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Since the 24th of September, I have been carrying out various tests on the iPhone 5, pushing it to its limits and critically analysing the device in general.
Before I talk about what’s in the box, I must say, you have to give Apple a thumbs up for its beautiful packaging – which is patented by the way!
I am sure most of these are common and may not come as a surprise, as they have been there since the first iPhone (2007). I know this has generated some outcry amongst users with older connectors and older accessories which, as of now, have been rendered useless, at least disabling the functionality on the iPhone 5. The EarPods: With the introduction of EarPods, Apple has replaced the very old earphone design.
The slot for entering your SIM card is not on the top anymore, but rather on the right side. But there are some cool things that come packaged with the iPhone 5 and iOS 6, like the Panaroma feature.
Just incase you were wondering, here is a picture of a decent object with the iPhone 5 camera. I know this portion of my review deserves a better treatment, and I might write another blog post on this in the future. However, with Wifi (3G off), the iPhone 5 fares really well giving 9 hours and 30 minutes of usage. The iPhone 5 is Apple’s best iPhone yet and it looks beautiful, fashionable and at the core, powerful and useful. Upon further investigation, I found out different reasons that might have caused this and eventually fixed the problem. If this has happened to you as well, read along to find out the different causes for this issue and the unconventional solution that worked for me. My initial thoughts about this issue were that it could be software related, since my iPhone 5 had never had a problem with the battery before. It is no surprise then, that one of my first thoughts was to blame the latest iOS 8 update for this charging issue. However, I found out that only a few third-party charging cables had been affected with the latest version of iOS 8. However, even after going through all of these processes, my iPhone 5 still had a lot of trouble charging. Of course, this got me quite worried, since this could only mean one thing: hardware issues.
After reading countless forums and fearing that I would have to take my iPhone for (a quite expensive) repair, I found a few users who had reported the same issue and most importantly: an unusual solution that worked for most of them.
The issue seemed to be that after a long while of using the iPhone 5, the Lightning port at the bottom of the device can get covered by a very fine (but quite hard to remove) layer of dust and lint.
First, find a toothbrush and moisten the brush under running water and dry it as much as possible without making it completely dry. Important Note: Needless to say, we take no responsibility for any damage that your iPhone might suffer. After less than a minute of doing this, I placed the brush aside and then blew into the port to dry it in case some moistness remained inside. So before I proceed on revelaing my findings, here are a few metrics that I have come up with to ease the reviewing process.

The EarPods are currently plugged into my ears and I have been testing its quality across a variety of metrics, for example, bass, sound quality and comfortableness. For example, if Apple had coated the EarPods with a bit of soft layer of rubber, it wouldn’t have caused pain for those using the EarPods for a longer duration. However, once you look at lot more closer, you can see the fine details, the intricate design, the subtle changes that have been manufactured by Apple. Even though you won’t really feel the weight difference, the width difference is clearly there, as shown in this picture below.
The iPhone 5 currently boots at just under 20 seconds, which is 5 seconds faster than a 4S. I can say this with absolutely certainty after having seen the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the iPhone 4S. This is the advertised by Apple as the Retina Display, officially the highest PPI of any smartphone in the market. This is not a big leap from the iPhone 4S, which apparently has an 8 Mega Pixel camera too. The Panaroma feature really is marvellous allowing you to take panoramic pictures in a magical way.
The iPhone 5 features an A6 chip, which as Apple claims, is twice as faster, more powerful and more efficient.
I played a couple of intensive games like Asphalt 7 and Infinity Blade and the graphics were console-like, which by the way is a big deal for mobile gaming.
So far, I have used the Apple iPhone 5 since 10 days and believe me, its a gorgeous device, and probably the best iPhone Apple has ever made but like any other consumer technology product, it isn’t flawless.
So there is nothing wrong with the battery or the hardware itself, and my previous scares have slowly diminished after I turned off 3G and conducted experiments on Wifi. I would recommend you to get a black iPhone 5 because running older apps puts 2 bars on top and with the black color, you wont even feel running a 3.5 inch application, as it merges really well. I am not receiving any compensation for it neither do I have a business relationship with any company mentioned in this article. Geek is the brainchild of Ali Gajani, who first conceived the idea of launching his own technology blog while in his dorm room on the 17th of February 2012. The latest iPhone OS has been plagued by small problems, ranging from faulty Wi-Fi connections to a marked drop in the quality of the autocorrect feature. So, while this disproved my theory, I thought the issue might be some kind of glitch particular to my iPhone 5.
I had tried cleaning the Lighting port before by blowing into it and by using a toothpick covered in cloth.
I was a few minutes late and the Apple Store showed a delivery date of around October the 2nd. The EarPods are completely redesigned, so now, the sound is channeled directly into your ear canals. Besides this, the EarPods are perfectly fine and indeed are the best earphone product from Apple yet! I have watched Taken 1 on my iPhone 5 in full HD and it was gorgeous, with a full 16:9 Aspect ratio. I have been testing the iPhone 5 since 10 days now and it does live up to its expectations.

This initially seemed like a hardware issues (I was wondering if I just got a bad battery), but with more experiments and testing, I think its iOS 6.
So you are in safe hands gentlemen, you wont have to really swap your iPhone 5, just be patient and wait for an iOS 6 fix. Also, it is worth noting that the heat issue can be related to the iOS 6 battery draining problem too, so no ones sure as of yet and Apple hasn’t made any remarks about this!
The other reason for getting black is that it looks much more cooler than white just because black has that corporate feel to it. I have solely tried to write the article in such a way that it appeals to geeks and non-geeks, targeting a wider audience. While still in his final year at the University of Sheffield, and with the final project deadline lying ahead, Ali put his foot forward into the world of blogging, accepting the challenge cautiously.
At first I thought I might have accidentally switched it off at night, but on further inspection I realized the battery was just completely flat despite the iPhone being plugged all night. Most of these problems have been addressed since then, but at the time it was impossible to at least not think about iOS 8 as being the culprit. So I finally decided to restore my iPhone 5 (after performing a backup of course) and re-download all of my apps.
However, the wait was cut short when I got an email from Apple stating that my iPhone 5 had been shipped on the 21st of September with a delivery date of the 24th. For example, if you are charging your iPhone 5 in the dark during the night, you don’t have to worry about which way you should plug it in, because both the sides are same. The iPhone 5 performs better in low light conditions and according to people posting camera comparisons on Facebook, the iPhone 5 is far better than the Samsung Galaxy S3. By the way, I watched Taken 1 on a 50 % brightness for 95 minutes (with 3G and Wifi off) and the iPhone 5 battery fell only 8%.
The final verdict is that the iPhone 5 is a great device and even though it has a fair share of issues, its greatness easily outweighs its disadvantages. On the other hand, since the Cupertino giant has chosen to contact customers directly instead of providing a Web form to submit replacement requests it seems that not too many handsets are affected. Come 24th, the bell rang and it was the UPS guy with my iPhone 5, black in color and 32GB in size.
On another hand, the A6 chip allows you to do more multi tasking so with 10 applications open, I didn’t feel any lagging at all. I love sharing my knowledge and helping out the community by creating useful, engaging and compelling content. Personally, I wanted Apple to include a 10 Mega Pixel camera on the iPhone 5, and since they did not, I am quite disappointed.
Remember, this is after giving the iPhone 5 battery couple of recharge cycles, disabling a few services like diagnostics and location services and a few more in the notifications center.

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