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January 24, 2012 By Sid 13 Comments Since the day Apple launched the iPhone 4S, users have been complaining about battery issues. The iPhone 4S was successfully jailbroken just a few days ago, thus giving you the ability to use jailbroken apps and Cydia tweaks. Apple will probably fix the battery issues in the next iteration of iOS 5, but you will have to lose the untethered jailbreak to upgrade.
Update #1: The iOS 5 Battery Fix Cydia tweak is being labeled as a scam (click here for more information). Cydia es la tienda de aplicaciones para iPhone con Jailbreak, donde podras encontrar miles de herramientas para sacar todo el partido de tu dispositivo.
Entre las nuevas tareas que podras realizar con Siri se encuentra la posibilidad de lanzar cualquier aplicacion de terceros como Instagram o incluso todas las que hayas descargado desde Cydia. Hands-Free Control esta disponible a traves del repositorio de Bigboss y cuesta 1,99 dolares, que al cambio son 1,53 euros. La aplicacion recibe el nombre de Sireet (combinando las palabras Siri y Tweet) y de momento no esta disponible. Yo hice el jail break en cuanto lo lanzaron pero me ha decepcionado mucho debido a la cantidad de veces que he tenido que reiniciar mi terminar mas que todo con aplicaciones como watsapp que se torna inestable y cuando quiere uno enviar una fotografia no hay ninguna en el terminal, quiza le falta tiempo a los desarrolladores para que este funcione de manera correcta. Utilizamos cookies propias y de terceros para medir nuestra audiencia, mejorar nuestros servicios y mostrarle publicidad sin recopilar datos personales en ningun momento.
I had the most success with disabling bluetooth and resetting network settings and then selectively disabling notifications for things I don’t need, but your mileage may vary.
With all due respect it’s presumptive of you to assume that this is only due to location services.
Using the System Status app, I see the CPU constantly in the 85 to 100% range (even in airplane mode).
I must say that after the device restore action, battery and performance was great for about a 36 hours.
I am having the exact same problems as Dan – So lucky of you Eric to get a good functional iphone jerk! So many months later and having the same problem after upgrading to 5.0 IOS with battery draining.
It seems that iPhone is constantly looking for an iTunes and tries to connect to it permanently. I’ve been having battery drain issues, shut off Weather Location Services as you mentioned, it kinda crashed my iPhone 4S! I completed a full recharge of my iPhone 4S using Battery Doctor Pro less than 2 hours ago, then disconnected it.
I thought I was crazy and the only one, I even waited until yesterday to do the iOS 5 upgrade just to be sure the kinks were ironed out.
Disabling all location services and notifications has boosted my battery life significantly, but I would really like to use those features so come on Apple fix it! On top of these tips, I have noticed that having any periodicals within the newsstand app causes substantial battery usage.
I had the same issue with my iphone’s battery, drainning too fast when I upgraded my iphone 4 and restored from my an old back up. I restored my phone as new synched it via usb-iTunes the first time and it basically put everything back.
Now I have wifi sync on with the cloud setup for calendar, documents and data, photo stream, find my phone is on…problem appears to be solved. One last point – the genius bar directed me to complete the restore as new steps because they observed the time for Usage and Standby was the same since the last 100% charge . After experiencing unusual battery drain on my new 4S, i have fully charged and switched to air plane mode.
Since I used the beta in my iPhone 4 the battery drain experience was terrible, but desabling the weather and stock apps from the notification center, everything turn back to normality. Really hope the next iPhone will come with a new battery technology, maybe no need to charge for a week or so. Disabling all of the settings mentioned above now has my processor running between 3% – 5%. The location services used for teh weather app and the reminder app mean the GPS is running all the time. Seriously people, what’s all these about disabling basic functions to preserve battery? Apple confirmed it may have not fixed all of the bugs affecting battery life and announced further improvements with the future iOS software program updates. Step 3: Reboot your iDevice and set it up as new, reentering personalization data as necessary. Generally this has lead to a better battery life of the devices tested; nevertheless, complaints are still coming open, and these issues will probably be fixed within the newest software updates and releases.

In der insanelyi-Cydia-Repo wurde ein neuer Jailbreak-Tweak namens iOS 5 Battery Fix veroffentlicht, der angeblich das Batterie-Problem von iOS 5 beheben soll.
Ehrlich gesagt ging das Thema in den letzten Tagen etwas an uns vorbei, wahrscheinlich weil wir es selbst nicht glauben konnte. Bislang ist immer noch nicht eindeutig bestatigt, ob iOS 5.1 das Batterieproblem losen kann. Lange Zeit wurde vom Zeitzonen-Bug berichtet, der das iPhone dazu veranlasst, standig nach seiner Zeitzone zu suchen, auch wenn der Nutzer dies in den Einstellungen deaktiviert hat. Der Entwickler sbingner codete ein kurzes Skript, dass die aktiv genutzten Einstellungen der PowerSettings.plist ausliest.
Weiterhin bleibt naturlich zu hoffen, dass schnell ein Exploit fur iOS 5.1 gefunden wird, der wenigstens einen tethered Jailbreak ermoglicht. August 23, 2015 By Sid Leave a Comment Have you been facing issues with your iOS devices battery life after updating to iOS 8.4.1? Almost every version of Apples’ mobile operating system since iOS 7 has been plagued with the battery drain issue. Perform a Hard Reboot by holding the Power and Home button till your iOS device vibrates and restarts automatically.
If, after performing all the steps above, the battery drain is still bad, then you may need to take your iOS device to the Apple Store.
I’d say it was worth it, by jailbreaking you get complete access to the whole phone, not just a part of it. Before it would drain about 14 percent an hr even through standby now on with 45 min active and 3 hrs standby the battery is at 95%. No hay duda de que este ha sido el Jailbreak mas ansiado por los usuarios, en tan solo tres dias se han registrado un millon de dispositivos desbloqueados. Si eres de los que acaba de instalar el Jailbreak en el iPhone 4S seguro que te interesa saber las aplicaciones de Cydia exclusivas para este modelo.
El asistente personal te permite -entre otras muchas cosas- hacer consultas sobre el tiempo, buscar direcciones, anadir nuevos eventos en el calendario o enviar mensajes; todo usando tu voz de forma natural, sin tener que hablar como si fueses un robot. Tambien podras activar y desactivar algunas funciones muy usadas como la conexion Wi-Fi, 3G o el modo avion. En esta ocasion anade la ventaja de poder enviar tweets con la voz, sin tener que abrir la aplicacion  o teclear el texto. Tyler Nettleton, el desarrollador encargado de este tweak, ha anunciado que estara en Cydia muy pronto y sera gratis.
Sin embargo algunos clientes continuan quejandose de que la autonomia de sus terminales es mucho mas corta de lo que deberia ser. No obstante en Insanelyi han anunciado que esta aplicacion estara disponible para todos los usuarios una vez hayan terminado de pulir los ultimos detalles, ahora esta en fase de pruebas. Even without heavy usage and when a device is in standby mode, the battery seem to drain much quicker than usual, suggesting something running in the background is causing the battery to drain all the time. If you go this route, be sure to backup your device first, and you can either download iOS 5 IPSW to restore from manually or try the standard iTunes Restore method. Interestingly enough, the battery issues weren’t present in iOS 5 betas, suggesting that a minor software change caused the battery life to worsen in the final release of iOS 5. Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! Make sure you know what you’re talking about before you make yourself sound ignorant. Maybe you should know what you’re talking about before you make yourself look ignorant.
The drain was somewhere in the 10% per hour range, which meant that I would wake up in the morning with a charge of only a few percent; not enough to actually start the phone.
In fact If I had WI-FI Sync on, iPhone would appear on iTunes for a couple of seconds and then disappear. I got the black screen with the spinner like when you turn off the phone, but it didn’t spin. I had a 80% charge last night and woke up to 15% this morning, something must be constantly running to cause that sort of drain. I’ll have to do a proper field test tomorrow, but prior to this my phone dropped from 100% to 67% in an hour and a half of Twitter usage and Safari browsing. I went ahead and did a complete restore but this time I set my iphone as new and the this issue has been gone.
Tried all the Apple-recommended fixes (re-install ios 3 times), but this was the only one that worked. Called Apple and they directed me to an Apple Store for possible replacement of the new 4s. You don’t reall yneed the location service for teh weather app and unless you use the reminder service turn that off too (nice feature but not worth the battery drain).

If those functions were reduntant to me, I’d rather get a Nokia 3310 with week-lasting battery, not an iPhone! If you have upgraded to a 4[s], you will have a bigger drain on the battery as the phone has the new A5 chip which is more power hungry then the A4. Apple released iOS 5.1 with March, which while using release notes additionally deals with bugs which often affect battery life, but it really nevertheless did not to stop the exact complaints.
Um die Cydia-App zu laden, muss man jedoch VIP-Mitglied der Repo sein und 4,99 US-Dollar bezahlen.
Die neueste Version die Akkulaufzeit laut Apple naturlich deutlich verlangern, doch auch unter iOS 5.1 berichten einige iOS-Entwickler von starken Akkuproblemen.
Ist Siri also aktiviert, so ist die Zeitzonensuche ebenso aktiv, obwohl man diese eigentlich in den Einstellungen deaktiviert.
Ansonsten steht fur alle betroffenen Nutzer wohl die Entscheidung: Entweder Jailbreak oder Akkulaufzeit. We haven’t tried this tweak yet, but users who did, suggest that they got a real good boost in battery life with this tweak. Ya te hemos contado paso a paso como instalar el Jailbreak con la herramienta Absinthe para Mac y Windows, ahora recopilamos las primeras herramientas que han aparecido en Cydia para el iPhone 4S que, como no podia ser de otro modo, la mayoria se centran en Siri -el asistente de voz exclusivo de este modelo-.
Por ultimo te permitira controlar funciones como el brillo de la pantalla, el volumen, reiniciar el dispositivo o hacer respring. Los de Cupertino estan preparando iOS 5.1, se espera que esta version por fin de carpetazo a esta situacion pero no es recomendable instalarla si has hecho Jailbreak. Por el momento solo pueden adquirirlo los miembros VIP de Insanelyi (uno de los repositorios mas populares de Cydia). Los usuarios que la han probado aseguran que funciona bastante bien y la autonomia ha aumentado considerablemente.
Sigue de cerca lo ultimo en tecnologia, sobre todo, en el campo de la fotografia y la telefonia movil. Nobody has found the exact problem yet, but we’ve compiled a variety of tips and suggestions that help the battery life issue quite a bit with any iOS 5 device.
Either way you’ll need to then manually restore from the backup you made beforehand after iOS 5 has been re-installed. But it’s not consistent, around 70% it stopped draining and stayed there for a few hours. Also Foursquare app has added a feature that will also leave location services running all the time. One thing Apple did not change for the 4[s] is the battery it still incorporates the same 1420 battery as the 4. Es gibt nun meist nicht nur eine Funktion, die diese Zeitzonensuche nutzt, sondern gleich mehrere.
Die App soll also mit wenigen Zeilen Quellcode etwas moglich machen, was Apple seit Monaten nicht schafft. Alle Berichte, die auf eine Verbesserung der Laufzeit deuten, sind demnach nur auf den Placebo-Effekt zuruckzufuhren. Ha aparecido un tweak en Cydia llamado SiriToggles que abre un nuevo abanico de posibilidades con el asistente de voz.
Teniendo en cuenta que la integracion con Twitter es una de las mejoras mas destacadas de iOS 5, resulta extrano que en Apple no hayan incluido esta funcion en el asistente de voz.
Tal y como te adelantabamos en la entrada, si actualizas a iOS 5.1 perderas el Jailbreakpor tiempo indefinido, hasta que los desarrolladores encuentren un nuevo exploit del sistema para hacer Jailbreak.
Sure, you might need battery for heavy usage at times, so turn the brightness down, constantly close apps, turn off all unneeded settings, and you should have at LEAST 10-15% left from 17 hours of use. Doch auch der Quellcode der angeblichen Wunder-App erscheint etwas sehr klein, als das man das Akkuproblem damit losen kann.
Wir mussen alle also auf iOS 5.1 warten und hoffen, dass Apple damit das Problem in den Griff bekommt. Ademas es gratis y puedes encontrarla en el repositorio de Bigboss (instalado por defecto). El problema es que al estar siempre funcionando en segundo plano puede reducir considerablemente la duracion de la bateria. I guess it’s possible the report of 93% is a bug, and that BDP is reporting the real figure. Bei einer deaktivierten Zeitzonensuche konnte Siri so diese Suche kurzzeitig wieder aktivieren, wenn es benotigt ist.

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