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Being stranded on the side of the road with a broken down car is something we all try to avoid. The first thing we need to do is figure out if the battery is the problem or if it’s something else causing the car not to start. If nothing happens when the ignition is turned, open your hood and take a look at the battery.
Note: When disconnecting and connecting the battery cables, disconnect the NEGATIVE CABLE first and reconnect the NEGATIVE CABLE last. This post is created for those who wish to modify their 4G13 and 4G15 from mild to extreme machine.
This post is created for those who wish to modify their CAMPRO from mild to extreme machine.
Toyota MRS also known as Toyota Mid Ship Spider by the American has been released since 1999. To jump-start a dead battery, you need another car that’s running normally and two jumper cables that have at least 6-gauge wires and are 12–18 feet long.
Pull the two cars next to each other so that the batteries are close enough together for the jumper cables to reach. Connect one end of the positive (red) cable to the positive (+) terminal on the battery of the dead car.
Connect the other end of the positive (red) cable to the positive (+) terminal on the battery of the car that’s working (the booster car). Connect one end of the negative (black) cable to the negative (–) terminal on the booster battery.
Connect the other end of the negative (black) cable to a clean, unpainted metal surface (such as the engine block) on the engine of the disabled vehicle.
Once the dead car does start, remove the jumper cables in the reverse order in which you attached them in step 5.
Keep the newly jump-started car running for at least 30 minutes to make sure the battery recharges fully.
This information is designed to provide a general overview with regard to the subject matter covered and is not state specific.
It’s an unavoidable part of car ownership, eventually you’ll walk out to your vehicle and find the battery is dead. We’ve put together this simple list of steps to walk you through jump starting a dead car battery. 1)  First you need to know if it is the battery, generally there are gauges that show the charge of the battery. 2) Check the location of your batteries, and ideally you’ll be able to park the cars so the jumper cables will easily reach both batteries. 5) On the good battery end of the cables, attach the negative clamp (BLACK) to the negative terminal of the battery. 6) Connect the remaining negative clamp (BLACK) to a non-painted metal surface on the dead vehicle. 7) Start the working car and let the engine run for a few minutes to allow the dead battery to charge. 9) Once the car with the bad battery starts, remove the jumper cables in the opposite order of how you attached them. If you keep nothing else in your trunk, keep a good pair of jumper cables, you may be surprised how often they’ll come in handy. We’ve put this simple list of steps together to walk you through exactly what to do if you need to jumpstart a dead car battery. Cars no longer adhere to that old standby of every vehicle needing an oil change every 3,000 miles or 3 months. It’s important to know how to check your car’s oil, you can avoid potential problems that could leave you stranded on the side of the road, or worse, purchasing a new engine. When you’re standing on a blistering roadway, staring at your recently deflated tire, it’s easy to see why preventing flats is so appealing. In our recent blog post about reasons why your check engine light comes on, we mentioned a possible cause could be misfiring spark plugs.
When considering the purchase of a car, it is important to think about your needs as opposed to your wants. Springtime is finally here, and you’ll want to take a little time to get your car back into tip-top shape. E39 (1997 - 2003) The BMW 5-Series (E39 chassis) was introduced in the United States as a 1997 model year car and lasted until the 2004 when the E60 chassis was released.

I have searched everywhere for the issue I have and can't find a match, so I'm starting a new thread. I had just done all kinds of work on my new used 530i, with a 5 speed that I spent a year looking for.
Longshot here but have you checked the small (1" x 2") box of 20 & 30A fuses inside the ebox under the passenger-side cabin filter housing?
I looked at those fuses you mention, plus the ones in the glove box and the ones above the battery. These cars have lots of fuse protection so I'd be hopeful one of those fusible links did its job. Other circuits, like control units experienced a supply voltage drop only that might cause logical issues but very unlikely. My guess is a ground cable connection somewhere, maybe the engine-chassis ground cable, since you have idling issues.
I usually have communication issues when reading out data, but it's still readable and whenever I connect the battery charger to the battery these warning messages disappear and I usually program the car with the charger connected.
Also are you sure the serial comm problem isn't from your reader not being able to connect to the car? This has happened before in this forum, IIRC it is mostly fuses, relay issues, nothing big and expensive. PS: Amazon sells a "idiot-proof" jumper cables, so no matter what the polarity is, it adjusts automatically for you. In fact, to avoid error (such as red felt masquerading as (+) terminal as in this thread), I always look at the color of the cable and always look for ground, where it is attached to the chassis. Now on to your comment on "idiot-proof" jumper cables, I just happened to see it posted in forum, so I simply repeat this for others. The posts are usually covered with a cap however once you remove the cap, the posts are marked with a + sign or a – sign.
One of the most common problem we experience when you own a car, aside from a flat tire, battery discharge is the next most common disaster we experience, the most common cause for this problem is by accidentally living the car lights on for a period of time while the engine is turned off, another cause might be that the battery isn't maintained properly other things like damaged alternator or bad starter could also cost this problem, but if the problem is because your battery is discharged then we can always perform a jump start to start your car, here are the correct steps in performing a jump start.First make sure both cars are turned off and so are their equipments like radios, etc. This is my Forex Trading practice journal, please feel free to read and comment about my trading techniques, we can exchange ideas and experience to become a much better trader.
We service our vehicles regularly, maintain the fluid levels, fill the tires, and make sure the car is running at peak performance.
Before you attempt to jump start the car, you need to determine if the battery is dead, low, has bad cable connections, or is actually functioning properly.
Check the cables to ensure they are secure and not covered with corrosion or other obstructions.
Connect the BLACK (NEGATIVE) JUMPER CABLE to a CLEAN, UNPAINTED METAL SURFACE under the disabled vehicle’s hood. Start the vehicle that’s not disabled and run it for 2 to 3 minutes allowing the battery of the disabled car to charge. If the disabled vehicle does start, let it run for at least 30 minutes before turning it off to give the battery enough time to recharge itself.
Be very careful and always wear eye protection: a battery can explode if jump-started improperly.
Try to find a spot on the engine far from the battery, as this connection might cause some sparks. It may also be a good idea to take the car to a service station to get the battery thoroughly checked or replaced. The authors, publisher and host are not providing legal, accounting or specific advice to your situation. Whether it’s the result of a cold snap or because you left the lights on, either way the quickest resolve is to jump start the battery. However, if there isn’t any indication the battery is bad, but the dash lights flicker when you turn the key, odds are the battery is to blame. If the car doesn’t start or even turn over, check your connections again and give it another 5 minutes before trying again. As batteries age they lose the ability to hold a charge, so if your battery is older, it is time for a replacement.
Whether it’s the result of leaving your lights on or just an old battery, the quickest resolve is to jump the battery. Locating it quickly will stop your gradual reduction of tire pressure and possibly prevent you from being stranded with a flat tire. Checking your air pressure regularly will ensure you notice any drastic variations in pressure.

Before you head out for your cross country family fest, consider having your brakes checked.  Kids fighting for endless miles is stressful enough, when you need them, it’s essential to have your brakes work properly.  How can you threaten to turn this car around if you’re having trouble stopping it?
Late model vehicles are designed to go as long as 5,000 to 7,000 miles between oil changes. You might be surprised at how easy it is to avoid this nasty, and potentially dangerous, situation. When over-inflated, your vehicle will be more difficult to handle and the ride will be rougher. Your engine depends on your spark plugs for maximum fuel efficiency and engine power, so it’s important to be sure that you remember to check your spark plugs on a regular basis. You’ve made it through another winter season of rain, snow, and road grime – so clean up that car and get it ready for summer!
Pay attention to the condition of your paint as you’re washing the car – look out for chips or scratches.
In recent times, people don’t seem to wash their cars as often as they used to, but washing your car is the best way to maintain your new car finish.
We’ve put together some answers for the most common questions that we hear from our customers about washing a car. Whatever was in serial in that path experienced extreme high current that can burn wires and connectors.
Allowing your engine to run for about thirty minutes, or driving to your destination, will recharge your battery and you shouldn’t have trouble starting it again. Sometimes even the best maintained vehicles and even new cars can break down with one of the most common issues being a dead battery or bad connection (other than it being out of gas). The cables should not dangle into either car’s engine well, where they could get caught in moving parts. Even though it’s one of the most common car maintenance issues, many people are uncertain on how to properly jump start a battery.
Even though it’s one of the most common car maintenance issues, it probably still makes you nervous to hook those cables up for the first time. Keep in mind that tires will lose pressure as the outside temperature drops in the fall and winter – but if you have one tire that seems to have less pressure on a regular basis, it’s likely that you have a leak. With that much time in between, it is necessary to take on the little maintenance tasks yourself. Though flat tires are unavoidable, our simple steps can help you to prolong the life of your tires and delay flats. Like any other mechanical part, they’ll wear out over time, so you need to know the signs that your spark plugs are wearing out.
There are several things that you will need to think about before you head out to the car dealership. If you do find any minor paint damage, you’ll want to get some touch-up paint as soon as you can… you want to avoid any rust from forming.
Washing your car should be as much a part of your monthly maintenance routine as checking tire pressure and oil level.
Wait a minute or two to allow the charge from the running engine to flow through the cables into your battery and then try and start your car. However if you find yourself stranded more than once and cannot find evidence of a light left on or other drain on your battery’s power, have your battery checked by a technician.
While it is surprisingly simple, odds are jump starting a battery probably still makes you nervous when you dust off the jumper cables for the first time this year.
Jumpstarting a dead car battery is surprisingly simple, but some people never learned how, or it’s been so long since they learned they’re fuzzy on the details. Use your water hose to spray the dirt and grime out of your wheel wells and check for rust there as well. I am thinking that may be the source of the bad idle, but I would much rather get a code from OBD II at least to see what may have died. So the high current path is: BMW battery positive terminal, red cable going to the starter, red cable going up to the top of the engine, positive jumper cable to the other car's chassis I guess, negative jumper cable coming back to the BMW (connected where??) And follow the path back to the negative terminal of the BMW battery. It’s a good idea to replace your wiper blades in the springtime too – you want to be ready for spring showers! The "Comm Failure" error code means some module on the bus got fried, but it is expecting to get communication from it.

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