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Our friend and fellow co-writer Simo as you probably know has been doing some great work to try and address current battery drain issues reported by some new Jolla owners. From all the battery usage raw data you guys sent in (thanks!), Simo concluded that the NFC always on status was one of the main causes of battery drain.
To alleviate this issue, one user has already decided to remove the NFC chip to see if it makes a difference, while our other co-writer Jukka, has put some tin foil on the NFC chip to limit the connection.
We’ve just run this code in terminal on our Jolla and will report here if there is an improvement to battery consumption if you would prefer to wait for the results.
This is only a temporary fix and will need to be inputed each time in terminal after a reboot. Obviously, NFC is NOT intended to be on all the time, in fact it should be on only when TOH is not attached to main unit. If you solve this yourself by removing NFC tag from TOH, most likely you will loose that tag forever, because the glue used on that is so strong that it is difficult to remove it without breaking it.
I have updated the above post for the permanent fix accordingly for anyone who wants to try the permanent fix. It should be possible to use systemctl disable tohd.service to make the change persistent between reboots. Obviously this will disable OH features (but you can easily restore them=see above post) until Jolla can provide a hotfix which may not come until January now as the good sailors deserve a much needed break!!
Thanks to Znurre for a great pre-Christmas fix and all of you guys and wishing all a very festive season greetings from me and the rest of the team! If you need to send something via NFC (rather than bluetooth), you may need to re-enable the services as described above.

Mine too, the command “disable” comand does nothing when the effect is checked with “grep” command. On linux systems (including sailfish) the password does not show when typing it in on a terminal. A linux terminal changes very little when you become root (administrator), but the normal $ prompt usually turns into a # instead. Any idea how the phone is supposed to detect when The Other Half is on or off without having NFC turned on? With the OH service off there is no way for the phone to know if you change the Other Half because it is identified by the NFC sticker. Stick a piece of 3-layered aluminum foil on the NFC tag of the other half and problem solved. Beside this here are the most important things you must know before downloading a using this app.
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If I didn't understand wrong, with this command you just disable the TOH daemon for the current session, not permanently, so you'll have to do this at each reboot of the phone, or in other words, you can restore the default behaviour by just rebooting your phone (please anybody correct me if I wrote something wrong). It 's still early, but it seems that for the first half hour it stops the battery percentage on average is 2-3% per hour with Wifi and 3G + active whatsapp open. Now the challenge is that we are supposed to be on Christmas holiday on this week, after very busy fall with long hours for everybody. No worries – the temporary fix arrives practically in a second and the developer team is as well informed.

Stopping the tohd service seems to drop standby current draw from around 130-150mA to 10-60mA. It is simply a bug in the software that controls the NFC chip, a bug that has been identified and thus is about to be fixed.
The phone itself seems to have a number of pins in the back but my TOH at least has no corresponding connectors, just the NFC sticker as far as I can tell. The battery drain problem occurs because there is a bug in the Other Half service (tOHd) that controls the chip responsible for detecting that sticker. It has been already on top of charts beating all the top apps like Facebook, Messenger, Snapchat etc. A person who has never used terminal asked for help of how to even enter command got quite a few informative posts, no mocking or anything. Guess that will be fixed within one of the next updates – why would you want to keep NFC always on?
Disabling the d?mon (which is the linux word for service) is simply a crude but quick fix for the battery drain problem. The community is most important factor for me when considering a new phone, and there is no better one than this, imho.
Because I wrote the command to stop tohd but no calculations or conformations came on the screen.

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