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Battery light flickering driving ford truck, Battery light flickering while driving 1999 2003 7.3l power stroke diesel. Costco car battery review consumerpete, Based upon 25 data points provided by consumerpete readers a kirkland car battery on average will last approximately 3.5 years.
Autos yahoo news latest news & headlines, Each vehicle is put through a battery of tests at our track to determine its performance and some models stand out while others do not.
Before doing all of this, make sure you have a good ground and all of the wires for your battery and alternator are in good shape (not cracked, brittle). Does anyone know if the voltage regulator on these cars can be replaced while the alternator is on the car? Figure 4: The Power Probe Hook can also perform the "Rich Test" by simply connecting its ground and power side to the battery, clicking its menu button and then selecting the min-max function. Figure 6: Modern load testers diagnose whether batteries need to be replaced without requiring the technician to memorize what criteria differentiates good and bad batteries. Figure 7: Quite a few companies offer digital battery testers that diagnose whether a battery needs to be replaced. Ever get one of those intermittent no-starts and the battery has about 12.5V, the alternator is charging and the customer complains that the starter is struggling? It could be an intermittently weak battery, but it can also be a starter that is starting to bind internally. It should be noted that the following is a technique that was taught by Rich “Shorts” Peterson and it is explained in detail in a class he taught for Technicians Service Training, which is available on DVD. Keep in mind that good batteries will have the same minimum voltage after being tested a few times, even to the point where sometimes the battery voltage slightly rises a bit. Another method of testing batteries is with a computerized battery tester or with a battery load tester.
For example, hybrid vehicles usually do not allow you to “crank the engine.” They either start in all-electric mode or the way in which they start does not lend itself to observing dips in battery voltage that the “Rich Test” looks for. If the battery checks out, simply put an amp clamp around the negative battery cable and, with a multimeter or labscope, do the same test.

My factory-fitted Varta was still good at around 8 years, but I was increasingly scared of a failure in mid-winter, so it was changed. The CPS in a real pain to change, most of the pics and videos are of the m113 engine but in larger engine bays. And M-Rods, you get bonus points for opening the hood to the full-upright service position, but then you lose twice that for not using a proper fender apron to protect the finish!
That fender is getting replaced in the spring, I had done some body repair to it and repainted it to get me through the winter. In order to be able to post messages on the Mercedes-Benz Forum forums, you must first register.
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Three months ago i go out to my H3 road warrior and it wont start when im trying to get to work. A few days after that my wife comes home from driving it and the key is stuck in the ignition.
PCMs are very sensitive to minor changes in voltage, like from the crappy OEM battery terminals that are known to make less than optimal connections with the battery posts.
You can search it out, there are many threads here and at other H forums covering this issue.
Why is my 2007 ford escape battery light on after a new, Why is my 2007 ford escape battery light on cell so they replaced it free of charge. Copyright © 2012 Autos Post, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. I have a Duralast in my car currently, and thats what was in my car before (and it lasted at least 5 years).
They do not require loading the battery, but oftentimes a battery will need to be charged first for the test to be accurate. Simply put an amp clamp, hook up a labscope on the negative battery cable and start the engine.

BVA-230 uses digital pulse load technology to deliver a BCI compliant true load test and can precisely diagnose the battery, starting and charging systems in under 82 seconds.
Here, the technician looks at the waveform to see whether the starter is struggling and the alternator is charging.
Thankfully, there is a fail-safe method to determine which is bad, even when the car is not acting up.
Being that it was invented by Rich Peterson, it is coined the “Rich Test.” As stated before, the vehicle does not need to be acting up in order to perform the test and the battery itself does not require a normal state of charge.
Plus, it does not hurt that the test can be used to sell more batteries and prevent comebacks, simply because it is so accurate that a new battery can be sold with a 100 percent confidence. Put the multimeter’s probes on the positive and negative battery posts and set it to DC V.2. These tools are self-explanatory and vary in effectiveness, but they are important in diagnosing battery problems for many vehicles.
If the amperage continually climbs, the starter rather than a weak battery is to blame for the intermittent no start.
If the battery voltage dips below 9V and then becomes less and less each test, it is a matter of absolute certainty that the battery is bad. By looking at the preceding, even an intermittently bad battery, due to temperature or anything else, can be diagnosed. Turning the key on and off in 10 sec intervals) i hard reset the rig, and when all else fails i slam the door( this surprisingly works wonders). Also, just like testing a battery, the amperage should eventually settle and stay the same instead of changing.Intermittently bad starters which do not have solenoid issues will tend to have amperages that continue to climb the more they are started, to the point the battery cannot provide the current necessary to turn them over. Don't fiddle around too much with the wires if you're not sure about what you're dealing with.

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