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I experienced this fast battery draining thing myself with iOS 8.1 on an iPhone 6 Plus, which after the update started to run physically warm to the touch and was losing battery at a highly unusual rate, where you can basically watch the percentage indicator tick down in real time. First, if the iPhone is physically warmer than usual, this strongly suggests there’s some intensive CPU activity going on in the background of iOS. We all know that location services can be a drain to battery, which makes this a bit of a weird enough one to probably be a bug; I discovered that multiple (very old) location based Reminders were suddenly back and reactivated to run in the background, frequently tapping into GPS and location services to determine the location of the iPhone for a now ancient reminder to function when a destination was hit. Because you’ve almost certainly already long checked off these reminders, this is a bit odd to have them resurface. Some iOS updates have a habit of adjusting settings again, typically turning things on that you already had turned off. In my experience, every single app that could was set to refresh in the background, despite having adjusted those long ago to not happen.
By the way, these same tricks can help improve general sluggishness sometimes too, but if an iOS device feels abnormally slow, it can usually be sped up with these tips. The above trio resolved my battery performance issues rather quickly, and I’m back to the amazing battery life of the iPhone 6 Plus which is one of the two main reasons which make it such an appealing iPhone to begin with.
I’ve been experiencing poor battery life on my iPhone 5s since the initial release of iOS 8. This is an epic fail on Apple’s part and is turning me away from their products after many years and multiple thousands of dollars invested. How many time do we have to explain to people to NEVER update when a new OS is released, wait for the fixes IF there are any fixes when you are on a previous device.
This is how planned obsolescence works, if your device performed better or even the same as when you bought it, you wouldn’t need to upgrade and buy a new device. Invariably, there are significant issues with a significant number of users, and a IOS X.01 upgrade is usually available within a week or two. Plus the fact that there are promises of fixes to actual problems in older gen OS’s in newer versions that can attract users to move to the upgrade. While I completely understand where you are coming from on planned obsolesence (and don’t disagree), it is not always practical and especially not obvious to those who are less tech savvy.
Apple is shooting themselves in both feet these days with a .50 cal and their greedy planned obsolesence approach to things in more recent times will eventually hurt them and their market share. That is true, although the load might become the issue if it is allowed to become the problem without the connectivity. After releasing new phones Apple always making sure that people get fustrated with older phones battery live or slow appearance and get they newest . All this was in addition to carefully limiting Location Service and Notifications, disabling Background Refresh, and changing all Mail, Contacts, and Calender updates to Fetch instead of Push. While this was going-on, the system-monitoring app I use showed CPU usage at a minimum of 40% at all times with spikes to 70-90%. Also, during or after a software update, the phone may get warm for a while while it is optimizing the system in the background.
I’ve had all the phones (family plan upgrades) and a new iOS version not geared for the specific phone it is meant for always seems to cause a misregistration bw the phone software and the battery or outright corrupts the battery.
I updated my 6plus last night to ios 8.1 and today my phone battery has drained way faster and I actually used it less today too. I find this article quite surprising because the battery life on my iPhone 4s has improved markedly since I installed iOS 8.1. I have an iPhone 6 and my battery life has been drained like crazy after updating to iOS 8.1! Apple (and I know this isn’t an Apple site, but I hope they are listening): why is this not fixed yet? Keep in mind that resetting all settings will enable all background refreshes, set all emails to fetch, turn on location services and turn on auto brightness. James Turner, the 4s was not made for the iOS 8 software so it is not going to function properly on it. Turn off Background App Updates and installations, they are major battery hogs and kind of annoying features in general, considering the strain on resources and battery it’s a bit weird Apple enables that crap by default. Hey friends apple is a smart company if they fix all the issues of the old versions of iphones and ipads no one will switch to a new iphone or ipad and their sales will be sunil its all business apple doesnt care about fixes they just want sales…. INSTEAD OF FOCUSING ON KILLING JB, BETTER FOCUS ON PROPER FUNCTIONALITY & BATTERY LIFE! There’s some difference in how each website does phone testing and it comes out in the various battery life figures. Issues like this, for the record, are why I personally don’t update my phone when Apple releases a new operating system. Apple claims that their engineers constantly work on ways to improve battery life, and these fixes are rolled into updates.
I’d be interested in hearing what those actually on Verizon are seeing, as well as folks on other CDMA networks like Sprint that use the same A1429, albeit with a locked nanoSIM slot.

I’m on Verizon and by the end of the day, my phone is dead and I don’t even use it that much other facebook?
Ars Technica has a long, storied history of doing some of the most thorough, detailed, operating system reviews on the entire Internet. How can one claim to have the most comprehensive review, and not have the AT&T iPhone 5 for comparison? What they need to do is stop being obsessed with a thin profile and make some thicker phones that have enough juice to last 24 hours. If anyone has any suggestions (as I see some of you all were beta testers), recommendations, any advice to help me with this problem that would be awesome.
You’ll say that till galaxy s5, s6 and s7 are all released within the next two years. I just installed the ios 7 on my iphone 5 and I can’t get the weather to show up on the upper pullout tab! The biggest area of improvement for battery life is when the screen is off and the device is idling or running music. I have a feeling that 7.1 will be released by the time the latest generation iPad comes out in October.
That's because the handful of shiny new features added to the mobile operating system are working harder to make your mobile experience more productive. Just like with iOS 7, the latest Apple software comes with Background App Refresh set to "on." The feature lets apps run in the background while you multitask and continually refreshes content when running on Wi-Fi or a cellular network.
Image: Mashable, Christina WarreniOS 8 finally has widgets that you can access from Notification Center — just pull down from the top of the screen and customize your Today view. Some people like how Apple's parallax feature makes it seem like the wallpaper can move behind the apps; others think it's dizzying. Location-tracking apps can be great for when you need GPS directions or even if you want to keep a geo-log of where you take your pictures, but the constant monitoring is eating away precious hours of device life. This may seem obvious, but your display is draining your battery, and there's no need to have it shine any brighter than necessary. Image: MashableWe understand the constant need to be connected and not miss emails, but the fetch function — which pushes email notifications to your homescreen — is always looking for new mail and exhausts the battery along the way. Although these little steps may seem like, well, little steps, they'll be able to take your mobile device's daily lifespan a long way. 1) The operating system is working fine and it seems as if the battery life is even better than it was with iOS 5. Just hold down the Power button and Home button until the device restarts itself and you see the Apple logo ? indicating a reboot has occurred. Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! I tryed iOs 8 on my 4s but quickly downgraded to iOS 7 because battery lasted only 3 hours after upgrade , same was with older phones 4 and 3gs. I wish they would fix whatever problems keep happening or I will switch back to another brand. My last 5 was working great until iOS 8 which made it drop 5-10% battery in 5-20 minutes with no usage. I am going to turn off and back on and check that, and if that doesn’t help do a hard reboot. Before 8.1 I would lose connection to my wifi every few mins or less but anywhere in my house the wifi connection works fine!
You can also enable it by triple click for quick change from fray to colour whenever you wish. The performance improvements are significant, even on older hardware, though reviews indicate that the three year-old iPhone 4 struggles with the new animations and transitions. I got burned with iOS 4 and the Apple 3G — after the update, my phone was far slower, even when performing simple tasks like launching applications immediately after a reboot. On my BlackBerry Z10 it takes about 24 hrs to fully settle and then the system tunes itself down. A minor point update or firmware change that Verizon did on some phones that shipped after certain dates, subtle variations in chip version, maybe even a corner case where under certain circumstances, the radios stay open due to malformed packets.
Albeit the hardware and capabilities of the phones continues to jump forward which will require more and more power but when are we going to start making leaps and bounds in batteries? But regardless of the model you have, there are quick and easy ways to preserve battery life and add extra hours to its daily longevity. Apple has added a new tool in iOS 8 that gives a percentage breakdown of the biggest drainers.
It's handy for constant refreshing, but certainly not worth the battery life it drains along the way. You can pick whether you want to turn off the function in general or via an app by app basis.

Powered by its own proprietary technology, Mashable is the go-to source for tech, digital culture and entertainment content for its dedicated and influential audience around the globe. So there is a good chance that you don’t need to have the screen as bright as you think if you just upgraded. In my case, I had two ancient location specific reminders from Siri that were made ages ago which were nearby enough that the iPhone was frequently checking for. The conspiracist side of things says it is intentionally aimed as part of a planned obsolescence cycle, but aside from anecdote and the obviously slower performance of the latest versions of software on older hardware there is no real evidence of that. Even though the software is at face value the same, device specific settings and sizing can create software corruption on the newer devices.
Just using it to browse Facebook or even Twitter for a bit drain about 5% ever minute or so! Even with 8.1 I still have connection problems only in my room, but it happens a little bit less.
I’ve reviewed a great deal of hardware, after all, and I can speak to the general point. When will I have a phone that can handle moderate use and last closer to 2 days with no charge? I tried starting the weather app and it wasn’t showing my location or any weather info. The only downside is that some of these widgets poll data frequently and that can be taxing on your battery. We recommend the latter option, so you can still leave on key location-based functions such as Find My iPhone if it's ever lost.
Unless you are outside in a very bright light, you can probably keep your phone fairly dim and still be useful.
Presumably many other users who are experiencing a similar issue will find these tips to be effective as well.
My phone can standby and lose a good 5% in twenty minutes and I can drain the battery to twenty percent in around two hours. So having a my first iPhon I didn’t really think about signing into the cloud so that I could have my own backup of contacts. I will check with my provider but now my phone is having trouble sending messages, it is searching for service to call, I miss calls and get voicemail only.
After two genius appointments, I paid the man $80 for a new battery (tired of doing it myself at this point) and it’s back to being a reliable phone. The software is too much of a drain on the components of that phone which in turn affects the battery life. If you aren’t experienced enough in proper beta testing and you offer users with this dodgy update without warnings on impacts it has!
I killed the weather app and restarted it and after a few seconds the weather data populated. The good news is you can select which widgets you want to enable (and which ones you want to keep at bay) by tapping the "Edit" menu at the bottom of the Today screen.
The difficult part to understand is that my iPhone will drop dramatically until 19% and stay there for about an hour with moderate use and then shut off at any random point. Of note, their plot graph had my battery in the acceptable range initially and then in the dead red after a fresh install, within 4 days of each test.
I charged the phone at 3PM on 100% and at 7 PM after occasional email checks and iMessage replies battery ended up on 5%!!!
We contacted Andrew Cunningham, author of the Ars review, who confirmed that the Verizon phone was tested twice, on both operating systems, with full factory resets in between each test. I have disabled all background activities except “Find my iPhone” and all notifications, but battery drainage is still very heavy! Whether that reflects a software bug, corner case, or carrier oddity, it’s something that could make the upgrade experience less fun for someone who grabs the newest version without checking first.
If the WiFi radio is sitting open constantly, or a CPU core is spun up and looping rather than falling back to sleep after the page load, it would explain why the chip is blowing through its battery life in dramatic fashion. The back now gets SO HOT when I am not even using it, and I have already done all the tweaks and tips of turning off the all of the features of the phone to get it to last longer.
Unfortunately, it’s difficult to tell where the issue actually lies, and whether or not the Ars results are an odd anomaly or an indication of what Verizon iPhone 5 owners (or all iPhone 5 owners) can expect. And whats really sad is that, that time is with a stock iOS with all of the appropriate settings with NO additional apps installed.

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