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Is your iPhone 4s battery not lasting nearly as long as when it was new or is your phone becoming excessively hot?
Our Do It Yourself kit includes a brand new iPhone battery, all required screwdrivers and tools, and it ships free. For the mail in option, we guarantee to replace your battery the day we receive it, and most times we ship it out that same day too.
Go ahead and bring your iPhone 4s in any time between 11 and 7pm Monday to Friday or 12-5pm on Saturday and we'll replace the battery in less than an hour. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. If your iPhone 4S battery is not charging properly or dying faster than it should, odds are you need a new battery.

Repairs are completed and posted back via Royal Mail Special Delivery the same day we receive them.
When you get your kit, just come back to this page and follow the video below to replace your own iPhone battery. Rely on our professional service technicians to provide the quality parts and service you expect. First you can click the Buy Now above for the mail in option, where you mail in your iPhone and we fix it. You may be able to find other iPhone repair companies, which can provide repairs using cheaper lower quality parts. Louis, Nashville, Memphis, Kansas City, Indianapolis, Peoria, Columbia, both Springfields, and most of Illinois and Missouri.

One of the most important factors, and one that is often overlooked is the age of the battery. If you're iPhone 4S is more than a year old and suffering from poor battery life it may be time for a replacement battery.
Rest assured that our replacement batteries will perform as well if not better than your original iPhone 4S battery did when it was brand new!

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