many laptops contain heavy metals which are extremely toxic, they also contain flame retardants which are very dangerous when they aren’t disposed of correctly.
You can get a quote off them by clicking the appropriate button and filling in the details specifying the screen size, type of processor, the condition and whether there are any defects.
They offer extremely competitive prices on all items whether they are in a good, poor or even faulty condition. If you are happy with the price quoted then fill in your details and a courier will be sent out to pick-up your goods. If you are happy with the trade in value then print a free shipping label and send in your goods as advised. However with eBay you are not guaranteed to get a fixed price like on the recycling sites above, you will only know how much you are getting for your old laptop once the auction has finished. If you want to donate your goods online then Computer Aid is a UK registered ICT for development charity who are urgently seeking donations of laptops and any other IT equiment. Since 1996, Call2Recycle has collected over 50 million pounds of rechargeable batteries in the U.S and Canada. If you agree with the price you are quoted then a free courier will pick up your old item and your money will be sent by cheque, BACS or Paypal.
To get started simply enter the model number of the item you want to sell on their site to get an instant quote. Once received the condition will be checked and then your money released via either cheque or Paypal.
Your payment will be sent within 30 days of receipt of your old equipment to a bank account of your choice.
Any old laptops, desktops or other items they receive will be refurbished by their specialists and sent to hospitals, schools, universities and not for profit organisations in any one of over a hundred developing countries around the world.
If you are happy with the quote then a courier will come out free of charge to pick up your stuff or you can use their freepost address. Once received your stuff will be checked over and your payment sent within a matter of days by same day bank transfer, cheque or e-voucher.

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