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Defragging your hard disk from time to time will reduce the amount of active time needed to access the data. Standby mode drains energy to keep the laptop ready to go when the cover is opened, so hibernating or completely shutting down your laptop is better.
Don’t you love it when you first get your laptop or smartphone and the battery lasts for many hours without a single charge?
For iPhone users: Double click your “Home” button, hold down an icon in the bottom bar until icons shake, hit the minus sign to delete programs running in the background. For Android users: Go to “Settings”, then “Battery” to see what programs have you reaching for a power outlet.
Dim the brightness and contrast of your smartphone or laptop as low as you can without straining your eyes. Tracking applications are not only slightly Orwellian, they are also one of the worst battery life offenders. Once upon a time, there was a thing called battery memory, where it would be smart to discharge your battery completely before recharging your phone. Anything connected to your laptop will diminish the battery faster than without any attached devices, like a USB hard drive or a computer mouse. Additional RAM lets laptops process more with the memory it contains, instead of virtual memory. Do you really need your phone lighting up every time you get an e-mail or a Facebook comment?
A bad idea would be to leave the battery in your laptop while using an power outlet for indefinite periods of time.

We are going on a long trip for an important meeting, and of course we end up with low battery.
Running applications sap virtual memory space on your laptop’s hard drive, draining your laptop’s battery. Constantly running programs like iTunes adds to the CPU load and hampers your battery life. Unless you are outside at high noon, there’s no reason to waste your battery power on brightness. Your phone must check with nearby cell towers every single second with location services turned on, creating a major drain on the battery.
This includes using your laptop to charge your smartphone, which takes longer to power up via laptop than charging from a power outlet. Heavy virtual memory usage requires hard drive use, which is something to avoid for a stronger battery. This keeps the battery in a constant state of charging, which (I’m sure you can guess by now) reduces the battery life cycle. Share yours in the comments and as always follow Surpass on Twitter and Facebook for news, contests, and other fun stuff. At a given time, instead of using multiple applications and having multiple windows open, you should only keep the important tabs and apps open. This can be reduced by opening a simple text editor rather than Microsoft Word or Pages for a simple writing task, for example.
Windows 7 and 8 both provide an inbuilt tool for defragmenting your device on a regular basis.

Here’s some helpful practices to keep that precious battery life lasting a little longer. By enabling this feature, you can extend the life of your battery pack by setting the amount of battery charge low, by doing so, battery degradation can be prevented.
For the typical user, noticeable reduction in run time generally will be observed after 18 to 24 months.
The excessive heat will turn on other hardware like fans in your Laptop to reduce the heat and cools itself. Unless if you are using the A wrong one can damage your battery and lead to a costly replacement. A Turn off the hardware when not neededWhen you are not using A internet then turn off the Wi-fi A receiver and also Bluetooth hardware when not in use. Use Power SaverOn your laptop and select the lowest power usage option from the power management section. This will dim the backlight of your laptop and reduce the amount of time the laptop stays on before hibernating. He has more than five years of experience in content Writing and Web development specialized in WordPress.

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