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Apple is easy to point to, because it’s popular, and if you believe the lawsuits, where Apple goes, so do consumer electronics. As it stands, Phoneblok is more concept than anything, as Hakkens is trying to both gauge and drum up public support before working with companies to actually build the thing. According to MSDS report, when lithium battery is in extreme pressure deformation, high temperature environment, overload, short circuit condition, or when disassembled, an explosion of fire and chemical burn hazards may occur. The above information may scare you, but lithium battery is still possible to be shipped by sea, by air or by land. MSDS is short for material safety data sheet, which helps people to better understand what is the component for the material and how should we deal with it to prevent any danger.
Cell and batteries offered for transport must be packed in inner packaging that completely enclose the cell or battery; to provide protection from damage or compression to the batteries, the inner packaging must be placed in a strong rigid outer packaging.
The packaging shall be adequate to avoid mechanical damage during transport, handling and stacking. As lithium RC battery is regarded as Hazardous Materials, so its transportation is under supervised by FAA’s Office of Hazardous Materials Safety. Michael FAA Hazardous Materials Division provided information about transporting our model batteries. Passengers can also bring maximum two larger lipo batteries (100 to 300 Wh per battery) in their belongs.
However, passengers are still need to pay attention to the packaging of batteries during the transportation.
The introduction of the microprocessor, a single chip with all the circuitry that formerly occupied large cabinets, led to the proliferation of personal computers after 1975. Trying to find out about that, I've been told the Edge Lite definitely fits, but I don't have any frame dimensions yet to check the Edge 50.
I think someone wasn't thinking when they posted the picture of the DFC assembly on the X3. Great Wall Toys introduced a 4 channel, hobby grade RC helicopter that fits right at the price point of the popular Syma S107g toy helis. The blade design of the 9958 is similar to the lower blades of the mCX and mCX2 coaxial helicopters. Regarding the stock 9958 blades, I found that the blades’ linkage balls are prone to breaking off during crashes and whenever you need to remove the linkages.
Someone in a lab somewhere taking products that would, if not last forever, at least last longer, and making them prone to breaking down, so you buy another.
Judging from his Thunderclap campaign, which is like crowd-sourced PR blitz, where people can donate their social media outreach, the public is pumped. Even though the iPhone has only been in our pockets for six years, it has a way of ingratiating itself to users.
But they will also cause some trouble or even accidents for users if they are not properly stored or used. But to make sure the Lipo batteries are qualified and in good condition for shipment, all manufacturers should be able to provide UN38.3 test report and the MSDS report for the carriers to check. So lithium battery cells have to pass these tests to make sure they are really safe to use and transport.
This includes protection against contact with conductive materials within the same packaging that could lead to short circuit. The materials and pack design shall be chosen so as to prevent the development of unintentional electrical conduction, corrosion of the terminals and ingress of moisture. Foam will be used to better protect the batteries in case of any violent worker in the shipping companies.
Hazardous materials which is sent by commercial transportation must comply with Hazardous Materials Regulations, 49 CFR Parts 171-179.

But what if people just want to carry their favorite model with some batteries for weekend travel or some games and events?
There is no limit to the number of batteries (100 Wh or less), as long the FAA believes that the amount you are carrying is “reasonable” and not for resale. Apart from what we have mentioned above, you can also get some anti fire bags and boxes from Amazon or hobby shops to isolate the batteries in case they are on fire. They can also be transported throughout the world when shipment is compliant with relative regulation. For computers generally referred to as PCs, see IBM Personal Computer and IBM PC compatible.
Upon closer inspection, anybody who are familiar with other micro helis in the market will notice that the 9958 is comprised of a mixture of design between the Blade mCX and Blade mSR helicopter. The Xieda 9958 comes with one 150mAh battery with the cutoff charging circuit built into the battery. It’s at the price point of most coaxial toy heli but performs more like hobby grade micro helis before it. When one part goes or is faulty or just doesn't do what you want it to, the whole phone has to go. You may have probably heard of Lithium RC Battery causing fire because of damage or improper charging or discharging.
If lithium batteries are produced in China, they are also supposed to get the CQC certificate on lithium ion battery as well.
These regulations apply to those who offer, accept, or carry hazardous materials to, from, within, and across the United States. These rules are specific to Lithium-ion batteries (rechargeable lithium, lithium polymer, LiPo, secondary lithium).
What I think would have been better is the same style of batteries going between the frame, but a design that widens and lowers the front frames, allowing for bigger packs. Those dfc links tend to bend at the ball link rather than snap like the Align dfc arms, in a few crashes I was able to just bend them straight and fly them again.
To help mitigate broken balls due to removal of the linkages, simply don’t ever remove the linkage from the blade end. The length of the carbon fiber boom itself is shorter than the Solo Pro, but together with the plastic motor holder, they both are very similar in length. I definitely think it’s worth giving the 9958 a try if you are curious about this class of helis.
Our goal is to make the hacks and mods easy to replicate, look as good as if it arrived that way from the factory, and minimize the amount of parts you need to buy in order to start modding.
In 2010 the United States generated an estimated 3 million tons of e-waste, and only about a quarter of that is thought to be recycled. From June 2012 to June 2013, Apple took three times more customers from Samsung than Samsung took from it.
It could be done easily with designing the side frames in two parts, make them taller below the main gear, the front parts of the side frame with a step up for more width.
There should be a larger diameter screwing into the upper assembly, as I feel if the part is designed to break, there is a chance, though a lesser one, that it will break off where it is threaded in, leaving one with the need of new DFC arms.
I'm not sure if these dfc arms for the X3 will perform the same but I know i'm definitely getting a set to try out. Alternatively, if you have some spare 9958 linkages, you can cut the ends off of one link to yield spacers. For those that are definitely want an upgrade path to larger, full size helis, then the mSR with it’s DSM2 compatible technology may be the wiser investment.
The prototype images for Phoneblok have it using an attractive operating system, but still a new one.

So when flying outdoors and retrieving your heli after a crash, make a note to check that the tail fin hasn’t fallen off. This also makes the charging cable dangerous to be used on any after market 1S LiPo batteries without the charging circuit built in. You can remedy this with a dab of glue, let dry before friction fitting it back into place.
Cell phones, while small, are a special problem because they are replaced on average every 12 months.
If people who are comfortable with Apple’s iOS are loathe to leave it, Phoneblok may remain on the fringes of the phone market. The price seems a tad steep for the replacement links, considering I have never broken a linkage on the X3, only the washout linkages after a number of crashes, and those are cheaper. So if you are going to be buying and using aftermarket 1s Lipo cells, make sure you have a charger capable of charging those 1s cells safely. Put 9958 into the search bar above and you will find all the upgrades, mods and updated info since this article was written.
And as the Apple Maps fracas taught us, making the basic applications that make smartphones worth having aren't always a snap to put together. I suspect these DFC linkages, since they are designed to break, will do so more easily (maybe ever crash).
A popular upgrade to increase durability is to replace the 9958 blades with the lower blades from the mCX, mCX2 and Force RC coaxial helicopter. Something to note that is a departure from how mSR and Solo Pro is the use of insulated multi-stranded thin gauge wires instead of enamel coated motor wires. Sometimes during severe tail impacts, the motor holder can move forward and the exposed graphite can nick the wire’s insulation.
You can help cancel out this tendency by pulling back on the elevator as you begin to turn.
Outside, it’s ability to point the nose down allow for some wind fighting ability and fast forward flight.
Tail hold seems fine regardless of this fact so I don’t think a stronger motor is necessary. However, like all micro helis of this size, any wind or breeze will put your ability to control the heli to the test.
Keep in mind that the stock TX does not have an antenna wire running through the plastic stub. The motor holder has a tab at the end to prevent the motor cap from popping off in the event of a hard hit to the motor shaft. So I advise caution when using it around residential areas where there may be heavy sources of signals that may diminish the range of the Xieda 9958 considerably.
This was a big issue with the mSR early on and still is to a certain extend on the later model mSR. The new Blade mSR X finally did something about the problem by building a cage around the motor like the Solo Pro and Bravo SX. The latest revision of the Xieda 9958 has a tail motor holder that holds the motor in place even better.

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