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The documents report a capacity of 5.73 Whr for the iPhone 5c battery, which matches that seen in photos of the part posted by C Technology today. Pre-orders for the iPhone 5c begin at 12:01 AM Pacific Time tomorrow morning, with availability of both the iPhone 5s and 5c set for Friday, September 20.
From 8 hours of LTE web browsing to 10 hours without increasing the size of the phone is pretty darn impressive. I don't buy that, everyone I know with an iPhone 5, myself included, has lousy battery life. Next version of iOS with overhauled notifications, lock screen, Messages, Apple Music, and much more.
Audio technology company Bose this week announced a new wireless Bluetooth speaker aimed at creating a do-it-yourself workflow for kids interested in electronics. Nike today announced some changes to its board of directors, which will see Apple CEO Tim Cook serving as lead independent director going forward.
Popular drawing and sketching app Procreate Pocket for the iPhone can be downloaded for free this week through Apple's Apple Store app. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Just like in the iPhone 5, the display assembly is the first component out of the phone, simplifying screen replacements.
The battery has lost the 5’s convenient pull tab, and gained more resilient adhesive—it now requires heat and prying to remove. The iPhone 5c still uses Pentalobe screws on the exterior, making the 5c difficult to open. The front glass, digitizer, and LCD are all one component, thereby increasing cost of repair. In the end, Apple did create a polycarbonate iPhone, but it did not compromise build quality in the process. NOTE: Our company is not responsible for any damage caused by installation of this accessory! If the battery in your iPhone 5c just isn't what it used to be, it may be time for a new battery. There are two security screws that secure the screen to the frame and they sit on each side of the dock connector.
Place your suction cup slightly above the Home button assembly and secure it to the screen.

Holding the iPhone in place with one hand, gently pull upwards on the suction cup until you free the bottom of the screen. Pull on the tab at both sides just enough to where you can use scissors to put a cut in the center.
Keep a finger or two over the battery as it may come with the adhesive when you're done removing it. Once both sides of the adhesive strip are removed, simply lift the old battery out of your iPhone 5c. Your new replacement battery should have adhesive pre-installed on the back of the battery.
Reposition the metal shield that sits over the three cables and replace the four screws that hold it in place, remembering where each one came from — they are all different sizes. Line up the top of the screen carefully and make note of the teeth that line up to the top of your iPhone 5c's frame. Once you are confident that the display is seated correctly again, use your security screwdriver in order to replace the two screws on either side of the dock connector.
Smartphones these days do more than just make calls and text, they are your gateway to the Internet and your Social life all in the palm of your hand, but that power comes at a price. Eight flagship devices were tested to determine which device had the longest battery life during calls and browsing the Internet. What is interesting is that Apple’s latest device never even made it into the top three. When it came to call time, the Samsung Galaxy S4 won by a long shot reaching 1,051 minutes. Next up was the Internet test, and once again the Samsung Galaxy 4 came out on top lasting 405 minutes.
This replacement battery is OEM-compliant, high quality, and will make your phone work like new again. However, if you're not confident of doing this repair yourself, and don't want to risk damaging your iPhone 5c more - and invalidating any warranty you have - call us at 866-925-2350 about our Expert Repair Service, and will get it done for you affordably and quickly. Standby time on the two new models has also increased to up to 250 hours compared to 225 hours on the iPhone 5. It's been getting worse since iPhone 4, and I expect battery life to be even worse with iOS 7 and the A7. You should replace the internal battery of your iPhone 5C if it is no longer holding a charge.

If you aren't under warranty for some reason or you didn't opt for AppleCare, a battery replacement is one of the easier DIY repairs where the iPhone 5c is concerned. If you're in the United States or Canada, we highly recommend checking out eTech Parts as we've had lots of good experiences with them and know their customer service is out of this world. You should now be able to use your fingers to slowly raise up the screen and expose where the front assembly is connected to the logic board.
If it doesn't, use two strips of double-sided tape that are a little shorter than the length of the battery. Once the top of the display is lined up, carefully snap down the remainder by moving your fingers along the edge.
Tapscape is also a leading reviewer of the latest in apps for both iOS and Android devices, with over 2000 apps reviewed to date. Usually prolonged use causes the battery to wear down and it doesn't hold a charge like it used. All of our repairs are 100% guaranteed and we test our repairs before sending your iPhone back to you. Its either a compromise of the small form factor, or else Apple is simply not doing a good job with battery chemistry. We recommend letting the battery run completely dead, then completely charging overnight to insure proper break-in for extended life. Not only can we walk you through every step of the way, we can link you to quality parts and tools we've tested and used ourselves. These screws are different sizes so make sure you keep them organized in a way you can remember for re-assembly.
At the same time, don't pull too quickly or the adhesive tab will tear, making it hard to get the rest of it out. The iPhone 5S came in at fourth lasting only 651 minutes, nearly 7 hours less than first place. Coming in behind the Blackberry Z10 (600 minutes) and HTC One Mini (592 minutes) was the iPhone 5C in seventh place which lasted 564 minutes.

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