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There are many things to decide when choosing what kind of Dell laptop battery that you want and also where to get it. In the above example, it seems to make perfect sense to spend $129 for a 6-cell and a 9-cell as opposed to spending $99 for just a 9-cell.
Do the same operation for : Microsoft ACPi Compliant control method battery and Composite battery as well. If both methods, are a wasting time, and you are sure that your battery is good and charger too, then re-install your operating system, or send him to service. Slide the hard drive aside to disconnect it from the system board and remove it from the HDD bay. Remove one screw securing the DVD drive and push on the metal bracket to slide the drive from the case. Disconnect the DVD control board cable, the touchpad cable and the speaker cables on the system board. Before you touch any internal component in your laptop, do not forget to remove the battery.
You also can access one memory slot on the bottom of you notebook if you remove four screws securing the memory cover. After you remove the memory cover you have an access to the first memory slot and the wireless card slot.

If you want to replace the notebook keyboard, you have to open the connector on the system board first and then pull the keyboard cable. After all, the battery is the biggest change that you need to make from your desktop computer.If you have never had a laptop before, you should become very familiar with the Fn key. It tells me what percentage of my battery is used and also how long before the battery is fully charged.
In order to do this, all you have to do is hold down the Fn key and press the down arrow.An advanced tip is to make sure that you drain your battery at least once every two months. Go to Control panel , then open Device Manager, expand Batteries tab, select first option "Microsoft AC adapter" and select Update driver Software. The Fn key is usually located towards the bottom left corner of your keyboard.What does the Fn key have to do with saving battery power?First off, my favorite way of checking up on my battery status is by holding down the Fn key and pressing F3 on my Dell Inspiron e1505. Despite how the numbers might suggest, if you decide to go for the 9-cell you will get double the battery life as the 6-cell.It is impossible to tell you exactly how long your battery will last.
The thing that most people do not know about laptop batteries is that they run out of juice whether you use them or not.
So think about that when you plan on getting one just to stick it in the closet for a couple years until your other one dies.So where do I get a Dell laptop battery?Certainly, your safest and most reliable bet would be to get it from Dell.
But if you want rough estimates then you can expect about two and a half hours on the 6-cell and around five hours on the 9-cell.The next question you have to ask yourself about your Dell laptop battery is whether or not you should get a primary battery or additional battery.

However, there are always other options out there.There are many places that sell laptop batteries.
But you are much better off spending the extra five dollars or so to get it directly from Dell.If you do want an alternative then I recommend eBay. This saves battery life because your laptop will not have to constantly worry about making the background look right. You can get a new Dell battery for a much better price, provided that you want to take the risk of someone selling you a bad battery. This is certainly a tip that you don't have to do but it does help with keeping your laptop battery functioning as long as possible.Treat your laptop and battery the way you would want to be treated.
Just make sure that you are buying from seller's with high feedback ratings!Read more laptop buying tips.
The temperature your battery is the happiest is around 59 degrees Fahrenheit.Think about how important laptop battery life is to you before you buy a laptop.

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