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University of North Florida's project also could earn the school a higher profile in research. For the military, it would allow laptops to be charged for up to 10 hours from a smaller, more portable source.
But administrators from the Jacksonville college think one of the school's ongoing development projects could be the ticket to a higher statewide profile, more recognition in the research community and a bevy of jobs centered in Northeast Florida. The college's school of engineering has received a combined $9.4 million in federal contracts from the Army and Department of Energy for a fuel cell research project that's scheduled to run for at least the next two years.
The research has two goals: Develop and then commercialize a direct methanol fuel cell power source for two laptops - one for American soldiers, the other for ordinary consumers. Jim Fletcher, a UNF mechanical engineering professor leading the research, said the project has evolved since its inception in 2007 from a commercially focused project to one with military ties.

The end goal was always to create a methanol-based energy source for portable electronics that runs longer, weighs less and uses fewer heavy metals than the average battery.
Michael Dominick, a mechanical engineer and the Army's technical lead for the fuel cell research, said the military identified the potential field application of the UNF project and commissioned the school to create a military version. Soldiers in the field are forced to lug laptops with cumbersome battery packs that need to be charged regularly. Fletcher has a team of about a half-dozen graduate students testing different design elements to streamline the military prototype and make the fuel cell cartridges smaller and more rugged. They've dropped them, heated them up and run them through a gamut of tests to simulate combat conditions. Fletcher said the research is approaching its last phase, which involves even more field tests before submitting a final product for review.
Once the military research wraps up, the students will continue to streamline the technology for commercial use and devise ways to mass-produce the pieces with the assistance of DOE. UF's powerhouse research program, for instance, has a budget of about $500 million compared with $15 million at UNF.
Once the fuel cells are licensed, Ebong said UNF could reach out to local developers for mass production.
A company like Saft America, a battery manufacturer that recently laid down roots at the Cecil Commerce Center, would be a logical choice for a local partner, he said. It seems some who are making negative comments here do not know the differences between methanol and ethanol.

When it come to research it would have been very good back in the 70s when there were more of us who have brain's to help with thing's like this, but it was all about money in those days, now that we are awaken by what big business on wall street had done to most peoples with their eyes close, we still have some people's around here who want to cry all the time,well sorry but we are about to run out of baby bottles,this research is somethings that need to be done and is very happy that we are doing it. Boosters from the University of Florida and Florida State University are locked in a back-and-forth tussle for that crown. Ebong, UNF's assistant vice president for research, said the practical applications of the research could lead to a number of patents and a sizable financial boon. The research's aim is to give them true wireless connectivity and almost 10 hours of uninterrupted power.
He graduated from UNF and was offered a unique opportunity to stay at his alma mater and continue his research. Schools with patent research projects have been able to develop ancillary streams of income to help ride out state funding cuts.
Nor do they understand the differences between automobile power sources and power sources for small electronic devices.
Every part is being researched in order to make them smaller, lighter, stronger and more efficient.

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