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Installing your own car stereo wiring can be quite simple if the existing wires are in good condition, or fairly complex if they are not.
Before you begin your installation, it is a good idea to determine the sort of stereo system you want.
Wiring in a new head unit can also be relatively easy, as both the old stereo and the new unit will often be printed with a graphic to indicate the purpose of each wire. The wires for each speaker are typically paired by color, and the negative wire will have a black tracer. Sporkasia - Whether installing stereo wiring is hard or easy depends mostly on the person doing the work. Even though the article says installing stereo speaker wires can be simple, I got confused just reading about the process. If your car battery is done you need to get a new battery, there's just no other way to keep driving. Auto part stores and large national retail chains and most local auto repair shops carry most typical car batteries and they will also test the battery for you. A drained car battery can be started by attaching jumper cables to the battery of another car with a charged battery. The battery in a car is used to power the vehicle during ignition and provide energy for the lighting system. The glass mat kind of car battery is radically different from the VRLA, sealed, and flooded types of batteries. When storing sulfate batteries, it is important a person to ensure that they are always charged, preferably to the maximum. When you start to have electrical problems with your car, how do you tell whether the problem lies with the battery or the alternator? Muchos de nosotros nos hemos visto obsesionados con los accesorios para nuestro automovil.  Frecuentemente los componentes que seleccionamos para nuestro pequeno paraiso de sonido exceden la capacidad electrica de nuestro coche.
Es muy importante el tener en cuenta algunos aspectos como el hecho de que la instalacion de una bateria en esa zona del automovil cambiara la dinamica de las zonas de seguridad de nuestro vehiculo. 4.- Usando un tornillo de banco y un borde recto (en el ejemplo use un trozo de hierro), doble los lados de metal hasta lograr que quede recta. 5.- Una vez que las aletas se sobreponen, se soldaran los lados juntos para construir la caja. 6.- Limpie todas las orillas del hoyo en la cajuela de manera que la superficie quede limpia para poder soldar la caja en su lugar. 7.- Limpie cualquier residuo de aceite por fuera de la caja, e incluso rocie sobre el exterior de la misma un liquido antioxidante para protegerlo de la intemperie.
8.- Se utilizo Camper Foam Tape (cinta de espuma) para sellar el borde superior externo de la caja donde posteriormente se pondra sobre el mismo un panel estetico.
Como tip le recomendamos crear una placa espaciadora de media pulgada que quede bien en los contornos de la superficie de la cajuela y nos de algo solido donde montar el panel de fusibles.
Tambien le recomendamos que cubra su panel de madera con fibra de vidrio para proteger la montura y que de esa manera no sea vea afectada si se moja, etc. 10.- Dele los acabados que desee a su panel, pintelo del color de su preferencia para darle el toque estetico. 12.- Use un pedazo de aluminio de una pulgada para crear un soporte que sujete la bateria en su lugar.
14.- La superficie donde esta el parachoques trasero sirve como muy buen lugar para hacer la conexion a tierra de la bateria.
Y aqui algunas ideas opcionales en caso de que no tenga acceso a un soldador , haciendo la montura en madera. If you need to string your own wires, you should be prepared to remove trim pieces, molding, and carpet.
The simplest car stereo system will typically consist of a deck, or head unit, and four speakers.
Many stereo shops have specification catalogs that list the size of the stock speakers, allowing you to purchase replacement parts that will fit. It may also be possible to purchase an adapter that will allow you to plug your new stereo into the factory harness. It is often possible to check which wires go to each speaker by briefly touching each pair to a AA battery and listening for static.
You will typically need to string a power and ground wire to the location of each speaker as well as wires for any other components. I'm not great at putting components together in general, so I might be in over my head on a project like putting a stereo system in my car. Has anyone done this before?

There are many batteries and it is important to get a battery that fits your car correctly.
Sometimes you can get the battery installed for the price if you buy the new battery from the same place or there may be a fee associated with installation of the battery. The battery is usually charged by an alternator — a device that converts the mechanical energy from the engine into electrical energy. In gasoline engines, it is also used to ignite the fuel, so this type of engine cannot work without a battery. The most common is the flooded type, which is basically an arrangement of lead plates immersed in sulfuric acid in a pseudo-open reservoir.
One type has safety valves that allow for the safe escape of hydrogen and oxygen gases generated during charging.
Its composites are boron silicate glass mats saturated with electrolyte between the plates. One is the nickel metal hydride (NiMH), which packs a relatively higher energy within a unit of space.
Discharged sulfate batteries tend to degrade by sulfating, which involves the formation of large lead-sulfate crystals in the batteries. I think the easiest answer I can tell you is to go to your local automotive store and have them check it.
If the voltmeter goes down, it's probably because the truck isn't getting the 2 extra volts from the alternator.
For the last couple weeks, the voltmeter on the dashboard of my truck has been going back and forth between 14 volts (where it usually is) and 12 volts.
En este caso el coche de muestra se mueve a distancias cortas shows de caros y otros eventos. Tiene que ser de alrededor  1 pulgada mas grande tanto de largo como de ancho, que el tamano de la bateria que se va a va  utilizar. Tambien queremos que quede una pulgada mas de alto para poder soldar la parte superior y unir la caja al coche.
En las fotos se muestra un modelo personalizado que fue creado para tener espacio para diferentes bloques de fusibles que se necesita montar. Limpie la superficie de metal, soldar una terminal de anillo ahi hasta el final del cable y el perno hacia debajo de forma segura.
The shop that they normally go to told them that their battery tested weak and should consider replacing it soon. A quality wiring installation job will typically involve stringing the wires inside panels and underneath the carpet so that it is out of sight and can not be damaged.
Setups can get progressively more complex from there, including components such as amplifiers, woofers, compact disc (CD) changers, or even video components. Replacing speakers in this situation often involves disconnecting the old units and attaching the spade terminals to the new ones. If there is no adapter available and the old stereo does not have a diagram on it, you may be able to work out the car stereo wiring on your own without much difficulty.
To get the best results, you may need to remove paneling or trim pieces, or lift up the carpet to route the wiring. This tells me you will likely be in trouble once the actual work begins. Installing a sound system in your car can be fun, but if you don't know what you are doing it can be one big headache. The price of the new battery depends on the size you need - group size, CCA or cold cranking amps and the warranty for your battery. This energy is then used to prompt reactions within the electrolyte of the battery, which is most commonly composed of lead oxide plates submerged in a mixture of sulfuric acid and water. Diesel engines may work without batteries, if the initial electrical energy is provided at ignition.
This type requires regular topping up with distilled water to compensate for the water lost as hydrogen and oxygen gases during the electrolysis process. There is another type of VRLA battery that doesn't have safety valves and instead has an additional catalyst surface on which the two gases recombine to form water again.
By using the recombinant technology, they don’t lose hydrogen or oxygen, and they also store charge for a much longer period, losing only 1% to 3% monthly.
Nearly every store will do this for free, since it is pretty easy if you have the right equipment.
Whenever it drops down to 12, the battery light usually comes on. The truck seems to still drive okay, though, and I have never had a problem with it starting.
If I am not mistaken, though, their ability to hold a maximum charge can diminish over time, so I would guess that car companies are looking for other alternatives.

Like you mentioned, they are very expensive to buy brand new, but as long as the used ones are in good condition they should work for several years. Si utilizas este metodo de instalacion hay que tener muy en cuenta que la caja para la bateria debe de ir ventilada a la parte exterior de la cabina. Los bloques de fusibles estan montados en el panel utilizando tuercas y tornillos de maquina para darle un acabado y apariencia profesional. The customer said that they would consider it, but they could not afford to do it right now because they were going on a mini vacation. If you feel comfortable with this type of work, the process of installing car stereo wiring is usually more time consuming than complicated. You should also determine where each unit will be located in order to find out how much wire will be needed. Most vehicles will have one wire that is always hot and another that is energized by the ignition.
Some applications will allow you to string a single ground wire for the rear speakers, though many stereos require a separate wire for each. Not to mention, you can do damage or at least make the job much more difficult for the person who has to clean up your work. Even with instructions and a car stereo wiring diagram, you still have to do the work and figure out how components and connection fit up.
When a battery is in use, the sulfuric acid reacts with the lead oxide plates, to form lead sulfate.
A slight modification of this results in a different type of battery known as a sealed battery, which is basically a flooded battery which is sealed so that no water can be lost. They are usually two to three times more expensive than the normal flooded batteries, however.
The batteries should be stored in a cool place, as warm temperatures result in a higher rate of discharge and corrosion at the contact plates. Even if you have to buy two used ones, it's usually a lot cheaper than buying one new one. I didn't realize that there were so many different kinds of batteries in cars, though. Una solucion puede ser observar en la cajuela de nuestro automovil donde hay buen espacio para colocar otra bateria. A lot of the car stereo wiring process will involve simple wires, though components like amps may use home theater-style cables.
Once you have worked out the car stereo wiring, you may then match it to the new head unit.
You may also need to locate your own power and ground sources for the stereo itself, being careful to tap into circuits you will not overload.
It's not rocket science but it's not like putting together one of those first grade puzzles either.
Recharging the battery involves reversing this reaction, which allows it to store energy chemically. Another option is silica gel batteries, but due to their slow recharge rates, they are not common in cars. What exactly is the purpose of the alternator, and how long will it last if it is going bad? They will check your battery, alternator, and starter, and let you know if any of them are coming up with bad readings. Are there any easy tests to determine whether my battery is still good or if something else might be causing the problem? I wasn't thinking about all the new types of batteries that have come about for the electric cars. The very first morning they went to leave the hotel to go have breakfast and one turn of the key and, click,click,click. Being over 150 miles from home and their normal mechanic they had to go to the front desk at the hotel and get the name and number of the closest auto repair shop. They called a number that they were given and they came to the hotel and gave them a jump start. They then drove their car to the shop , then they tested the battery and sure enough it was a bad battery. If the  metal hood prop rod made a grounded connection to the battery positive terminal post a spark could be created and cause the battery to explode!
Oh I almost forgot to mention that the bungee cord for a battery hold down needs to be replaced  with the metal bracket  as soon as possible.

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