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January 24, 2012 By Sid 13 Comments Since the day Apple launched the iPhone 4S, users have been complaining about battery issues.
The iPhone 4S was successfully jailbroken just a few days ago, thus giving you the ability to use jailbroken apps and Cydia tweaks. Apple will probably fix the battery issues in the next iteration of iOS 5, but you will have to lose the untethered jailbreak to upgrade. Update #1: The iOS 5 Battery Fix Cydia tweak is being labeled as a scam (click here for more information).
August 23, 2015 By Sid Leave a Comment Have you been facing issues with your iOS devices battery life after updating to iOS 8.4.1?
Almost every version of Apples’ mobile operating system since iOS 7 has been plagued with the battery drain issue.
Perform a Hard Reboot by holding the Power and Home button till your iOS device vibrates and restarts automatically. If, after performing all the steps above, the battery drain is still bad, then you may need to take your iOS device to the Apple Store.
Over the past week or so, there has been a lot talk regarding a recently-released iPhone 4S jailbreak tweak that supposedly fixes the handset?s battery problem. One, the tweak has only been available on the insanelyi repo ? a Cydia repository known for hosting pirated applications.
This is a prime example of why you shouldn?t install random tweaks you find on sketchy Cydia repos.
While many have reported that the iOS 5 Battery Fix Cydia tweak has fixed their battery life problems, there has been others that reported no change.

He has written an article containing details of what the iOS 5 Battery Fix Cydia tweak actually does, and it turns out (in short), that it does nothing. Thus, I think we can safely conclude that any positive results after installing the iOS 5 Battery Fix Cydia tweak were only psychological. 1) Delete your mail profiles (Gmail etc) from your phone, shut down, turn it back on, add them again.
I did this and my iPhone, I shit you not, died after it’s 4th day off charge just 30 minutes ago! This quick fix is courtesy of OS X Daily who shared stories of users who could actually watch their battery percentage go down. Next you will simply need to hard reset your device by holding both the Home Button and Power Button until you see the Apple logo.
After completing these steps many users have reported that their battery life has returned to normal. I’d say it was worth it, by jailbreaking you get complete access to the whole phone, not just a part of it. Before it would drain about 14 percent an hr even through standby now on with 45 min active and 3 hrs standby the battery is at 95%. While this particular utility doesn?t appear to be malicious, it very well could have been. The fear of dangerous apps making it into Cydia is thwarted by the fact that talented guys like Howett and Bingner are around to point them out.
If you were one of the individuals who were reporting no change to your battery life after installing iOS 5 Battery Fix.

Like fluctuating 5% – or + in a blink then reboot or sometimes respring I get drainage at an avg steady pace. I started looking into other smart phones, only to find that the battery life on an iPhone is 9 times out of 10 better then any other smart phone.
We haven’t tried this tweak yet, but users who did, suggest that they got a real good boost in battery life with this tweak. Ik weet echter niet of ik mijn device vandaag evenveel gebruikt heb als normaal, of anders even zwaar belast heb. The reality, however, was that the battery life issues were still very much present, and for some became even worse. Ok second, I’ve installed this on my 16gb white 4s, it improved the battery life at least 30-40%. In that case, restore you phone, and do a full cycle charge, leaving on charge a good 2 hours after it has reached 100%.
Not saying I’m happy with the battery life, but it helped without me having to deactivate iCloud, location services and every other feature I like about the iPhone.

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