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Have you updated your iPhone 6 or 6 Plus to iOS 8.1 but experiencing battery drain or hot to the touch? It is advisable that you turn the screen off and let the iPhone finish whatever it’s doing after the update. Users should also check their iPhone’s location based reminders and background refresh settings to make sure the iOS 8.1 update did not change these settings.
If all fails, try to run a backup first and then erase all documents and settings and then followed by restoring from backup. These possible fixes are recommendation and there are always some possibilities that the problem won’t be fixed.
No one wants added bulk, that’s why the DX-FREE is the slimmest battery case we have ever made.
The stylish, yet pratical design of the DX-FREE features a minimized form-factor that still provides all the power and protection you need from a battery case. We use only the finest designs, materials, and people when creating our cases to ensure 100% reliability, that’s why we gladly offer a 1-year warranty on all of our products to ensure our designs stand up to the tests our customers put them to.
A: The newest addition to the exceptionally popular DX Series line, the DX-Free is the result of four generations of iPhone engineering and design combined into a single case.
A: The DX-Free has a battery capacity of 2,400mAh which approximately yields another 100% power to the iPhone 6. A: Due to high consumption of battery life of specific users, our cases might only be able to charge up to 90% of the battery.
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For most cases, it would do the latter but there are always some percentage of iPhone users out there who will experience trouble when updating to the latest iOS.
In some extreme cases, users were noticing the battery percentage indicator dropping in a real-time manner. This could be one of the reasons why it’s using so much battery and when the CPU load is high, it will make the device warmer. It also’s highly recommended that whenever you update your iPhone, do it on your computer via iTunes instead of using the OTA (Over-the-Air) update. However, if one of the solutions above remedied the issue, please don’t forget to leave your comments, +1, Like or Tweet this post! It provides reliable, full body protection and an additional 100% battery life while keeping the same slim profile as a regular case. Measuring only 12.9mm from screen to back-plate, the DX-FREE is made to be as portable as you are. The convenient two-piece bumper system makes it easier than ever to install the battery case. By adding a whole series of snap-locks, the two-piece bumper design will keep your case together when you need it most. We have taken all the best parts of the DX-3, DX-4, and DX-5 (all top sellers on Amazon) and have created a perfect blend of power, protection, and appealing design. The age of the battery is also another factor which might cause the battery case not to be able to charge the phone fully to 100%, this is a common occurrence among heavy usage consumers. If you would like to learn more about how to get the most out of your battery case click here.

My case got stuck because I use an invisible body armor on the back of my phone, what can I do?
The DX case has a relatively large headphone jack opening, so it should fit a slim sized stick or pen.
Find a pen that can fit inside the opening, wrap it with tissue paper (preventing scratches when removing the phone from case). Dip the slim pen inside the headphone jack opening, and push the phone outwards from the casing. Therefore, some post applied back protective film (especially the thick scratch-proof ones) will make the fit to the DX case extremely tight, thus creating making it difficult to remove. Thew iOS 8.1 update which was just released earlier this week, is designed to fix some issues found on the previous version mainly connectivity problems with WiFi and Bluetooth, some minor enhancements and of course the return of Camera Roll which everyone missed. We recommend reading our blog for tips on maintenance and preventive care to ensure you’re getting the most out of your case. Some users who were experiencing warm iPhone were able to fix it after doing a hard reboot.

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