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Thankfully the bigger iPhones seem to have allowed Apple to include a bigger battery, as Apple claims that iPhone 6 Plus offer longer battery life. So it’s quite clear from the comparison table above that if battery life is your biggest concern then you should get the iPhone 6 Plus, assuming you can rock the bigger screen. DisclaimerThis website is not owned by, is not licensed by nor is a subsidiary of Apple Inc. The documents report a capacity of 5.73 Whr for the iPhone 5c battery, which matches that seen in photos of the part posted by C Technology today. Pre-orders for the iPhone 5c begin at 12:01 AM Pacific Time tomorrow morning, with availability of both the iPhone 5s and 5c set for Friday, September 20.
From 8 hours of LTE web browsing to 10 hours without increasing the size of the phone is pretty darn impressive. I don't buy that, everyone I know with an iPhone 5, myself included, has lousy battery life. Next version of iOS with overhauled notifications, lock screen, Messages, Apple Music, and much more. Audio technology company Bose this week announced a new wireless Bluetooth speaker aimed at creating a do-it-yourself workflow for kids interested in electronics. Nike today announced some changes to its board of directors, which will see Apple CEO Tim Cook serving as lead independent director going forward.

Popular drawing and sketching app Procreate Pocket for the iPhone can be downloaded for free this week through Apple's Apple Store app. If Apple was really serious about battery life, then they would make a realistic size battery for what people really use their phone for. Quick OverviewHigh quality and long cycle life put these batteries a cut above the competition.
If you missed out on the action, there’s no need to worry as we’re going to tell everything over here! We already told you that the about the killer feature, and it was revealed today at the end of the presentation. The best thing is that this feature will be used for iTunes and iCloud purchases so there would be no need to enter a password. Pre-orders start in two days on Friday, 13th September, and it will make way to brick and mortar stores on 20th September, 2013.
So┬áit didn’t come as a surprise to find that battery life was one of the top features that readers were most excited about. Standby time on the two new models has also increased to up to 250 hours compared to 225 hours on the iPhone 5.
It's been getting worse since iPhone 4, and I expect battery life to be even worse with iOS 7 and the A7.

Apple has released iPhone 5S at their media even and we have one word to say before we tell you the details - it’s awesome and has a feature that have been featured on an Apple product for the first time.
The new motion sensor chip indicates that Apple is prepping up to support future devices such as the iWatch.
It comes with a 8 mega-pixel camera, but the difference from iPhone 5 comes in the form of 1.5 microns.
Its either a compromise of the small form factor, or else Apple is simply not doing a good job with battery chemistry.
The iPhone 5S was a spectaculars announcement that was covered by live streams throughout the globe. There’s also a new burst feature that will allow user to take 10 photos within a second. All articles, images, logos and trademarks in this site are property of their respective owners. The new gold color comes as a special upgrade for those who like to flaunt high end devices.

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