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Some hybrid owners disagree, saying they were told it would cost $3,000 to $4,000, including labor, to replace dead or dying battery packs in Toyota Priuses, Honda Civic Hybrids and Honda Insights (the original two-seat version, not the current model).Replacement cost will vary by vehicle, with larger, heavier vehicles tending to be more expensive because they require more battery power. Mechanic Harrison Garcia works on a Ford Mustang at Brake and Wheel Service Center January 5, 2009 in San Francisco, Calif.
Repairs in the Northeast rose 11.6 percent in 2012, faster than the rest of the country, according to a study of 161,000 repairs.
Apparently, the “superstorm” was not only the cause of serious, flood-related damage but led many East Coast motorists to discover other problems that needed repairs. Though repair costs, on the whole, were up last year, there were a few notable exceptions, such as Vermont. The state-by-state gap was especially apparent when it came to new hybrid vehicle technology.
Incidentally, two of the states with the lowest average repair costs – Iowa and South Dakota – were found in the Midwest while two were located in the South or Southeast, Delaware and West Virginia.
Ofttimes, a battery will die simply from being out in that 90-plus-degree heat for extended periods.
Our maintenance guy said a lot of cars in the neighborhood had dead batteries from the heat, especially after that 100+ degree one we had recently. Well, in my own anti-defense, the last time I needed to replace a battery, the main reason I did it myself is that the toll-free number for AAA was going to leave me on hold standing in a hot parking lot for longer than I wanted to stand in a hot parking lot. Once I got the battery in and the truck started, I drove it to the battery-getting place and had them test my alternator and stuff (for free!) to make sure the old battery hadn’t gone dead for some reason other than time-caused decrepitude. Every car battery I’ve ever owned has gone dead one day, exactly, after the warranty expires.
2010 Toyota Prius high-voltage battery packEnlarge PhotoLike many articles, this one started with a reader question. As for the effect on used Prius prices, there doesn't appear to be a discount for older Priuses based on concerns about the life of the rechargeable battery pack.

Indeed, Toyota says the battery pack is one of the least-frequently replaced items across all Prius models. Labor costs could total several hundred more dollars if you have to replace the pack, for whatever reason. One knowledgeable Prius owner suggests purchasing a spare used battery pack, an idea we think is interesting--but definitely overkill for all but the most mechanically-minded owners. For more information about the nickel-metal-hydride battery pack in the 2010 Toyota Prius, see "30 Days Of the 2010 Toyota Prius: Day 12, Battery Pack". How replace alternator ford taurus - answers, Remove alternator, replace with new one, how do you replace the alternator on a 2000 ford how much is the cost to replace the alternator for ford taurus. 2005 honda accord repair: problems, cost maintenance, Cost to replace v-6 engine front mount. Alternator replacement 2005 duramax lly, Alternator replacement 2005 duramax lly replacing the alternator in a 2005 chevrolet silverado 2500hd with a + how much did it cost.
2005 ford taurus repair and maintenance; 2005 ford taurus problems (5) how much would it cost me to replace lower my alternator went out on my while i was. Copyright © 2012 Autos Weblog, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. It will now be reviewed by our editors and we'll answer it soon if we think it's a useful question. Even if it doesn’t leave you stranded in an unfamiliar part of town after dark it’s likely to take a bite out of your savings, especially as recent studies have indicated automotive repair costs rose by about 10 percent last year. Vermont saw repair costs decline last year, according to a new study by automotive service site CarMD, making it America’s most affordable place to take your car in. But in its latest annual car-repair cost survey, CarMD found California among the Top Five, with the rest of those spots filled by states along the Eastern Seaboard, including not only The Garden State but North Carolina, Maryland and the District of Columbia.
When I got back home that night I decided to check and make sure I hadn’t done something stupid like leave the car in the wrong gear.

They actually let us borrow their charger so I could see if I could get the car started and get it into their garage. Which cost me nearly a hundred smackeroos what with labor and they had to replace one of the battery cable ends which was all corroded.
If they fail at 7 years and 11 months, do you get them replaced free of charge, or are they prorated? And some proportion of the packs it has to replace haven't failed, but were damaged in collisions or other accidents. Replacement batteries for the 2001-2003 Prius cost $2,299, and those for the more common 2004-2009 model currently run $2,588. For the Highlander Hybrid, it costs $4,848.Prices have come down on hybrid batteries over the past 10 years. At the other extreme was New Jersey where the typical visit to a service shop cost almost 50 percent more than in Vermont.
Jersey motorists actually caught a break here, however, with the lowest cost to replace a hybrid battery, on average just $2,005.05. Like when you make a turkey and it has that little popup thingy in it that pops out when it’s done?
In 2008, Toyota lowered the price of the first-generation Prius battery pack to $2,299 and Gen II (2004-2008) to $2,588. I also discovered that the headlights would not turn on — turning them on made the car whine. Not only do I not cook but this comment really has no relevance to your post at all, now that I think about it.

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