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For one reason or another, Apple has failed to address widely-reported battery drain bugs in iOS 7. But you might also want to keep in mind that there are countless apps and services that also contribute to the power drainage, such as Facebook (including Facebook Messenger), WhatsApp, or functions like Bluetooth and Location Services.
Also worth noting is that merely stopping the Facebook app from the Multitasking tray doesn’t actually log you out, so you need to log out of the social network before killing the app outright. About VR-Zone VR-Zone is a leading online technology news publication reporting on bleeding edge trends in PC and mobile gadgets, with in-depth reviews and commentaries. Our inquisitive team of journalists cover key international events like CES, CeBIT, MWC, Computex, E3, and local IT fairs like IT SHOW, SG TECH SHOW, PC SHOW, COMEX, CEE and SITEX. One would expect that after spending several months in the beta stage the update would come with no major bugs. Many users said that the issue can be resolved by running a clean install of the latest version by restoring through iTunes. There have been reports of some iPad users having massive battery draining issues after updating to iOS 7. Both the initial iOS 7 upgrade and the subsequent update enabled Bluetooth when I had it turned off took me a while to notice and turn it off again, which slowed the battery drain noticibly. After reading this, I checked to see if my auto-lock was off, and it was already on 2 minutes.
I finally determined that the battery drain on my iPad must be due to change in ios7 handling of bluetooth interface.
Here are some of the tips and tricks which will help iOS 9 users to save and limit battery consumption and make the most of iOS 9. This list of common iOS 9 problems comes with some fixes that have been passed down over the years. Update: iOS 9 has been released for public and people enthusiastically downloaded and installed this version on their iDevices. There’s a good chance there’s a fix out there for your issue Our list features fixes for the most common iOS 9 problems including abnormal battery drain, Wi-Fi issues, and problems with Bluetooth.

Nonetheless, we will guide you to fix this issue or devise appropriate tackling methods so you can get the most out of your battery. However, iOS 8 users can also inspect what apps are responsible for severe battery drain and turn them off completely to further save battery power.
If you're wondering why your iPhone battery iOS 9 update the app sucks life from batteries due to excessive background usage and not going to 'sleep' when you exit it.
It’s confirmed at this point that, although iOS watch the battery percentage gauge tick down,” according to one report. A tipster let us in on a potential fix for the problem, and at least on our test unit we’ve noticed a considerable improvement. Are there preferences that can be changed or certain apps closed to avoid this?” he asks.
A tipster tells us that one quick way to reduce some of the excessive power drainage is to switch off the automatic timezone setting in the Date & Time preference pane. Where the battery would hold up only six or seven hours at most, now (with the automatic timezone setting off) things are back to normal – one full day of heavy usage. Fans rank the Top 20 anime vehicles they want to rideJapanese animation has often featured several unforgettable vehicles which are central to the plot of their respective series. On the contrary, a lot of users have taken to Apple’s official support forums to complain about the battery on their devices draining faster than usual. That’s quite surprising because the new version of the OS has been with developers for beta testing since November 2013 before being released on March 10.
Keeping the display brightness to a minimum should squeeze a bit more battery life out of your device. Used to last days but after upgrade it will drain from 100% to 0 within 2 hours with little use at all. We have a comprehensive list of tips and tricks to improve the battery life on you iPhone 6, 6 Plus and other iOS 9 compatible devices.
There are certain ways you can try and fix the issue Have you been facing battery drain issues in iOS 8.4.1?

Sometime, people often wonder what its like to ride these vehicles, and for this week’s poll, Charapedia has asked which of them do fans want to ride the most. Thousands of users said that they are witnessing significant battery drain on their devices after they updated the software. Your device consistently pull data from servers, checking for new mail when push is turned on.
The issue does not have to do with leaving the wifi or bluetooth on, in fact it is much simpler than that. It may look like it is off, but in fact it just dims after a certain amount of time if left a lone. Not sure if it was on before because I just did a full reset, and this setting was at 15 minutes. There has been no response from Apple, so its unclear right now if the company is investigating possible causes. For a clean install, users need to hook up the device to iTunes and restore it to the latest firmware version. It was put through a rigorous and lengthy beta stage to ensure that when it was publicly released no major bugs would trouble users. The new features include changes to the keyboard, UI tweaks, CarPlay, performance enhancements to improve the speed of software and fixes for major bugs. Also, turn off 4G LTE when the connectivity is weak because constantly searching for networks drains a lot of battery.

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