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The iPod nano 5th gen battery has a limited lifespan so if your iPod is not holding a charge or no longer lasting as long as it once did after it's been charge but working fine in every other respect then this repair is for you. Our site uses cookies, they are nothing to worry about however they do help us to tailor our site experience to you. If the battery of your iPod Nano 5th Generation device is completely dead or not at all functioning properly, it can be replaced with the new one at iPhone Bits Service Center in Belfast at a very reasonable price.

With age and excessive usage, the battery of your iPod Nano 5th Generation device can wear out or become completely dead disabling the performance of the device. Customers can either order this item online or you can also buy this item in person at iPhone Bits Service Center if you are in the nearby locality. Once we have received your booking we will contact to confirm that your booking slot is available. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.

If you wish to get the old battery with the new one at a very cost effective price, iPhone Bits Service Center is the place for you.

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