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We provide a comprehensive database of telephone numbers that connect callers through to the customer services department at the company they wish to speak with. So your iPad’s LCD didn’t survive your unintentional drop test and the result is – either a cracked front panel display or a blacked out half LCD screen from the top with only a few visible colored lines as exceptions. You pay a visit to your nearest Apple authorized service center only to find out that iPad LCD screen needs a complete replacement which will cost you a fortune. First of all, stick the clear packing tape strips all over your iPad’s front display, in case the display glass of your iPad is cracked. Reminder: Now in case the display glass of your iPad is cracked, do wear the safety glasses for your eye protection and take extreme care not to damage the LCD screen. Reminder: The front panel assembly is attached with the rear aluminum via several metal clips on its sides, top as well as its bottom. After releasing all the clips, just raise the front panel’s left side upwards and move it towards the left to release all the tabs from the rear aluminum backplate. Reminder: Do not detach the display at this moment, as it is still attached with the rear panel assembly. Now detach all the three cables (digitizer cable, ambient Light and the sensor display data cable) sticking the display assembly with the logic board. Use your plastic razor tool’s edge to toss the retaining flaps out of their sockets that holds the digitizer ribbon cables on the logic board. Again use your razor tool to gently detach the ambient light sensor connector off its socket.

Then detach the display data cable away from the main board by tossing the metal retainer upwards using its black color plastic pull tab.
Use your plastic razor tool’s edge to gently detach the ambient light sensor board away from the adhesive sticking it with the display frame. After the ambient light sensor board is released, just peel off the ambient light sensor from the LCD.
Reminder: Just make sure that the ambient light sensor doesn’t get a fold below its top fragment, as it might break off the applied adhesive. Now hold the digitizer cable down and cautiously peel off the tape piece which attaches the digitizer cable with the display frame. Unscrew and remove all the three T5 Torx screws attaching the clips with the LCD brackets located near the home button switch, with your T5 Torx screwdriver.
Gently peel off the display clip as well as its attached tape away from the black plastic display frame.
Again unscrew and remove all the remaining T5 Torx screws attaching the LCD with the black plastic display frame, with your T5 Torx screwdriver. Then wedge the plastic razor tool’s edge just underneath one of the knobs secured with the steel LCD frame. Just twist your razor tool to carefully detach the LCD away from the adhesive sticking it with the front glass panel. Now again repeat the previous step procedure to detach the display from all the three sides just opposite the display’s digitizer cable side.

Now cautiously peel off the adhesive sticking the LCD’s long side with the display frame and then detach the LCD.
Now in case, if it is still glued with the front panel, then just peel off the EMI tape strip located next to the ambient light sensor socket. Reminder: In case if these all are still intact then just transfer all the clips as well as EMI tape from your old LCD to your new LCD. For immediate assistance, Contact Apple customer services department could, all you have to do is call the apple customer support phone number listed here from a BT landline and you will be directed straight through to Apple helpline UK.
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Bill payers must be 18 years and over and have the bill payers permission before making the call. The timing would be no accident, as Google has just unveiled its own budget tablet, the Nexus 7.
That said, a smaller, cheaper iPad would be a serious headache for the likes of Google and Microsoft -- which just lifted the lid on its Surface tablet.

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