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While some of the new features are fabulous, and others are making us crazy, there's one thing we can all agree on: iOS 7 is not helping our battery life. This is another old one, but remember that if you're moving around and not using your WiFi or Bluetooth, these things are using up your battery. Your iPhone now downloads app updates from the App Store automatically, draining your battery. Your iPhone wants to learn the places you often visit to give you "provide useful location-related information." This is takes up a lot of battery life and may also make you feel uncomfortable privacy-wise. The new moving backgrounds that iOS 7 offers are super cool, but they will totally kill your battery. The general consensus seems to be that there are no noticeable changes to the battery life on all devices – iPhones and iPads. And then there are users who have had their iPhones drain the battery faster even when minimal services are running on it. As far as iPads and minis are concerned, the battery seems to be working good – either as before or, in some cases, slightly better. For a lot of users - including us here at iGB - iMessage often goes berserk and doesn't work at all.
The latest mobile OS from Apple brought in a lot of new features and improvements in an attempt to make the user experience better and more enriched. The guide was put together by Scotty Lee, who worked at a Genius Bar for almost two years, and he has come up with a number of fixes that are design to reduce your iPhone battery drain. According to Scotty it is not actually iOS that is causing the battery drain on your iPhone, instead it is apps and services that you are running on your device. Some of the fixes for iOS battery life include, disabling location and background app refresh in Facebook, and also apps that you don’t use regularly. You can find out more details on how to improve the battery life in iOS 7 over at Overthought, leave a comment and let us know if these changes improve your iOS 7 battery life.
New updates are exciting for many users, but there are also some users that worry what will happen to battery life, app compatibility and app crashes on iOS 8. When you get a phone call there is a notification on Mac and iPad with the call, turning your device into a speakerphone for the iPhone.
It’s also easier to use the iPhone as a personal hotspot when it is near your Mac, without diving into settings. In iOS 8 third-party keyboards are an option that allow users to pick the keyboard they love to use, and make it the default across all apps. Forget buying the same app for each family member or figuring out which account you need to buy a movie on so that each device in your house can watch it. When you make an edit on a document stored in iCloud it is shared across all devices, and you can access it form the iCloud Drive on your devices. In iOS 8 Apple includes the Health app and a tool for developers to connect their apps and accessories into a central space for your health data.
When you want to send a photo you see your last two or three photos without leaving the message screen, and can also scroll to see more.
This is a big change from iOS 7, which does not support fast photos, videos or audio messages inside iMessage.
I know your message was a few months ago but I hope this helps to either fix it, or at least understand it. PhonesReviews UK- Mobiles, Apps, Networks, Software, Tablet etcAll about Mobile Phones Reviews & Updates. To help you out, here are three steps to make those charges last longer, so you can snap, tweet, and Instagram to your heart's content.
If it seems like your battery is determined to die after 4 hours every day, there are some changes you can make to your software settings to make it last a bit longer.

One thing you need to do to preserve your battery life is turn things off that you're not using. The real chargers that are made to charge your iPhone most likely charge it faster than fake ones, for obvious reasons. If your iPhone just refuses to hold a charge no matter what, you'll want to buy an external battery to keep it going all day.
One good option is a charging case, which protects your iPhone and charges it at the same time. If you have an iPhone 5 or 5S, for example, Mophie's juice pack costs $79.95 for a case that gives you 80 percent extra battery life.
If you'd rather keep your current case and carry a separate battery, you can buy a portable external battery like these from Anker.
For $49.99, an Aker 2nd Gen Astro3 can charge your iPhone six times before you have to recharge the recharger (so meta). As Ars Technica discovered, iOS 7 kills battery life faster than iOS 6.1 on every device you can use it on. All you have to do is pull down on your Home screen and you can search pretty much every part of your phone, from notes to music, to mail. You can change exactly what Spotlight looks in when you use it for search by going to Settings, General then Spotlight search. Instead of going through Settings to get to your brightness, you can change your screen's brightness from the Control Center.
This feature also automatically downloads purchases from iTunes and the App Store you've made on different devices to your iPhone, which you may not want. There are no hard rules or static how-tos to get better battery performances but you try a set of things – in random order – to improve the battery life of your iPhone or iPad. He is passionate for wonderful apps that change the way your iPhone interacts in your life.
However, earlier we saw a lot of users who are using the iPhone 4s that they are suffering major battery issues. Like us, tweet to us or +1 us, to keep up with our round the clock updates, reviews, guides and more. However, some users are reporting poor battery life since the update, and many blogs are reporting it as fact.
Apple did not reveal the exact date, but should share more details at an iPhone 6 launch event this fall. Apple is in the middle of an iOS 8 beta that should help the company find and remove many bugs, delivering a better product to the regular user this fall.
The iOS 8 beta is not finished, so things may still change, but these features and details will likely remain very similar to the current state. As these two videos show, iOS 8 will let users login to an app with Touch ID, and thanks to extensions you can also use it to login to a website in Safari using a secure password stored in another app. Sharing in iOS 7 is limited to a small number of apps that Apple built-in, but in iOS 8 developers can add in support to the sharing options, like the Touch ID app above did, and much more. Text messages show up in the Messages app when the two devices are close and when you switch devices your document can follow you fast. In iOS 7 users can only use Apple’s keyboard for all apps, and are limited to a single app if they want to use a new keyboard. In the current iOS 7 release the iPhone 5s tracks a lot of movement information that it can share with other apps. In the beta this tracks steps, distance and caffeine intake, but the full release will support much, much more. Also, adding a hyper-link from the native calendar back to a given contact, which numerous third-party calendar apps offer, would also be a big work help.

Last night, two of my icons got moved (without my action or knowledge) from the main icon screen into a Utilities folder – my Clock and my Messages icons. Your iPhone learns the places you frequent the most so that apps can give you targeted ads.
The aspect of iOS 7 that makes everything look a little bit 3D and makes your background move around behind your apps. To stop this and just update your apps and music manually, go to Settings, iTunes & App Store, and scroll to Automatic Downloads. With this much a load of features and integration burden comes the obvious worry of battery life.
Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available on the Terms and Conditions page.
It is possible that Apple plans the iOS 8 release date for September 17th, two days before the rumored iPhone 6 release date. Developers also use this time to test apps and update them for iOS 8, to take advantage of new features. You can also get a notification if a child iPhone user wants to make a purchase and approve or decline the purchase with a notification on your iPhone. This will connect to apps and accessories, so you may still need another app on your device, but you will have a central place to see your health data in iOS 8. If they share data with you through Find my friends you can tap on details in a message and see their location. I use both regularly and find that having them one level down in the Utilities folder, makes using them more cumbersome.
The default name of the folder will be determined by the category of the icon you are dragging. Last year, there were reports of people being injured by fake iPhone chargers, and Apple was even offering people money if they traded in their phony chargers for a period of time. Of course, you'll have to carry around an extra battery, but if you need that sweet, sweet charge, you'll do what must be done.
There you can also turn off Location Based iAds (ads from Apple based on your frequent locations). Are you too worried about iOS 8 battery life and are shying away from installing the latest OS on your device?
There are a lot of features, third party support that could have an impact on the overall iOS 8 battery life. Since you said they were on your main screen and that you use them often I think this is most likely what happened. To turn off Frequent Locations, go to Settings, then hit Privacy, then Location Services, then System Services, and scroll down to the bottom to turn Frequent Locations off. To delete folders, just drag the icon that’s in the folder to the bottom of the folder.
If you're going to be totally without service for a while (underground in the subway, for example) turn on Airplane Mode. When you drag it below the bottom border, it will minimize the folder and allow you to place it back on the main (or any other) screen.
Just go to Settings, then iTunes & App Downloads, click Automatic Downloads and turn that off. Once you drag all icons out of a folder, it will also move the last icon out of that folder and place it back on the previous screen.

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