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Battery retention is a crucially important factor in owning a mobile device, and although the capacity of a battery plays a significant role in determining how long your smartphone or tablet will be able to play games, surf the Web or make calls, it’s not the only consideration that should be made. Out of the eight devices tested, only three saw improved battery life on iOS 8 GM, and notably, they were all slightly older models in the iPhone 4s. You can follow us on Twitter, add us to your circle on Google+ or like our Facebook page to keep yourself updated on all the latest from Microsoft, Google, Apple and the web.
New updates are exciting for many users, but there are also some users that worry what will happen to battery life, app compatibility and app crashes on iOS 8. When you get a phone call there is a notification on Mac and iPad with the call, turning your device into a speakerphone for the iPhone.
It’s also easier to use the iPhone as a personal hotspot when it is near your Mac, without diving into settings. In iOS 8 third-party keyboards are an option that allow users to pick the keyboard they love to use, and make it the default across all apps. Forget buying the same app for each family member or figuring out which account you need to buy a movie on so that each device in your house can watch it.
When you make an edit on a document stored in iCloud it is shared across all devices, and you can access it form the iCloud Drive on your devices. In iOS 8 Apple includes the Health app and a tool for developers to connect their apps and accessories into a central space for your health data. When you want to send a photo you see your last two or three photos without leaving the message screen, and can also scroll to see more.
This is a big change from iOS 7, which does not support fast photos, videos or audio messages inside iMessage.
I know your message was a few months ago but I hope this helps to either fix it, or at least understand it. I experienced this fast battery draining thing myself with iOS 8.1 on an iPhone 6 Plus, which after the update started to run physically warm to the touch and was losing battery at a highly unusual rate, where you can basically watch the percentage indicator tick down in real time.
First, if the iPhone is physically warmer than usual, this strongly suggests there’s some intensive CPU activity going on in the background of iOS.
We all know that location services can be a drain to battery, which makes this a bit of a weird enough one to probably be a bug; I discovered that multiple (very old) location based Reminders were suddenly back and reactivated to run in the background, frequently tapping into GPS and location services to determine the location of the iPhone for a now ancient reminder to function when a destination was hit.
Because you’ve almost certainly already long checked off these reminders, this is a bit odd to have them resurface.
Some iOS updates have a habit of adjusting settings again, typically turning things on that you already had turned off. In my experience, every single app that could was set to refresh in the background, despite having adjusted those long ago to not happen. By the way, these same tricks can help improve general sluggishness sometimes too, but if an iOS device feels abnormally slow, it can usually be sped up with these tips. The above trio resolved my battery performance issues rather quickly, and I’m back to the amazing battery life of the iPhone 6 Plus which is one of the two main reasons which make it such an appealing iPhone to begin with. I’ve been experiencing poor battery life on my iPhone 5s since the initial release of iOS 8. This is an epic fail on Apple’s part and is turning me away from their products after many years and multiple thousands of dollars invested.
How many time do we have to explain to people to NEVER update when a new OS is released, wait for the fixes IF there are any fixes when you are on a previous device. This is how planned obsolescence works, if your device performed better or even the same as when you bought it, you wouldn’t need to upgrade and buy a new device. Invariably, there are significant issues with a significant number of users, and a IOS X.01 upgrade is usually available within a week or two. Plus the fact that there are promises of fixes to actual problems in older gen OS’s in newer versions that can attract users to move to the upgrade. While I completely understand where you are coming from on planned obsolesence (and don’t disagree), it is not always practical and especially not obvious to those who are less tech savvy. Apple is shooting themselves in both feet these days with a .50 cal and their greedy planned obsolesence approach to things in more recent times will eventually hurt them and their market share. That is true, although the load might become the issue if it is allowed to become the problem without the connectivity. After releasing new phones Apple always making sure that people get fustrated with older phones battery live or slow appearance and get they newest .
All this was in addition to carefully limiting Location Service and Notifications, disabling Background Refresh, and changing all Mail, Contacts, and Calender updates to Fetch instead of Push.
While this was going-on, the system-monitoring app I use showed CPU usage at a minimum of 40% at all times with spikes to 70-90%. Also, during or after a software update, the phone may get warm for a while while it is optimizing the system in the background.
I’ve had all the phones (family plan upgrades) and a new iOS version not geared for the specific phone it is meant for always seems to cause a misregistration bw the phone software and the battery or outright corrupts the battery. I updated my 6plus last night to ios 8.1 and today my phone battery has drained way faster and I actually used it less today too.
I find this article quite surprising because the battery life on my iPhone 4s has improved markedly since I installed iOS 8.1. I have an iPhone 6 and my battery life has been drained like crazy after updating to iOS 8.1!
Apple (and I know this isn’t an Apple site, but I hope they are listening): why is this not fixed yet?
Keep in mind that resetting all settings will enable all background refreshes, set all emails to fetch, turn on location services and turn on auto brightness. James Turner, the 4s was not made for the iOS 8 software so it is not going to function properly on it. Turn off Background App Updates and installations, they are major battery hogs and kind of annoying features in general, considering the strain on resources and battery it’s a bit weird Apple enables that crap by default.
Hey friends apple is a smart company if they fix all the issues of the old versions of iphones and ipads no one will switch to a new iphone or ipad and their sales will be sunil its all business apple doesnt care about fixes they just want sales….

PhonesReviews UK- Mobiles, Apps, Networks, Software, Tablet etcAll about Mobile Phones Reviews & Updates. Ez egyebkent picit ertheto is, mivel az Apple annyira nem akar mar odafigyelni a regebbi keszulek tulajdonosokra, es ez nem csak az Apple oldalarol igaz, hanem a fejlesztok is kevesbe szeretnek regebbi keszulekre optimalizalni, ha az uj jobb es gyorsabb.
Hatalmas kulonbseg nem veheto eszre, de jol latszik, hogy foglalkozik a kerdessel az Apple. Ha mar az akkumulatornal tartunk, a fenti alkalmazas segitsegevel tudjatok tesztelni a sajatotokat, ha pedig furcsa ertekeket mutat, akkor erdemes a beallitasokat ellenorizni. Amit hulye lesz megtenni mert megszokta a feluletet, mindene el van mentve a felhobe, azt sem tudja a tobbseg hogy hogyan tegye at egy androidra, inkabb megveszi az ujat…nem?
Ha downgrade azert nem lehetseges, hogy nekunk jo legyen, akkor kikapcsolhatova tennek a frissitesekre valo figyelmeztetest es nem dontenek el helyettunk, hogy mi a jo nekunk! Nem vagyok mobil-szakerto, sem szoftver fejleszto, de egyetertek azokkal a bejegyzesekkel, amelyek arra utalnak, hogy csakis penzrol szol a tortenet. Ez a par sort szerintem ti magatok illetve foldon ember nem gondolta komolyan… Mi mas hajtana? Arrol szol hogy google be iphone slow kifejezes sokkal gyakoribb a kovetkezo iPhone megjelenese elott. Valaki tudna ajanlani egy olyan app-ot, amivel telon meg tudnam nezni, osszesen hany feltoltest ert meg eddig az aksi?
Szerintem tartozom a helyzetjelentessel a garancia lejarta elott 1 hettel szervizbe adott 4s ugyeben. El kell keseritselek, sajnos nem fogjak tudni kijavitani, ez a keses es egyeb, adodo hibak meg fognak maradni, mert nem erdekli az Apple-t, hogy jo legyen a szoftver. As the guys at Ars Technica have found out in their research on every major iOS device available to iOS 8, battery is largely worse across the board. Apple did not reveal the exact date, but should share more details at an iPhone 6 launch event this fall. Apple is in the middle of an iOS 8 beta that should help the company find and remove many bugs, delivering a better product to the regular user this fall.
The iOS 8 beta is not finished, so things may still change, but these features and details will likely remain very similar to the current state. As these two videos show, iOS 8 will let users login to an app with Touch ID, and thanks to extensions you can also use it to login to a website in Safari using a secure password stored in another app. Sharing in iOS 7 is limited to a small number of apps that Apple built-in, but in iOS 8 developers can add in support to the sharing options, like the Touch ID app above did, and much more. Text messages show up in the Messages app when the two devices are close and when you switch devices your document can follow you fast.
In iOS 7 users can only use Apple’s keyboard for all apps, and are limited to a single app if they want to use a new keyboard.
In the current iOS 7 release the iPhone 5s tracks a lot of movement information that it can share with other apps. In the beta this tracks steps, distance and caffeine intake, but the full release will support much, much more. Also, adding a hyper-link from the native calendar back to a given contact, which numerous third-party calendar apps offer, would also be a big work help. Last night, two of my icons got moved (without my action or knowledge) from the main icon screen into a Utilities folder – my Clock and my Messages icons. Just hold down the Power button and Home button until the device restarts itself and you see the Apple logo ? indicating a reboot has occurred. Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! I tryed iOs 8 on my 4s but quickly downgraded to iOS 7 because battery lasted only 3 hours after upgrade , same was with older phones 4 and 3gs.
I wish they would fix whatever problems keep happening or I will switch back to another brand. My last 5 was working great until iOS 8 which made it drop 5-10% battery in 5-20 minutes with no usage. I am going to turn off and back on and check that, and if that doesn’t help do a hard reboot. Before 8.1 I would lose connection to my wifi every few mins or less but anywhere in my house the wifi connection works fine! You can also enable it by triple click for quick change from fray to colour whenever you wish. A benne szereplo informaciok a megjelenes idejen pontosak voltak, de mara elavultak lehetnek.
Persze mondhatjuk, hogy az Apple direkt csinalja ezt, de ennek nem sok ertelme lenne, mert az elegedetlen vasarlo akkor esetleg mas gyartohoz partolhat. Ilyenkor az Apple-nek mindig van egy kis ideje, kapacitasa, hogy optimalizalja a szoftvert es ezzel a regebbi keszulekeket jobban tamogassa. Kerlek mondjatok hogy ez csak vicc, mert ha nem akkor ez egy akkora seggnyalas amekkorat meg nem lattam. Annyiban megis elorelepesnek foghato fel a dolog, hogy kezdodott megint 1 ev gari, ugyhogy ha a tovabbi szoftverfrissitesekkel sem javul a helyzet, akkor lehet verni az asztalt. Nekem telefonon mondtak meg a cserem elott, hogy nem tudjak garantalni, mert nem latnak bele, de beerkezesi es raktarozasi datum alapjan nagy esellyel kiszurheto. Once I complete 24 hours set up like this I'm going to remove the Exchange calendar and run anther 24 hours to see if that's the problem. This is rather alarming, but also not surprising, because not only does iOS 8 include more by way of features, but the GM version of iOS 8 tested is literally the first pressing. It is possible that Apple plans the iOS 8 release date for September 17th, two days before the rumored iPhone 6 release date. Developers also use this time to test apps and update them for iOS 8, to take advantage of new features.

You can also get a notification if a child iPhone user wants to make a purchase and approve or decline the purchase with a notification on your iPhone. This will connect to apps and accessories, so you may still need another app on your device, but you will have a central place to see your health data in iOS 8. If they share data with you through Find my friends you can tap on details in a message and see their location. I use both regularly and find that having them one level down in the Utilities folder, makes using them more cumbersome. The default name of the folder will be determined by the category of the icon you are dragging. In my case, I had two ancient location specific reminders from Siri that were made ages ago which were nearby enough that the iPhone was frequently checking for. The conspiracist side of things says it is intentionally aimed as part of a planned obsolescence cycle, but aside from anecdote and the obviously slower performance of the latest versions of software on older hardware there is no real evidence of that. Even though the software is at face value the same, device specific settings and sizing can create software corruption on the newer devices.
Just using it to browse Facebook or even Twitter for a bit drain about 5% ever minute or so! Even with 8.1 I still have connection problems only in my room, but it happens a little bit less. Az Apple-t kozel sem a penz hajtja, hogy te azert valts, hogy o tobbet keressen, hanem azert valts, hogy jobb felhasznaloi elmenyben reszesulj. Nem tudom, miert kell annyit hokusz-pokoszolni az Apple-nek, arra megy a jatek, hogy vegyel egy ujabb iPhone-t, mert a regebbiek mar nem birjak az iramot.
Legtobben az aktualis utolso tipusra toltheto uj szoftvert hasznaltan veszik meg, mert arra van penzuk. Azok, akik mostanaban lesznek iPhone tulajok (Kina, stb.) nem tudnak mihez viszonyitani es nekik annak a reklamacionak a hianya eleg. Since you said they were on your main screen and that you use them often I think this is most likely what happened.
Presumably many other users who are experiencing a similar issue will find these tips to be effective as well. My phone can standby and lose a good 5% in twenty minutes and I can drain the battery to twenty percent in around two hours.
So having a my first iPhon I didn’t really think about signing into the cloud so that I could have my own backup of contacts.
I will check with my provider but now my phone is having trouble sending messages, it is searching for service to call, I miss calls and get voicemail only. After two genius appointments, I paid the man $80 for a new battery (tired of doing it myself at this point) and it’s back to being a reliable phone. The software is too much of a drain on the components of that phone which in turn affects the battery life. If you aren’t experienced enough in proper beta testing and you offer users with this dodgy update without warnings on impacts it has! Ez nem rolunk szol, hanem az Apple-rol, csak a flegma marketing az emberek agyaba tolja, hogy minden erted van!:) Ez a Tim Cook marhara nem ert ehhez, egy kokler.
To delete folders, just drag the icon that’s in the folder to the bottom of the folder.
The difficult part to understand is that my iPhone will drop dramatically until 19% and stay there for about an hour with moderate use and then shut off at any random point.
Of note, their plot graph had my battery in the acceptable range initially and then in the dead red after a fresh install, within 4 days of each test. I charged the phone at 3PM on 100% and at 7 PM after occasional email checks and iMessage replies battery ended up on 5%!!! Mint ahogyan Steve is mondta, ezt mindenki mondja, azt csinalod a legjobban, amit szeretsz! When you drag it below the bottom border, it will minimize the folder and allow you to place it back on the main (or any other) screen. I have disabled all background activities except “Find my iPhone” and all notifications, but battery drainage is still very heavy! Vegul is a tozsde meg az elemzok minden kis ingadozasert ugralnak, de ez gondolom nem szamit az Apple nek. Once you drag all icons out of a folder, it will also move the last icon out of that folder and place it back on the previous screen. Egy olyan ceget kapott a segge ala, amihez nem kellett kulonos tudas meg nyeresegesebbe tenni a fejlodo orszagok fele es Kina fele valo nyitassal.
Persze ertheto, lehet, hogy en is ezt csinalnam, nekem is csak az elso vevo szamitana, de en pl. The back now gets SO HOT when I am not even using it, and I have already done all the tweaks and tips of turning off the all of the features of the phone to get it to last longer. Nincs itt semmi zsenialitas, egyszeruen milliardokkal no a felhasznalok lehetseges szama ezek miatt. All articles, images, logos and trademarks in this site are property of their respective owners.
Ehelyett android van masodiknak, mert az iPhone-t hamar meg lehet unni, elegge le van korlatozva. And whats really sad is that, that time is with a stock iOS with all of the appropriate settings with NO additional apps installed.

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