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Find out if laptop batteries should be kept plugged or whether it is best to use the wall outlet at all times. There has always been a tight controversy between keeping a laptop packed with the battery plugged-in at all times, or not. Although highly unlikely, you may not be aware of the damages brought over the years to a plain old laptop battery. Besides on the pure use of a battery, there are also other factors which influence the long-life of this product, like the laptop’s own settings. Exercise the battery – as a product meant to be used, the battery should not be kept in dark place for a long time, without being drained once in a time. Store the battery when stationary – those who are certain that they are not going to use the battery in the next couple of months, because they rely just on the power plug, without moving the device at all, should best charge the battery until 33%-40% of the maximum juice and then store it inside a refrigerator or a cold place (but not colder than 32F or 0 Celsius). Don’t let it discharge completely– a fact that I wasn’t aware of until a couple of hours ago was that whenever the laptop battery went under the 15% mark, it suffered quite some complications. Using the laptop while charging the battery – the myth that a battery will have to suffer under these circumstances is absolutely busted, at least for notebooks.
Fast batteries can be somewhat fixed – those with batteries that die out prematurely can be somewhat saved, by leaving to power the laptop until the operating system complains, pulling it and recharging it, but only after the battery has cooled down. You shouldn’t technically leave your laptop plugged in all the time, but you certainly don’t need to deep-cycle it a few times a week. Therefore, when you buy a laptop, don’t just look at how many hours its battery can last, but also check how many cycles it actually has.
High temperature – because the battery is situated to a 60 degrees hot laptop, the heat will disperse onto the battery itself, forcing it to degrade faster and making it lose precious life.
Although these two disadvantages cannot be overlooked, they usually damage the battery less than in cases where the product is not used. Alex holds an engineering degree in Telecommunications and has been covering technology as a writer since 2009.
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How to know when to retire your old laptop battery and the replacement options you should consider. Many have wondered if this overcharging process, if we are allowed to call it so, may reduce the battery life over the years or, even damage the product in some way.

In some cases, depending on the manufacturer of the battery and even of the one that assembled the laptop, a brand new shiny product which was guaranteed to supply between two and three hours of juice on a regular charge can degrade very fast. If the manufacturer was so kind to include power saving modes or settings to stop the battery from charging when it’s above 93%, let’s say, then you are in luck.
Those who wish to use the laptop solely on the power transmitted directly from the AC plug, should insert the battery at least once in a month, let it charge and then drain it up to 15%.
If the battery is taken out of the fridge once in a while it will damage the product more than ever. It seems that it is mandatory to shut down the equipment or plug it under this limit, this being the main reason why batteries are slowly killed. While charging, a part of the juice will go into actually powering the device while the spare will be instead into replenishing the battery.
The recharging process must be done while the laptop is offline, to avoid any extra thermal stress. Furthermore, the recommendation for monthly battery usage isn’t just for capacity preservation: it’s mostly so the charge indicator can maintain accuracy as the battery’s capacity decreases naturally over its lifespan. After acknowledging all the advices presented above, the short conclusion is that you should definitely keep the laptop battery plugged at most times.
Vice versa, the high charge of the battery will translate into higher temperatures that will heat the laptop itself. Are you planning of buying a new battery replacement because of a deteriorated laptop battery life?Our laptop’s battery is not fixed. As a laptop owner myself, I had troubles choosing a side but, after a long search on the web, I have gathered all the results I have found under the same roof and today, I’m about to make them public.
We have heard cases when laptops, mostly from Dell, had a battery so bad that after a year, the user could only squeeze around 5 minutes of life – meaning that he would have to use a power outlet at all times. This will ensure that the battery is getting some action from time to time and the chemical substances within will surely appreciate it.
Moreover, if a battery is discharged below the 5% mark or even completely, permanent faults will occur and the product looses a significant amount of capacity.
This will ensure that the product is exercised and because many laptops have a stop-charge function, which protects the product from overcharging (when the level reaches 90%, the power will be switched from charging the battery to supplying the laptop, and the charging process will stop) the battery will be kept safe.
While the battery is stored with this high charge, chemical process will react faster and the aging of the product will happen a bit faster.

When he’s away from the keyboard, simpler things like hiking, mountain climbing and having a cold drink make his day. Unfortunately, after that point, even the best units start to lose their ability to fully hold a charge. Original manufacturer-made batteries should be your first choice for warranty and best compatibility purposes. Some of these reconditioned units operate fine, and in some cases they might be your only choice. Retailers like Best Buy, Lowe’s and Staples have battery recycling bins where you can drop them off. Discharging completely is only allowed on older batteries (not Li-ion) with memory effects. The usual duration of a laptop battery ranges from two (2) to three (3) years or even longer depending on usage. However, if not well taken cared of, it becomes depleted as early as a year or even lessI, too, experienced this same fate before on my previous laptop because of my lack of awareness on how to take good care of my laptop battery.
If you have a higher-end laptop, $100 for a battery might not be much to pay for another two-plus years of service.
But if you have a low-end unit, or if your laptop is more than five years old, you might think twice about replacing only the battery.
So, one way of preserving it is to take off your battery and put it to rest once in a while. If you are going to use your laptop the whole day in a place where power is stable, you can just take off your battery and plug it in AC power instead.
If you don’t have a laptop cooling pad,  you can use a medium sized book and place it under the battery portion to make it slightly raised, allowing air to flow underneath. In Windows Vista and 7, you can access your power settings by going to Control Panel > Power Options.

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