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Another suggestion to help conserve iPad Air battery life is to turn off Handoff, although it gets a bit silly when you have to start switching off these new features. Apple has admitted to having issues with battery life in the past, and so you would assume this would have been resolved, but it is the same issue time and again.
The latest mobile OS from Apple brought in a lot of new features and improvements in an attempt to make the user experience better and more enriched. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. I experienced this fast battery draining thing myself with iOS 8.1 on an iPhone 6 Plus, which after the update started to run physically warm to the touch and was losing battery at a highly unusual rate, where you can basically watch the percentage indicator tick down in real time.
First, if the iPhone is physically warmer than usual, this strongly suggests there’s some intensive CPU activity going on in the background of iOS. We all know that location services can be a drain to battery, which makes this a bit of a weird enough one to probably be a bug; I discovered that multiple (very old) location based Reminders were suddenly back and reactivated to run in the background, frequently tapping into GPS and location services to determine the location of the iPhone for a now ancient reminder to function when a destination was hit.
Because you’ve almost certainly already long checked off these reminders, this is a bit odd to have them resurface. Some iOS updates have a habit of adjusting settings again, typically turning things on that you already had turned off. In my experience, every single app that could was set to refresh in the background, despite having adjusted those long ago to not happen. By the way, these same tricks can help improve general sluggishness sometimes too, but if an iOS device feels abnormally slow, it can usually be sped up with these tips. The above trio resolved my battery performance issues rather quickly, and I’m back to the amazing battery life of the iPhone 6 Plus which is one of the two main reasons which make it such an appealing iPhone to begin with.
I’ve been experiencing poor battery life on my iPhone 5s since the initial release of iOS 8. This is an epic fail on Apple’s part and is turning me away from their products after many years and multiple thousands of dollars invested. How many time do we have to explain to people to NEVER update when a new OS is released, wait for the fixes IF there are any fixes when you are on a previous device.
This is how planned obsolescence works, if your device performed better or even the same as when you bought it, you wouldn’t need to upgrade and buy a new device.
Invariably, there are significant issues with a significant number of users, and a IOS X.01 upgrade is usually available within a week or two. Plus the fact that there are promises of fixes to actual problems in older gen OS’s in newer versions that can attract users to move to the upgrade.
While I completely understand where you are coming from on planned obsolesence (and don’t disagree), it is not always practical and especially not obvious to those who are less tech savvy. Apple is shooting themselves in both feet these days with a .50 cal and their greedy planned obsolesence approach to things in more recent times will eventually hurt them and their market share.
That is true, although the load might become the issue if it is allowed to become the problem without the connectivity.
After releasing new phones Apple always making sure that people get fustrated with older phones battery live or slow appearance and get they newest . All this was in addition to carefully limiting Location Service and Notifications, disabling Background Refresh, and changing all Mail, Contacts, and Calender updates to Fetch instead of Push. While this was going-on, the system-monitoring app I use showed CPU usage at a minimum of 40% at all times with spikes to 70-90%. Also, during or after a software update, the phone may get warm for a while while it is optimizing the system in the background. I’ve had all the phones (family plan upgrades) and a new iOS version not geared for the specific phone it is meant for always seems to cause a misregistration bw the phone software and the battery or outright corrupts the battery. I updated my 6plus last night to ios 8.1 and today my phone battery has drained way faster and I actually used it less today too. I find this article quite surprising because the battery life on my iPhone 4s has improved markedly since I installed iOS 8.1. I have an iPhone 6 and my battery life has been drained like crazy after updating to iOS 8.1!
Apple (and I know this isn’t an Apple site, but I hope they are listening): why is this not fixed yet? Keep in mind that resetting all settings will enable all background refreshes, set all emails to fetch, turn on location services and turn on auto brightness. James Turner, the 4s was not made for the iOS 8 software so it is not going to function properly on it. Turn off Background App Updates and installations, they are major battery hogs and kind of annoying features in general, considering the strain on resources and battery it’s a bit weird Apple enables that crap by default.
Hey friends apple is a smart company if they fix all the issues of the old versions of iphones and ipads no one will switch to a new iphone or ipad and their sales will be sunil its all business apple doesnt care about fixes they just want sales….
INSTEAD OF FOCUSING ON KILLING JB, BETTER FOCUS ON PROPER FUNCTIONALITY & BATTERY LIFE! Battery life is a precious commodity on the iPhone, so it is important to optimize the settings on your iPhone to ensure that you can extend its battery life as much as possible based on your usage. Prior to iOS 8, you had to depend on apps like Normal to identify apps that could be draining your device’s battery life, but Apple has added the naming and shaming feature in iOS 8 itself, which gives you a break down of battery usage by apps. Please note that this feature is available for stock apps currently, however we expect third-party apps to offer this feature when they’re optimized for iOS 8. The option while using location it’s only available for the native apps… ?? Right?

I had to update to iOS8 and battery drain is considerable and very inconvenient because I travel in areas that have no electricity. What I have noticed is that, even when the case is closed and the phone is not in use, the light stays on. DisclaimerThis website is not owned by, is not licensed by nor is a subsidiary of Apple Inc.
And what if you could use this information to make your fully charged battery life last a little longer? In earlier iOS versions, you have to download paid or free third-party apps from the App Store to deeply check the current battery life.
Now, all these details are useful, but the one solution that will really help you find out which apps consumes the most battery life is available right within your iOS 8 device. As you can see, Safari consumed 21% of the battery life while WhatsApp Messenger used 1% of the entire battery life. For example, as Safari browser is using 21% of the entire battery life, we decided to switch to Google Chrome app.
Another way is to minimize the usage of the battery-sucking apps, or close them if they are running in the background. Apple has long been known and respected for the ease with which they have rolled out updates and new versions of their popular iOS operating system. Apple have so far remained silent about the reasons why the updated operating system is causing the slow Wifi performance and low battery life. Message boards around the world are filled with reports of annoyed Apple users being informed by Apple customer support to backup their apps and information from their iPhone or iPad before restoring to factory settings.
The speed with which a battery can be can be charged can be increased with the use of an iPad charger over the usual iPhone charger and may increase battery life by a small amount.
Stephanie is an avid freelance writer for EZ Buys Direct, an online retailer of Leather Protective iPhone 5S Covers. This was the same with us, but with it being almost a week since its release, people should now be using their iOS devices normally once again. It is no secret that I love my Apple products, but charging up devices like the iPad Air far more frequently than before is not a sign of progress.
However, earlier we saw a lot of users who are using the iPhone 4s that they are suffering major battery issues. Like us, tweet to us or +1 us, to keep up with our round the clock updates, reviews, guides and more. Many users have reported unusual battery drain and some devices are loosing 2% of battery per minute. Even if you are not using a certain application, it can run on the background and so it will use battery life.
Syncing services use a lot of battery because they have to frequently sync contacts and email addresses and to do so they have to run many times a day. If this doesn’t fix the battery drain problem, restore your iOS 8 device as a new phone.
Just hold down the Power button and Home button until the device restarts itself and you see the Apple logo ? indicating a reboot has occurred. Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! I tryed iOs 8 on my 4s but quickly downgraded to iOS 7 because battery lasted only 3 hours after upgrade , same was with older phones 4 and 3gs.
I wish they would fix whatever problems keep happening or I will switch back to another brand. My last 5 was working great until iOS 8 which made it drop 5-10% battery in 5-20 minutes with no usage. I am going to turn off and back on and check that, and if that doesn’t help do a hard reboot.
Before 8.1 I would lose connection to my wifi every few mins or less but anywhere in my house the wifi connection works fine! You can also enable it by triple click for quick change from fray to colour whenever you wish.
Follow these instructions to identify the battery hogs, and also find out what you should do next. You can also check the battery hogs in the last 7 days by tapping on the Last 7 Days tab as you can see in the screenshot above. So it is important to keep track of apps that use location services. Prior to iOS 7, the only option you had was to either enable or disable location services for an app.
This can be useful for apps like the App Store, which don’t need to be using location services all the time. I noticed this because there is a slight opening between the top and the case and I can see the light is on.
Once I complete 24 hours set up like this I'm going to remove the Exchange calendar and run anther 24 hours to see if that's the problem. Find out what the Agent of the Nine is selling this weekend and where Destiny players can find him for the next two days. Being reported to be hitch free and simple to install, iOS8 was stated to be one of the easiest to install and best updates yet to the Apple created operating system. Internet forums and customer support message boards have been filled with a torrent of Apple users complaining about the problems caused by the new update.

Users have stated this is a short term fix, but that when the backed up apps and information is restored to the hardware the slow performance and battery life problems do return. Many of the basic attempts at fixing these issues will be known to users of older Apple products, but may remove a large amount of the reasons why a user chooses an iPhone or iPad to begin with.
Several Product-reviews readers have said turning off Handoff did not help with battery drain. With this much a load of features and integration burden comes the obvious worry of battery life.
Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available on the Terms and Conditions page. This is somewhat expected because iOS 8 is still new and has room for improvement and bug fixes.
In my case, I had two ancient location specific reminders from Siri that were made ages ago which were nearby enough that the iPhone was frequently checking for.
The conspiracist side of things says it is intentionally aimed as part of a planned obsolescence cycle, but aside from anecdote and the obviously slower performance of the latest versions of software on older hardware there is no real evidence of that. Even though the software is at face value the same, device specific settings and sizing can create software corruption on the newer devices. Just using it to browse Facebook or even Twitter for a bit drain about 5% ever minute or so! Even with 8.1 I still have connection problems only in my room, but it happens a little bit less.
Following any restore that takes place, returning Wifi and battery problems are being treated with users told to identify and turn off the apps or settings that cause the problems with battery drain and Wifi issues. Turning off Bluetooth, Wifi, 4G LTE services and auto parallax effects to reduce the drain on the battery. Some apps do continue to run even when they are not being used, which can cause issues with battery life and Wifi, by turning off power draining apps battery life can be increased.
Are you too worried about iOS 8 battery life and are shying away from installing the latest OS on your device? There are a lot of features, third party support that could have an impact on the overall iOS 8 battery life. In this article we are going to show you how to improve the battery life of your Apple devices with iOS 8. Presumably many other users who are experiencing a similar issue will find these tips to be effective as well. My phone can standby and lose a good 5% in twenty minutes and I can drain the battery to twenty percent in around two hours. So having a my first iPhon I didn’t really think about signing into the cloud so that I could have my own backup of contacts. I will check with my provider but now my phone is having trouble sending messages, it is searching for service to call, I miss calls and get voicemail only. After two genius appointments, I paid the man $80 for a new battery (tired of doing it myself at this point) and it’s back to being a reliable phone. The software is too much of a drain on the components of that phone which in turn affects the battery life. If you aren’t experienced enough in proper beta testing and you offer users with this dodgy update without warnings on impacts it has!
All articles, images, logos and trademarks in this site are property of their respective owners. Many users have found the latest Apple software, while bringing important bug fixes also came packaged with problems – on of the most annoying being a quick battery drain issue. It appears the show will be returning in Stevenbomb format, with episodes airing Monday through Friday at 7 PM that week. However, the main way the problems with battery life and Wifi will be solved is through iOS8 updates that users hope will come thick and fast to solve these annoying problems.
The difficult part to understand is that my iPhone will drop dramatically until 19% and stay there for about an hour with moderate use and then shut off at any random point. Of note, their plot graph had my battery in the acceptable range initially and then in the dead red after a fresh install, within 4 days of each test. I charged the phone at 3PM on 100% and at 7 PM after occasional email checks and iMessage replies battery ended up on 5%!!!
I have disabled all background activities except “Find my iPhone” and all notifications, but battery drainage is still very heavy! My group has due to the clear evidence consumers are merely platforms for testing and information gathering – decided to start using devices that can be kept offline. The back now gets SO HOT when I am not even using it, and I have already done all the tweaks and tips of turning off the all of the features of the phone to get it to last longer.
All articles, images, logos and trademarks in this site are property of their respective owners. And whats really sad is that, that time is with a stock iOS with all of the appropriate settings with NO additional apps installed. The free-to-play mobile entry in the Final Fantasy series has 6.5 million players in Japan and is now available on both iOS and Android.

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