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Do not connect the positive and the negative terminal of the battery to each other with any metal object. Do not carry or store the batteries together with necklaces, hairpins, or other metal objects. If you were to crack open a Laptop battery pack (something we DO NOT recommend because of the possibility of shorting out a battery and starting a fire) you would find the following.
Inside the case these sheets are submerged in an organic solvent that acts as the electrolyte. All brand names, logos, and trademarks referenced on this site remain the property of their respective owners. Features the latest battery technology including advanced circuitry, voltage regulator, and thermal circuit protection.
Manufactured in an ISO 9001 Certified and RoHS compliant facility to ensure quality and safety.

It is the most commonly used chemistry for Laptop batteries because of its high charge density and compact size. Battery charge state monitor- a small computer that handles the whole charging process to make sure the batteries charge as quickly and fully as possible. Laptop batteries usually consist of 6 to 8 cylindrical lithium-ion 18650 cells with a PC board which communications with the laptop and offers over charging (voltage) protection. Laptop batteries are made from multiple battery cells that are arranged in specific ways to attain the desired voltage and amperage.
The circuit board regulates how the cells work for both the process of discharging and recharging energy.
If the battery ever gets so hot that it risks exploding from over-pressure, this vent will release the extra pressure. As the name implies, it separates the positive and negative electrodes while allowing ions to pass through.

It makes sure that your battery is not overcharged when charging, and it makes sure that each cell drains the same amount so you can have a longer run time. So is the Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) switch, a device that is supposed to keep the battery from overheating.
When the battery charges, ions of lithium move through the electrolyte from the positive electrode to the negative electrode and attach to the carbon.

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