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Teardown experts over at iFixit know a thing or two about repairing consumer electronics and just yesterday they posted a nice video walkthrough explaining the process of replacing your iPhone 5’s battery. The process starts with removing the front panel assembly from the rear case, which requires removing the two 3.6 mm Pentalobe screws next to the Lightning connector prior to pressing a suction cup onto the screen. Speaking of which, iFixit is currently offering some notable savings on the iPhone Liberation Kits (currently over $30 off) as part of its Liberation Week, which ends tomorrow, July 5.
Should you not feel confident enough to go through the process yourself, remember that Apple’s standard one-year iPhone warranty includes a free replacement for a battery that no longer holds enough energy to power your device.
Specifically, Apple will replace your battery if it drops below 50 percent of its original capacity during the plan’s coverage period. Replacing samsung screens are harder because all its used is glue and plastic and it takes a lot longer than any iphone repair. Not wanting to dismiss your message, but you yourself could try a little more punctuation… Things like quotation marks are commonly forgotten by many, but they add a lot to readability of a comment if people quote examples or short phrases. What should be taken from our learned friend is that he isn’t required to be grammatically or factually correct.
No offence here but regardless of any mistakes that have been made in any iDB articles usually the point has still been illustrated quite well.

If this were a professional magazine publication or an article for a newspaper then yes maybe I’d be a little bit pissed off by the mistakes made, considering I probably would have paid to read the article.
I actually liked this architecture better, even if its a little more tedious replacing the battery than on my 4. If its a screen and digitiser replacement, then I can say wihout hesitation its easier with the 5. When you order your iPhone 5 battery replacement, we will include a safe open pry tool with your order at no additional cost. Tried watching a video on how to replace the screen for a friend and I was scared for my life just watching someone do it in a video.
I mean I value what you say, but every article you write is littered with either with either (this is an example of a mistake you commonly make) mistakes, spelling or typos. Yes there may be the odd one or two typos here and there but this is after all the Internet. While you can change the battery faster on the iPhone 4, to replace the screen would be an uber pain in the patience… While with the iPhone 5, everything (or both cases at least) seems to be way more realizable(not to mention less precision is required).
I followed this step by step and when it came to removing the battery, the plastic tool accidentally damaged the battery.

If you know the charger is working properly, but this is still happening, it is likely a bad battery. However, as a professional member of the press I expect iDB’s articles to have been proofed for any such mistakes BEFORE publishing. This iPhone 5 battery replacement is an affordable way to get back the usage time you need to be able to call, send emails, texts and more on your great device. Btw, I was leaving out the quotes on purpose because I felt without quotes it did a better job of making my point.
As a result the battery burst into flames leaving me with 2nd degree burns an a fried iPhone. Again, as in any profession: I believe professionals are considered professionals for a reason. You take an English class at college expecting that professor to be able to write proper sentences.

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