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Apple has just shot itself in the foot with a statement posted on its official web site regarding iPhone batteries and how they can incur permanent damage in certain situations. The company further advises customers to always install the latest software to maximize battery life, though as some users have reported, the newest firmware isn't always the best thing for old-generation devices. Enter a parallel universe of World Class acoustics, that only a twisted genius could have dreamt up.TwistJax are meticulously carved out of intelligent metals for a tailor-made, comfortable fit and staggering sound quality. Nativ is a high resolution music system that not only stores in its big physical memory, no less than a whopping 4TB of your favorite songs, it also lets you see the videos of your choice and stream what you want to hear from other media such as youtube, Spotify or Apple Music to your High Fidelity speakers or your favorite headphones.
Hooks is a new app for Apple devices, available on iTunes, it?s main feature is to remind you of something that is about to happen and that you?re interested in. In cold environments, however, the decreased performance is temporary, according to the company.

Now available for pre-order, the Punkt Mobile Phone was created as a smartphones? nemesis, well not quite…but yes…confusing?
Portiko is a 6-foot extension cord with two 110V outlets and two USB ports, you can plug in two laptops an iPad and a phone at once, creating a perfect power hub for places such as airport lounges, shared workspaces, living areas or hotel rooms. Handmade in Germany these wooden cases feature a leather lining insuring your Macbook’s body remains scratch free and a magnetic closing device. It could be a sports event, a news post, a movie, an episode of your favorite show, a new tweet, or even an earthquake alert. Well, in fact Punkt Phone is a mobile phone that?s just that, a mobile phone that sticks to its core functions, calling and texting. It?s up to you to decide the reminders you would like to have, and let Hooks remind you of what?s going on.

It also accommodates devices with or without case, simply take out the support bars and turn them around to increase the space to accommodate a case. For a phone that sells close to a thousand benjamins (128GB iPhone 6 Plus), it’s really not ideal.

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