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Despite the fact that it looks identical, the iPhone 4S is significantly different from its predecessor.
If the display really is improved, then I think I'm going to have a hard time resisting the 4S (not that the 4's display was anything but great to me, but it's just more icing on the S cake). Maximum white luminescence and max contrast ratio are going to have a direct correlation, aren't they? The IP4S to me feels like an attempt by apple to lower expenses by leveraging existing architectures (IP4) and components (processor from iPad2) to drive profit margins. The only reason someone with an IP4 should upgrade to an IP4S is that due to extreme demand you could probably sell back your IP4 for 350-400$ and know that your 4S will retain value for a long time as well. Does anyone know if they leave the screen on while doing the battery testing or do they allow the device to lock and shut the screen down.
Repair and reuse experts iFixit flew to Australia to get one of the first available iPhone 5s, and then immediately tore it to pieces. Despite the tiny increase in overall power capacity, the iPhone 5 still contains improved internals. The power efficiency is due in large part to the move to smaller process nodes for some of the important chips. Other notable improvements include an integrated metal support bracket for the iPhone 5's home button. For more about the major silicon components inside the iPhone 5, or just to get a gander inside the device, head over to iFixit and check out the full teardown.
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The next iPhone’s move to a higher voltage chemistry is supposed to provide tangible benefits to battery lifetime. Apple is widely expected to unveil iPhone 5 at the media event on September 12 that was officially announced yesterday, followed by the release on September 21. DisclaimerThis website is not owned by, is not licensed by nor is a subsidiary of Apple Inc.

The release is currently available as a direct download here (968MB) or as an over-the-air download.
For instance, Apple's Support Community forum battery drain and overheating problems after applying the iOS 6.1 update. I dialed back luminance for some other lab testing and we certainly still saw a difference in color temperature and gamma. The iPhone 4S really shows better definition under regular and more extreme light conditions and also the white shows a better balance.
The A6 processor promises twice the compute and graphics performance, the Qualcomm MDM9615 baseband delivers LTE compatibility, updated WiFi works on faster 5GHz channels, and improved TI and Broadcom chips power the larger 4" touchscreen's multitouch input.
The A6 processor is built on a 32nm high K process by Samsung, while the Qualcomm baseband is etched using a 28nm process by TSMC.
Many of us in the Ars Orbiting HQ have suffered from a deteriorating home button on the iPhone 4 and 4S, which tends to fail after about a year or so. But the "slate" anodized coating on the black iPhone model may show signs of wear after extended use. The connector on the iPhone 5 is not only different, it is placed on the opposite side of the battery to accomodiate its new position within the iPhone. This kind of goes back to the yellowing issue seen on some iPhone 4s (plural not 4S), which may be possibly related, but the replacements that Apple sent out were suppose to have their yellow tint fade away over time. Also I can distinguish better color saturation on the "S" that maybe helped by the higher resolution. The updated unibody-style construction of the case also means that it's relatively easy to remove and replace the front LCD touchscreen panel—a common iPhone repair, according to iFixit. Other power improvements derive from the A6's custom ARM core design as well as targeted power management in iOS 6.
Siri shows to be based on a set of commands, but in the end the user will speak comprehended logical commands.
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In that piece, we ran preliminary input lag benchmarks and turned up an improvement as great as 50%.Improved performance comes at a cost, unfortunately. The bottom line is that there is a difference between the two models.I suppose one could argue that its a cheaper panel.
For me, being able to say "remind me to call Bill when I get home" or "what's on my calendar next Thursday" and get a good, if not perfect result is the takeaway for Siri. The good news is that you only take a hit when you performance CPU- and GPU-intensive tasks like decoding a video stream or playing a game. When you're just browsing the Web or listening to MP3s, battery life doesn't really change at all. This is actually a different panel at the subpixel level, because the subdomain structure has also changed.7200 K is closer to the standard 6500 K, but without proper color calibration though, I'd say blue looks more natural.
That's also reflected in the "standard calibration" most manufacturers use on their LCD displays.I don't know about the only reason to switch. There certainly are many reasons not to use an iPhone, and I would be remiss to recommend one to everybody. In the US, the real problem is the inflexible carrier plans and the requirement to buy a data plan. That's good news if you rarely sync your smartphone, and consequently have fewer opportunities to maintain a full charge.Relatively-unchanged battery life is in sharp contrast to the wireless networking and gaming performance proffered by the iPhone 4S, both of which were covered in Part 1. This time around, we focus on Apple's improved camera hardware, the iPhone's display, and Siri.

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