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I was really hoping they’d bring out a phone with a sapphire screen, I think that I would have been tempted to try an iPhone then.
We can start with all the exclusives apps and games, App Store is completely superior than google play. My suggestion is that you pull the apple out of your ass because it’s starting to make you spew shit out of your mouth. Look, if you don’t mind paying over the top for average hardware and a closed ecosystem then fine, but you point are pretty weak. The only company that pays people to talk about them is samaung, also know as swinesung, scamsung, corruptsung, etc… Apple is the best! Also: iPhone fanboys keep forgetting a small detail about android, it has 1 MILLION activations per DAY ! Also apple fans were saying that 2gb of ram would consume more battery but this feature doesn’t? I’m never sorry that someone else paid for bleeding edge stuff, so I can have cheaper and better stuff a year or two later. There is something more satisfying about going through a lot of difficulty and pain and then acquiring something, rather than acquiring something with ease. It’s all good if people are excited about the new phone and want to go try to get a first crack at it. I’m more disturbed by the grown idiot in the pic jumping up in excitement over an iphone. About VR-Zone VR-Zone is a leading online technology news publication reporting on bleeding edge trends in PC and mobile gadgets, with in-depth reviews and commentaries. Our inquisitive team of journalists cover key international events like CES, CeBIT, MWC, Computex, E3, and local IT fairs like IT SHOW, SG TECH SHOW, PC SHOW, COMEX, CEE and SITEX.
All those on the fence about boarding the large-screened iPhone train should be more than happy to hear encouraging battery capacity rumors have panned out, and the repairability scores are higher than ever before. Not keen on fighting your way ahead of seemingly endless lines formed in front of Apple stores worldwide for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus launches? Then be sure to check out the myriad of online reviews mostly praising the devices, take a glance at the first couple of contradictory drop tests, and last but not least, leaf through iFixit’s just-published teardowns. They’re long, mind you, thorough and filled with information that’s unlikely to be of any significance for the average mobile tech consumer.
Still, you can find a number of intriguing tidbits in the articles detailing the disassembling operations step by step, perhaps most paramount being confirmation of battery sizes.
Both technically non-removable, but surprisingly “straightforward to access”, which is one of the reasons the 6 and 6 Plus edged out all their predecessors in repairability efficiency. Looking further back, the 3GS and 3G also scored sevens, but clearly, we’re talking of different eras.
Two of the most highly anticipated devices of the year have finally been announced and detailed earlier this month. This device is a considerable improvement over the iPhone 5s and also packs a bigger punch than the 4.7-inch iPhone 6, but how does it stack up against the Samsung Galaxy Note 4?
The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 comes equipped with one of the most impressive displays around and a great set of specs to boot. Hardware-wise, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 comes in two variants, each more impressive than the last. Now, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has a lot of advantages over the iPhone 6 Plus, but the latter arguably has the upper hand when it comes to the operating system. That being said, the iPhone 6 Plus is generally more interesting when it comes to the OS just because of the fact that it comes equipped with the newest major update and that’s always appealing to many customers. Last but not least, we have to talk about pricing since this will be a deciding factor for many people. All in all, the iPhone 6 Plus will be a bit more expensive compared to the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, but this isn’t all that surprising.
The iOS vs Android battle will begin anew after Android L will be released, but for now the iOS 8 has the upper hand.
You shouldn’t be able to complain about the economy or your own personal financial situation if you blow your money on trivial Apple crap. 4K video recording, micro SD card support, high resolution screen, the pen with a wacom screen and multi-tasking is making it hard for me to go Iphone.. I have an iPhone 5 currently, and while I love it to pieces (sometimes, literally) the quality of the chargers kill it for me.
Finally someone with a brain, I as well got the note 2 when it first came out and I’m using it right now to post. The real battle begins in 2015, when Android phones switch over to the 64-bit Snapdragon 810, while both Android L and iOS 8 mature. One of the big features many users were hoping to see in iPhone 6 was better battery life, and in some ways they got it. Then there’s the iPhone 6 Plus, which as expected, greatly exceeds the battery life of its predecessor. So I still have to charge my phone every night to make sure it won’t die in the middle of a day. By the time Apple decides it’s time for more RAM and better battery other manufacturers will have already moved on to telepathic phone calls. I agree this design sorta disappointed me I like the 5s for now for real keeping it since day 1. LOL at people crying over battery and design…it looks a hundred times better than the 5S! The battery life has been improved, even more with the 6 Plus, Galaxy 1-5 design has the stayed the same looking brick for 6 years!! Apple pay, basically re-hashed Google Wallet; ok but nothing new to the market or new ways about mobile payments (still basically NFC tap).
You mean the company that actually started the phablet, or had the balls to make a curved display smartphone?
Also, the Apply pay seems to be much more mature as they already have a large amount of retailers on board, compared to the Google Wallet release where it was hard to find a place to use it. I purchased one of those battery cases for my 5s when I went on vacation and I returned it before I even left for the vacation because of the weight. Since the Iphone 4 Apple has been all about thinner Iphones, the sales of the 4 4s 5 and 5s went trough the roof with each phone released easily outdoing its predecessor!
If the 6 had really great battery life along with a bump to 2GB of RAM then I was going to be all over that.
Also, there are the new functions like continuity, handoff, etc, which allows you for example to receive and make calls and SMS on the Mac and iPad.
I work for a company that sells electronics and usually those who buy the highest priced Apple products are middle aged people or whiny bimbos that just wants to brag. Those system can’t offers things like continuity, and especially, I recommend you read the first 2 sentences. I can’t believe started of a message on one machine and finishing of on another is ground breaking, I have been doing that for years on Android. Developers of app still prefer iOS over android… And you must say most of that activations are from cheap and bad products, not high class products like the lg G3 for example.

I traded in my iPhone 5s for $310 and received a partial upgrade refund in addition to that. I am wondering what the costs usually are for someone who gets the newest phone every year by buying it outright.
Fans rank the Top 20 anime vehicles they want to rideJapanese animation has often featured several unforgettable vehicles which are central to the plot of their respective series. Not entirely convinced the two are worth all the hoopla, and maybe tempted to go for an Android alternative? I mean, who else is crazy eccentric enough to dismantle such advanced, delicate, expensive pieces of gadgetry?
While the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 made its first official appearance on September 4th at the IFA Trade Show, the iPhone 6 Plus along with the iPhone 6 were only unveiled on September 9th during Apple’s special event. The iPhone 6 Plus features an 8 MP primary sensor, just like its predecessor, but comes with OIS, dual-LED and various other features that greatly improve image and video quality.
Admittedly, NFC and other new iOS 8 features have already been available for some time on Android so that’s not much of a novelty. Samsung unfortunately didn’t discuss this aspect during the IFA, but they did mention that the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will feature a premium price tag.
However, if the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will end up costing $800, then the 16GB iPhone 6 Plus will actually end up being a bit cheaper. Make sure I am always expanding and develop them to the point that they consistently generate reliable cash flow. Plus I was disappointed that the Iphone 6 still has only 1 GB of ram, not much future proofing there.
And with all the added abilities like widgets and NFC just being added now I would say that Apple is a knock off not Android. Not sure what Samsung device you’ve been using, but the Note 4 will definitely destroy the iPhone 6 in battery life, and basically every other hardware aspect.
Samsung was never good at software, it is primarily a hardware parts manufacturer (memory chips and AMOLED screens).
I was going to try the IPhone 6 plus for my second phone until I seen the plus is $400 for 64gb with no expandable storage and $500 for 128gb. Note that the larger handset will play audio for double the amount of time of the 5s, will allow for more than double the amount of 3G talking, and offers an extra 6 days of standby time over both the new iPhone 6 and the 5s. With the iPhone 6 Plus’ larger size, Apple was obviously able to squeeze in a much larger battery. He’s calling it Samesung because Apples watch looks like the same ugly watches Samsung has been churning out all year.
My last iphone was 4s battery was so horrible i sold it bought a moto G and battery life is better than 4s. In my honest opinion Note 4 is the best when it comes to hardware, features, and functionality. The best in terms of features is subjective, but when it comes down to raw data, the best is shown on paper through performance. I wasn’t trying to convince you of anything, just saying your statement made it seem as if the iPhone is inferior performance wise.
Any idea why samsung chose to remove the better charging port that was on the note 3 from the note 4? Sorry I just had to get that off my chest to the millions who didn’t notice they reverted it. Got a day off on the 12th so I’m going to be refreshing the Apple store sight about a million times.
Why can’t Apple understand we don’t mind a thicker iPhone to get even better batter life? But I get your point, it could have been better if they weren’t so in love with making thinner phones. The Note 3 which is said to have great battery life is said to last for 6 hours and 8 minutes of continuous usage. A lot prefer that over the new models because the storage capacity it was capable of over All of the new ones. It seems like they took the same tech made it a little better but the biggest difference is they are using their ability to take existing technologies and push them to the masses like no one else can. I can’t even imagine how unholdable this phone will be with a battery case in either size.
Now it looks they’ll both have 1GB of RAM so I might as well opt for more battery life, and screen estate. Nor fan of bigger screens; plus Apple pay will take some time to really flourish in regular markets. All because they are connected to the Iphone, in a way no other ecosystem can provide right now.
Seriously, I picked up the iPad 6 Plus this morning by sprinting into a mall and being the 2nd person in line at 5:30 in the morning (the first guy in line slept in the store he works at in the mall!).
Sometime, people often wonder what its like to ride these vehicles, and for this week’s poll, Charapedia has asked which of them do fans want to ride the most. In previous years the Note phablets didn’t have a lot of direct competition thanks to their massive screen sizes, but things have definitely changed this year. In this comparison we’re only going to talk about the iPhone 6 Plus as the standard iPhone 6 is not a suitable competitor to the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 phablet because of its smaller screen size.
Pretty much any device will be hard pressed to compete with an impressive screen like that, but the iPhone 6 Plus will definitely try.
But the operating system has other tricks up its sleeve such as the new Metal gaming technology, which sets the bar pretty high when it comes to mobile gaming and a lot of major developers have already jumped on the bandwagon and confirmed that they will be making games for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Most sources speculate that the device will cost $300 on a two-year contract and anywhere from $600 to $800 unlocked. In regards to the specs, it’s pretty safe to say that the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is overall superior, but the iPhone 6 Plus is arguably not that far behind. If this means living in a small studio apartment and eating ramen, rice, and beans, so be it. Number 2 your a retard by saying in a different post that Apple created the touchscreen how stupid could your be. I’ve only ever had to replace one charger for a MBP because I kept running over it with my office chair. I can afford the phone but why waste money when I can just buy a different phone and add more storage for less.
Again Apple insists on bringing the next iPhone with the thickness of a sheet of paper, and we get screwed with battery life. This is the replacement part you need to fix the problem with a dead iPhone 6 plus battery. This is why, despite having a larger screen, the iPhone 6 Plus has superior battery life to the iPhone 6. And you are talking only about handoff, when there are a lot of new things coming, also, App Store is completely superior to google play.
2.5 hours later I walked out with my 6 Plus 128 GB at a decent price due to a $310 trade-in and a partial upgrade.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at these titans of the smartphone world and see what each of them brings to the table. This means that a lot of mobile gamers will likely switch to iOS in the future and that’s pretty bad news for Android. The phablet is said to become available for purchase in early October and will make its way to all major US carriers so we’ll have to wait until then for the specific price.
Also, Apple is offering a device equipped with a newer operating system, which is certainly important for many potential customers.
I used to be the biggest Android supporter but over time, with each and every Android phone I have had reality kicks in… battery life SUX and Samsung doesnt seem too keen on improving it. Knock off cords break within a week if you are lucky enough for them to be compatible in the first place. I never break them, but my wife is rough on them and I usually do a warranty replacement every few months for her. The extra money can go to more important things I’m try to figure out what phone to get for my second one. The ability to create charts (pie, line, and bar.) Ability to create custom thank you cards, birthday invites, baby memory albums and much more. Thank goodness im a tech fan not an apple fan or else i’ll buy anything with an apple logo on it. If this does have almost a 3000mah battery thinner has nothing to do with it, battery tech needs to get better. Even worse is that the iPhone 6 is basically an inferior version of the iPhone 6 Plus which has a higher screen resolution, larger screen estate and OIS. With all the retailers that they have involved I think its going to be pretty game changing. I’m sure it took them some amazing engineering and all that but seriously 1 hour more of video it even sounded pitiful. Now I will retire my iPad to my wife and use the 6 Plus to cover everything in one package. Don’t sweat it too much, at least the A8 APL1011 processors are 64-bit, unlike the 32-bit-restricted, 3 gig RAM-sporting Samsung Galaxy Note 4.
The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 comes with some great specs, but its competitor isn’t anything to sneeze at either.
Unfortunately there is no microSD card support, which is definitely a disadvantage over the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.
Indeed, Android L will only launch later this year so we didn’t expect to see the phablet running it just yet. We’ll just have to wait and see if Android L can offer something else that will sway customers to its side once it launches. Apple on the other hand did announce pricing for the iPhone 6 Plus and it will certainly cost you quite a bit if you want the maximum amount of storage. I am not an Apple hater, just wanted to point his out since it is not fair to claim Samsung batteries dont last long because they do after many years of use. Maybe I’ll get both Samsung phones or something I need to find a second phone for work. Plastic is fine if its done right, I drive a Corvette and not body says but it’s made of PLASTIC who wants that. I wonder when they were rehearsing this keynote if they were like damn I wish we did better with this battery? On the bright side, the device is certainly thinner so that’s something to take into consideration. Apple didn’t announce the battery size for the iPhone 6 Plus, but presumably we can expect to see a vast improvement over the iPhone 5s so take that as you will. Unfortunately, Samsung devices have not been a top priority for the latest versions of Android in the past and this will likely not change any time soon.
But even more importantly for the sake of this comparison is the question: will the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 upgrade to Android L in due time after the final build of the OS is released by Google? On the other hand, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 offers increased performance and a truly impressive screen that puts most other devices to shame. Also I meant to put student loans but it I auto- corrected to didn’t loans cause I was swiping to fast and it registered my word wrong. The adapter was thick, and I could use cheap 30-pin chargers instead of the lighting-pin cables. If you prefer to overspend on a product that is always a few years behind its your money go for it.
Having said that iPhone has many limitations which we cannot even imagine in this modren era.
I am only impressed with Apple Messages – apple seems to be getting flexible with current need of users. Availability date: Notify me when available Tweet Share Google+ Pinterest Write a review By buying this product you can collect up to 300 loyalty points.
The battery is expected to last around 384 hours in stand-by mode and 24 hours of talk time. Not to mention that the S Pen now comes with several new features that are bound to delight users. No bluethooth, no easy file sharing, cannot dowload mp3 on the fly, no fm radio, no memory slot, non removable battery and premium price tag. The drawback is that you may have to wait a while until the device upgrades to Android L, but it will happen eventually so all you need is patience. Above all iPhone by itself is not a great productive smartphone device without external apps. And Whatsapp which released new update today morning – seems to have already captured features from iOS 8 messaging app.
The screen on both the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus is fairly easy to replace, as is the battery.
I am a power user and expect my smartphone to handle anything I throw at it… Android has come up short one too many times.
Even if you don’t have any external apps the device by itself is very productive and powerful. Apple products are so fine tuned and integrated that a phone with half the spec of an Android would likely run better. On top of this the Touch Wiz UI of samsung adds more weight and heaviness to the already lagging device. So I think samsung has to design it’s own OS to become an unbeatable leader in smartphones. And I phone has to be more productive and feature flexible to take the top position on the leadership board.

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