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Yet another power machine by Lenovo , The Lenovo ThinkPad can be upgraded to a 9 cell battery for an additional $50 . Now this machine, The ThinkPad Carbon X1, is not just a great power saver but it also comes with altogether impressive specifications. Keep your keyboard protected from stray crumb getting into the cracks with a protective cover. When you’re on open wireless networks just make sure that you got a firewall installed on your laptop and the settings are made restrictive.
You will be carrying your laptop to so many places where your laptop will be placed in different positions. Since laptop is a portable one, it is leading to more wear and tears and this makes failures to your hard drives. If your laptop has CD-R and DVD-R drive make sure you have empty CD’s and USB for easy backing up your data on the road. This entry was posted in Gadget News, Tips and tagged keep laptop safe, laptop safe, laptop tips on October 13, 2010 by Dinesh. While notebook batteries are often rated by running time, recharge times are not often looked at. Researchers at Stanford University have made progress toward designing a battery with a lithium anode, a development that could increase battery power in electronics. Reporting in the journal Nature Nanotechnology, the researchers described how they designed a lithium-metal anode in order to boost the energy storage density. Lithium is known for its high energy density and lightweight properties, but it has proven problematic in battery research.
Using it as an anode results in metal deposits that pose serious safety concerns and low energy efficiency during charge and discharge cycles, according to the team, which includes former U.S.
However, lithium metal would be the optimal choice as an anode material because of its high energy density. In its approach described in the report, the team managed to coat a lithium metal anode with a special protective barrier. In rechargeable batteries, Coulombic efficiency is often expressed as a percentage to describe the energy used during discharge compared with the energy used when charging.
PCWorld helps you navigate the PC ecosystem to find the products you want and the advice you need to get the job done. These are 18 best tips to improve battery life of your electronic devices like Laptop, Tablets.
Most of the electronic devices like laptop, mobile phone, tablets and other rechargeable devices have a good battery backup at the start. Tip #2: If you don’t use your laptop for a continuous period it’s recommended to remove your batteries completely from the laptop and add it back when you plan to use it. Tip #3: Use power management features offered by your laptop which would make the computer run at lower processor speeds when the power is down and automatically manage the complete system. Tip #4: When you are using your laptop on battery make sure you set your display to lower brightness using the FN key combination.
Tip #5: Settings up Automatic Hibernate feature to make sure the laptop automatically saves all your running documents and applications and hibernates when you are not using the laptop for a given amount of time. Tip #8: When you are running your laptop only on batteries than avoid running multiple applications because even though your laptop can support huge applications at the same time because of the heavy configuration like processor, RAM etc it eats battery.
Tip #9: WI-FI and Bluetooth should be turned off when not in use because it drains your laptop battery in search of signals and wireless router.
Tip #12: Defragment your hard disk drive regularly to make sure it processes everything quickly and this in turn leads to lower hard disk spins and less power usage.
Tip #13: Uninstalling useless software’s and applications which are running in the background, because these applications would use your notebook’s resources and drain its battery.
Tip #14: Try to maintain your laptop stay cool with a laptop cooling pad or playing it on a cooler area rather than on your laps or bed because that way it can get heated easily and laptops operate efficiently when they are cooler.

Tip #18: Clean your battery regularly to make sure its contacts are clean and the battery works more efficiently. Tips to extend galaxy s7 battery life, other issues, We give you a short list of practical tips to extend galaxy s7 battery life as well as solutions to other galaxy s7 and s7 edge issues.
Opera to microsoft: our browser is the best for extending battery life, The results to tell you that you could save a lot of battery life by adopting it over google chrome. The only browser to use if you want your laptop battery to last as long as possible, It started with opera making the bold claim that by switching to its browser of the same name on your laptop would increase your battery life by a whopping 50%.
Opera to microsoft: our browser is the best for extending battery life - The fight is on between opera software and microsoft, each of which claims that its browser is the best at extending battery life for laptops. Tips to extend galaxy s7 battery life, other issues - We give you a short list of practical tips to extend galaxy s7 battery life as well as solutions to other galaxy s7 and s7 edge issues.
Opera to microsoft: our browser is the best for extending battery life - The results to tell you that you could save a lot of battery life by adopting it over google chrome. The only browser to use if you want your laptop battery to last as long as possible - It started with opera making the bold claim that by switching to its browser of the same name on your laptop would increase your battery life by a whopping 50%. Extend your laptop battery life with batterycare (windows) - How many of you out there know about proper laptop battery care? Extend your laptop’s battery life - Most laptops don’t last too long once you unplug them from the mains. SubscribeEnter your email address below to receive updates each time we publish new content.
Samsung has added a new entry to its growing catalog of smartwatches with the debut of its Gear S. It becomes quite troubling at peak work time when plugging in a laptop might not be possible.
The notebook is known to have an awesome keyboard which might make you rank it higher in your choice list. With a Core i5 processor, a sturdy carbon roll cage and a 14 inch matte screen with 1600 x 900 resolution the Carbon X1 has all that takes to give a great user experience. In fact we can call it the tough guy due its strong and smooth Metal frame which consists of magnesium alloy, steel hinges and chrome bumpers. The VAIO SE is a mouthwatering piece for those users who count for looks as their first priority.
So, go to the settings and keep your laptop screen to dim in order to keep your battery last for long. If this happens just keep a material which does not conduct heat in between your skin and lappie. And also make sure that you have turned off folder sharing and any local servers that you run to keep others peeking on your data’s. And obviously an extra charged up battery, Ethernet cable or phone cord, extra mouse will be a helpful addition to your portable laptop. Having a battery that could recharge most of the way in just a few minutes means users wouldn’t have to worry as much about how long their current battery lasts while out and about. It consists of a honeycomb-like structure of hollow carbon nanospheres about 20 nanometers thick.
Even if it’s not using the device, the battery drains therefore you should completely remove it and store in a cool place and at a 40% charge rather than 100% charge. A Feature which can save up your battery life when you are not using your laptop for a set specified time after which it automatically hibernates.
This is because while you run any of these kinds of applications your inbuilt sound speakers would drain huge amount of battery and instead you can use earphones to listen to music while running on battery because this uses very less amount of battery.
You can use the hardware switch available in the laptop’s side to disable your WI-FI or disable it from the Network Connections option available under your control panel. These drives spin at high speeds and need a good amount of power to complete their process.

If you don’t Defragment your hard disk then the laptop would have slow loading programs and frozen applications. A man named Neil Parfitt is standing in a field on a cattle ranch outside Warwick, Australia.
Unlike its previous smartwatches, however, this one packs its own 3G data connection, which means it doesn’t have to be tied to your smartphone at all times. A notebook giving a battery life of only a couple of hours after being unplugged is not a users choice. If your need exceeds 7 hours then you can buy an additional  9 cell battery that will increase the backup till an impressive 12 hours.
With fully loaded with its 9 cell extended battery pack this notebook goes to all the way to 13 hours 25 minutes mark !
To increase its durability Dell has made it heat resistant, dust resistant and has given it a spill resistant keypad. Its as light as 4.4 pounds and has a screen resolution of 1920 x 1080 on a matte screen which adds to its beauty. Buying a laptop is not a great thing but keeping it and using it safely and securely for a long time is the great thing. And also disable all your unnecessary CPU cycle eating processes like Wi-Fi detection and Bluetooth devices to make your battery for a longer time. Make use of a bag to carry your laptop which will protect your laptop from when the bag falls or when it is kicked. Toshiba’s laptop is aiming to save your precious time by removing the problem of short laptop battery life. Toshiba claims that SCiB will not only recharge faster than anything else on the planet but will last a whole lot longer too. So here are some tips you may have to follow for maintaining battery backup of your electronic devices for long.
The display system takes 33% of your available battery and lower brightness would ensure you more battery life. If you wish every news article — and, really, every single piece of text on the Internet — looked exactly like that introductory sentence, you need to download the free Hodor Chrome extension.
So to help you decide which machine to go for when looking for optimal battery life we have compiled a list of top 5 laptops that last over 7 hours on average with a single or extended battery. Even if that’s not sufficient for you then the X230 also works with a sheet-battery that when combined with the 9 cell battery keeps the system running for 20 hours straight ! And this tough guy right here lasts 10 hour and 30 minutes with its extended 9 cell battery. Here in this article you can find some few tips which will help you to keep your laptop safe and securely for a longer period of time.
There are so many bags available for laptops but choose the best one which will protect your laptop when it is kicked or when it falls down. Toshiba has given us the solution of the problem of short battery life that is unveiling one that can be fully charged in just 10 minutes.
The laptop battery is good for more than 5,000 charges which translate to more than 10 years of daily charging. This prototype of its Super Charge ion Battery technology was revealed at CEATEC 2008 and will, no doubt, have every mobile warrior sitting up with interest.

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