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The 1.5V AA Duracell Alkaline batteries we are testing are the typical Duracell Copper Top batteries that you can find pretty much everywhere in a shop or a gas station. The 9V Duracell Procell Alkaline batteries we are testing here are from the Professional series of Duracell, a series that has lot of controversy surround it regarding if these are the same batteries or not as the standard Duracell Copper Top batteries.
So in the end if you are going to be using AAA batteries in a low load applications such as a remote control for a TV for example, then you might just go with the standard Duracell Alkaline batteries as the difference in capacity in such situations is probably something that you will not notice at all… unless you manage to find Procells at a better price than the standard Duracell Copper Tops.
Why should you care? Household batteries are filled with metals like copper, zinc, lead and mercury that can be bad news when disposed of poorly. About This SiteIt happens to us all: you've got stuff you don't want anymore, don't need anymore, or never liked to begin with.
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The batteries we’ve got for testing are under warranty until 03-2019 and Duracell mentions that these are guaranteed for 10 years in storage. We’ve already tested AA and AAA size Copper Tops and Procells with the same expiration date and compared them to reveal that the Procell batteries do perform a bit better, so we are expecting to see something similar with the 9V Procell batteries by Duracell as well and we are of course going to compare them to the 9V copper Tops that we have already tested here.
So in order to be sure we have picked up a second Procell battery and it got us 242 mAh under the same conditions, a bit of a disappointment considering the fact that we have managed to get better results out of a 9V Duracell Copper Top battery.
Since there is a common belief that the Duracell Copper Top Alkaline batteries are actually the same as the Duracell Procell Alkaline we are going to compare both types and see if they are indeed the same batteries with different labels or there is an actual difference as Duracell claims in favor of the Procell batteries. For applications that require more power however such as remote controlled toys for example you should consider choosing the Procells as they will definitely be able to offer you significantly more.
Increasing the constant current load to the higher values we use for testing the batteries continued to show very good performance and even in high loads they’ve managed to offer good performance. The best you can do is avoid using batteries where you can, get rechargeable ones when you can’t, and dispose of all used batteries properly.
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The Duracell batteries are able to handle quite well higher current drain for a while and although there is an expected drop in the useable capacity you get even at 1A constant current load we got a decent performance out of them.
The expiration date of the battery tested here is 03-2017, something that is very important to note when doing battery comparisons as while Alkaline batteries do self discharge pretty slow over time as compared to NiMHs for example they still do. So it will be interesting to see how good other AAA size Alkaline batteries will compare in terms of capacity in our tests.
This is the battery required for the following Fox bite alarms - RX, SX, STR, ES and Ultron, and RX, STR and TXR receivers.

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